20. Fortitude

Eris Lotros and Briae Liunos

Words: 190

He had never met anyone like her.

Eris had thought he had seen it all when it came to women. Liari had been the single most unique creature he had ever encountered. She was everything that a vampire wasn't, and yet he had been enthralled.

This woman was nothing like Liari, yet they shared the same determination and fortitude. No matter what, they stayed resilient to those who tried to keep them pushed down and oppressed. They fought back in their own ways, but those methods were so different.

Liari was a slow burning ember. It took a lot to get her going, but when it did, it was amazing to behold.

She was nothing short of an inferno. Briae Liunos stormed into a battle blazing, a bright beacon of light that would disintegrate anything in its path. She was raw power and sharp intelligence. Beautiful and deadly. Normally vampires shied away from light like her. All light did was harm a vampire.

Yet he could not look away. Or maybe, she would not let him look away. Regardless, she was unlike anything he had ever encountered.

He liked it.