The Elementist trilogy-



Since humans first evolved they have been the dominant species. Or so it seems. Living alongside them are the Elementists – humans, with one difference. As the name suggests they can control the elements, a single person can control a single element.

The first Elementist to arise was Evelyn and Earth was her element. Working with her Celtic tribes she helped them flourish.

Next, the commander of Air. Nabi. Born in the planes of what is now called Africa.

Parus hails from Greece and for many years held the strongest element ... Water.

Now there is the Elementist of Fire. Adriana, the youngest of the four elements, born in the midst of the mighty Roman Empire.

Together these four became Elders of their given element as they were the first to yield them. They were the strongest, the most powerful.

They became immortal.

Protectors of the Elementists.

Sworn to keep the balance between humans and themselves.

Many more Elementists followed, only a handful born in every generation. They lived in peace with humans and worked together to build a fair and thriving society.

This was the way of life for many centuries. That is until the humans decided they were above Elementists and lead a bloody revolt, wanting the world for themselves.

They became jealous of the powers they could never bear. Envious of the Elder's immortality.

However, the humans could not kill the Elders and those they protected, they were too powerful. The Elementists were banished to the Island of Estelle in the Mediterranean Sea where their palace had stood strong for thousands of years.

Now Elementists are feared, hated- shunned from society. There are but two ways to live: the Island of Estelle or hiding. Hiding for your whole life, hiding from everyone.