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Letters to my Grandma - Final Words

Oliver Bacon, Penelope's life long friend, let slip that he is in love with her. Emma once again broke out in tears while reading about it in the diary. Penelope herself is afraid now of how it will affect her. She must decide whether or not to keep Arthur and lose Oliver.

My mind is blank; I am at my wits end. I do not believe I have feelings for him like he does me even though he is my friend.

"You're stupid, Penny!" Emma yelled at the diary. She slammed it shut and discarded it onto the floor. She sat against the door of her room and leaned her head back. She heard slight murmurs through the door and thought that her mother must be home. Now, more than ever, she wanted to see Ellen. Emma stood and stormed out of her room in a flash, she almost tripped going down the stairs. "Mom!"

Ellen still looked upset from the argument. She looked up at her daughter and her face looked like stone.

"Yes?" she said in a cold tone.

Emma stopped at the arm of the couch. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Ellen questioned, Emma took a seat.

Emma slid her arm underneath her mother's; the two arms fit comfortably together. "I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean any of it. I'm being spoiled, selfish and insensitive." She slowly laid her head on her mother's shoulder and took in a deep breath. "So much has happened in a few days. Ever since we moved here."

"What's wrong with the house?"

"Nothing," she said and raised her head to meet her mother's eyes. "I.. Remember granny telling me to find her red box. When I found it I was going to read the stuff inside because it was interesting, but it's turning into a nightmare."

Ellen shifted her body and eyed her daughter back. "What do you mean?"

"Well. Grandma had a boyfriend, like me. How they broke up was because he thought she was annoying and after I read that in the diary I tried to call Keith..." Everything. She told her mother everything. About the phone call, the fights, the break-ups and everything up until that point. She told her mother how scared she is and how much she does not want to end up like granny. Her mother sat there and listened to it all, she made no sound until the very end.

When the end came, Emma took another deep breath and her mother remained quiet as if processing what she said. "Emma. As much as this story is absurd, I believe you." Her mother let out a tiny chuckle and held her daughter close, the two understood each other once again. "It could be a coincidence. You are very much like my mother, but it's too strange how it turned out."

Emma felt defeated knowing that her mother would not know what to do either.

"Emma," Ellen finally said after a few seconds. "I'm just disappointed that you pushed away your friends and made them feel unimportant to you like that. Maybe if you wont follow that diary anymore it will all stop."

Emma looked up at her mom, smiled, and kissed her cheek. She suddenly felt like she had a mission to do: Stop all this madness. Ellen watched her daughter take her coat and leave the house, she smiled as she did.

As she was running towards the school that was probably still unlocked, she called Nick's phone number. "Hello?" he said when the call went through.

"Nick! Are you at school?"


Emma sighed. "Well get there, okay? I have to talk with you."

"Okay," he agreed and hung up.

She felt bad for what she was about to do because he was such a good guy, but it is the only way to cut that cursed diary. She thought of ways to make the conversation better. Emma felt defeated every time she would practice a serious confrontation so she decided to make it up as she goes along. "I'll just say I'm sorry, but I don't love you," Emma told herself, but she was not so confident.

The school, when it is not in session, looks deserted. There were only a few students going in for their extracurlicular activites. Emma sat on the bench that laid under a tree outside and waited for Nick, her hands shaking in her lap. How was it so easy for Keith to break up with her? Was he as nervous as she is? Perhaps he was not because he really did not care for her, but she does care for Nick.

Emma shook her head of all thoughts. It will only make one more nervous.

When she saw the light brown hair, the usual blue jacket, and the white Sketchers sneakers she began to panic. Nick was oblivious to what was going on even with Emma's strange behavior. "Hi, Emma. What did you want to tell me?" The worst part was that he was smiling, probably thinking she will ask him to go out again.

"Sit down, please." They both took a seat and Emma took in a breath. "I... I want to break up."

Might as well stop lingering.

For the first time, she saw Nick not smiling. He actually changed completely and went straight to the questions, "Why?" Why? She did not think of a way to answer that. It was a difficult thing to answer to someone; she might have looked puzzled for a minute or two.

"I..," Emma trailed off, she thought of the time she had with Travis and knew the answer right away. "I'm in love with someone else."

Emma was never sure that it was Travis she was in love with, but it was an answer. Nick almost thought she was joking, but he caught on when he saw she did not budge.

He stood and stepped back.

"I see."

"Please," Emma begged. "I want to be your friend."

"I'll have to think about that." When Nick left she watched him the whole time without looking away. She would never regret doing it, however, because of what happened next.

When she turned around.

Hannah was standing in view behind her.

As soon as Emma was aware of the eavesdropper, Hannah turned and ran into the large double doors of the school. She had no choice but to run after the friend she lost. It was time to mend the wounds before they worsened. "Hannah, wait!" Emma called, but her friend would not slow down. "Please, wait!"

Finally, when they reached half way down the hall, Hannah stopped and kept her back towards Emma. "Why did you do it?" she immediately asked. Emma was caught by her breath to answer. "Was solely for me, or guilt? Or, did Travis ask you to because of me? Did he bribe you?"

"What are you implying?"

Hannah turned. "You're Emma Bacon. You had to receive something for dumping Nick so early."

"You don't know what I've been through," Emma said back, cutting her off.

"I'm sure it's tragic."

Emma walked up to the person she still calls friend. Her friend looked different, less clueless, less nervous.

"I want to fix everything."

That friend turned and smiled. "Emma. When will you grow up?"

"Soon, Hannah. I promise you." Hannah kept her smile, but turned away and walked down the hall slowly. Emma was not sure if Hannah believed those words. She promised Hannah now, like she promised herself, that she will grow up. When Emma left the school, she was not expecting to find all of these people show up here. It is like another strange event. All the people that she needed to mend with, came to that spot that day. Keith was waiting outside when Emma left the building.

He looked rather surprised to be stuck outside with Emma and vise versa.

"Emma..," Keith's voice trailed off when he saw her.

Emma, in return, looked at him as if he were a ghost.


The two ended up back at the bench where the first two events started. "You really hurt me," Emma started. She looked at him, dark and handsome. It was a huge loss. Keith had something new in his eyes. It was different from the usual playful and hotshot look he had before, like he was king of the world.

"I was a jerk. I'm sorry." Keith looked nervous, hurt and scared. She did not know why until he went on. "I'm paying for it. Big time. Right after you, I immediately got the next girl I could find. It turns out she wanted more from me than just the general stuff."

Emma tucked a piece of her short curly brown hair behind her ear, turning her head slightly.

Keith smiled a bit, a small chuckle left his lips before speaking. "I'm going to be a father."

"Oh." Emma gasped. She stared at her feet and nervously waited for him to say anything else. Keith was quiet for a while as if he did not believe the words himself, but then he let out a sigh.

"Well, It's done. I can't change it." He looked at her and smiled even more, "I hope we can be friends."

"Of course we can." The two new friends hugged. Emma let all of her memories with Keith go. Their meeting Sophomore year, their first date, their first kiss and the dates to form after that. Those hurt feelings after the break up and the time she was nervous about calling him. Keith seemed to relax in Emma's arms and at that moment, she knew he forgot everything too.

When the two broke apart, Emma suddenly stood up. "I have things to take care of. I'm sorry to leave you like this." Keith nodded and stood also. He laid his hand on her shoulder and patted it lightly.

"Good luck."

Emma returned the favor. "Good luck, Keith."

The day started to get dimmer. The events leading the last few hours were strange to her. She remembered thinking of all those people while she was heading to the school to break up with Nick. She thought of Keith and Hannah, how she wanted to have closure with both of them and then it happened like that. They both happened to be there. Emma made her way quickly into the house. She ran up the stairs and grabbed the cursed diary off of the floor along with the shoe box containing the letters.

It was time for her to mend once more.

And then destroy the curse.

Emma removed the cell phone out of her pocket and sent a single text to Travis: 'Meet me in the cemetery. -Emma' She did not have a plan and did not quite know if it will all work out, but she had to try and destroy the cause of this chaos. She needed help.

She held Penelope's diary in hand as she walked quickly towards the direction of the cemetery. Penelope wrote those terrible words in her diary; stating that she did not think she loved her best friend any more than any other. That was not true, he is her grandfather. Did Penelope finally wake out of the spell she cast on this diary? Did she decide to do the right thing?

The gates in the cemetery were visible, so was the boy who kissed her hours ago.

Emma stopped and stared at him, he was eyeing the diary in her hand.

"What is this all about?"

"There's a creek that runs through the cemetery."

Travis knew her plan and the two went in to do their deed, none of them brought up the event hours ago. When they passed Penelope and Oliver's grave stones, Emma silently apologized to her sweet grandmother for destroying her evidence of life. Beyond their resting place was where the creek ran through and a small bridge set above it for asthetic reasons.

Emma climbed her way to the top and laid the box on top of the stone railings.

"This is the right place to put them. That way they are near granny."

Travis walked up behind Emma. "Are you sure this is what you want to do?"

"Yes," she said as she looked at him. She handed him the box and Travis threw out the first couple of letters to her grandmother. Letters from faraway friends, from Arthur, from Anna, from her parents, from random family friends and finally, from Oliver. "Wait." Emma took Oliver's letter and read the sweet words written, about love. 1957. She knew it was the letter to her grandmother that made her wake up from that spell, it was the very reason she and her mother was born.

Oliver never gave up.

"What is it?" said Travis. He became conserned with the look on Emma's face.

She smiled and threw the letter over the railing, where it cannot be read ever again.

"Nothing. Let's get this over with." Still smiling, she ripped that diaries pages and threw them by the handfuls onto the creek where they joined the letters. When that was done, she threw the remains of the diary in a nearby waste basket. Penelope Bacon's diary was gone and would never cause harm again.

Afterwards, Emma felt a strong weight lifted off of her shoulders. She remained friends with Keith and Hannah eventually came through. She and Hannah were laughing like before once again. Her mother told her the full story of Penelope and Oliver, her assumption about his letter was true. Penelope snapped out of it like Emma did. Penelope joined Oliver, just like Emma joined Travis.

Penelope, we seem to have lost each other over the years. I hope you are well. I hope you know that I still care about you like I did seven years ago...

The End.

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