Before and After Effects


Normalcy is So Overrated

It started out with a normal morning. Well, as normal a morning gets in the town of Geronimo. In fact, the morning was so unusually normal, that the denizens of the strange town got weird feelings in their guts and glanced suspiciously around as they walked down the cobblestone streets. This…wasn't normal. There was no such thing as normal in this town. Something was sure to happen. After all, nothing ever normal happened in Geronimo Town.

And they were right. Something did happen.

"Seth…" Fai Oda drawled as he stared at the sky. He and his older brother were currently on the roof of their house, trying to fix one of their skylights that Fai had accidently broke. Why Fai also had to be up there, he had no idea. After all, it wasn't completely his fault that the window broke…Okay, maybe it was. "Seeeeth," he repeated again.

"What?!" Seth Oda snapped, as he tried to stick the offending pane of glass into the frame. He groaned as the glass cracked. What a stupid normal morning.

"I think I should climb back down and go to the town square," Fai replied, eyes still fixed heavenwards.

"What?!" Seth abruptly stood up and whirled around to glare at his younger brother. Hammer clutched menacingly in one hand, he poked Fai in the chest with the other and snarled, "What makes you think that I'll just simply let you go after you broke the window during that party which I specifically told you not to throw?!" Fai huffed. He didn't get why Seth was so angry. He was sixteen, a rebellious teenager. Surely Seth also threw his fair share of wild parties when he was sixteen, right? ...Actually, he wouldn't be surprised if Seth didn't. His older brother was such a prude, after all.

Fai finally turned his eyes from the sky to look at Seth. "That," he simply said and pointed to the patch of sky he was watching. Seth frowned. What…? He followed the raised arm to the pointed finger and to the sky. He dropped the hammer in his hand and it rolled off the roof. He gaped, his grey eyes wide. He closed his mouth with an audible click.

"Fai. Why did you not try to tell me this earlier?"

The teen shrugged. "I tried."

"Get your butt down to town square, you stupid brat!"

Yeah. So the reason why Fai was staring up at the sky so intently? There was a boy. Kid. Child. That was falling. From the sky. Many pairs of eyes followed this child that was falling down towards town square, dropped their things, and scrambled to the core of Geronimo Town. This was too unusual.

Sure, monsters have rampaged by, giant birds of prey have swooped in and kidnapped fair maidens, the Black Butterflies had plagued them only a few months ago (few of them still lingered nearby), the Shadows were a constant problem, werewolves had even taken refuge in the nearby woods at the edge of the town, in fact, the vampires have gotten into a lot of skirmishes with them, but no one had ever fallen from the sky before. This was a bit too unusual.

Of course, none of them knew (well, except for perhaps the wise old Seer) that this child from the sky would change their lives in some way. For others, it would be much more personal. How could they know that in the near future, they would be pulled in for the most strangest, magical, and life-changing journey of their lives?

And a lesson to be learned from this?

Normal mornings were not to be trusted.