100 Themes Challenge

2. Love

Naliel/Sarnaiel (Original/Destined)

Words: 156

A shout fills the room as he shoots up into a sitting position, sweat trailing down his brow and back; little beads tracing over deep and horrible scars that feel as if they are on fire. His heart is pounding, his body is shaking and he feels cold even though it is summer and warm in his bedroom.

He always feels cold when he dreams of that night.

Resisting the urge to jerk away he slowly relaxes when strong arms move around him and lips brush along his shoulder and down scarred flesh.

"I'm here, Naliel." His lover says. Gently, fingers dip underneath his chin and his head is turned. Ice blue eyes meet crimson. The dark elf smiles "I'll always be here, love."

The half-elf closes his eyes as a warm hand trails over his mutilated back and just like that the unbearable heat is gone, replaced by a deeper, more intimate heat. He smiles.