"Cole!" Dustin and said boy turned to the source of the shout. A slightly taller than average boy, with long chestnut hair tied tightly in a ponytail, with excited hazel eyes came jogging up to the two boys.

Dustin stared at the boy, trying his best not to let his inner annoyance show on his face. He just did not like Tyler. He looked away as the two shared a kiss in the middle of the hallway. Tyler was fairly popular, being very smart and generally nice. He had a slightly flamboyant personality that contrasted with his usual dark choice in clothing.

Dustin looked the boy up and down; Tyler was wearing impossibly tight black jeans, a black t shirt with some band he had never heard of, black converse, and of course, black eyeliner. Dustin couldn't help noticing how there dark styles were so alike and yet so different. Dustin wore a pair of black skinny jeans, grey high-tops, and a purple t shirt proclaiming 'I Hate Mondays' in grey writing. He had blue eyes and black hair that fell just bellow his ears.

Dustin snapped out of his clothes reverie and looked at the couple that had their arms wrapped around each other. He noticed that no one was staring at the couple, like they had when they had first gotten together, having long grown accustomed to the couple, and the homophobes having learned to keep their mouths shut from the repetitive beatings Cole had given them when provoked.

Yes, that brought him to Cole. They had known each other since the young age of five, having gone to the same daycare together and soon became inseparable. Cole was fairly smart, though he hardly applied himself, preferring to joke around instead. He was very athletic, favoring soccer, though he was extremely good at basketball as well. He loved wearing bright colors, opposed to Dustin's dark.

Today he wore simple faded blue jeans, a bright yellow t shirt with a smiley face wearing sunglasses, and sneakers. Dustin couldn't help noticing how his long blonde spike hair perfectly framed his tanned face, beautiful green eyes sparkling.

The two contrasted so greatly, not only in clothing but personality also, that some wondered why they were best friends. While Cole was sociable, and popular, Dustin himself was very quiet, he was nice, but preferred to keep his feeling to himself, preferring to listen to others. He assumed that was one of the reasons they got along so well, Cole could find anything to talk about and Dustin loved to listen, and Cole was one of the few people he actually opened up to.

Over the years Dustin noticed his feelings for the blonde to be changing, after he had come to the realization that he was gay, he soon realized that his feelings for his best friend were far from platonic, and thus came the reason that he disliked Tyler, Cole's boyfriend.

"Could you too be anymore gay?" Dustin said commenting on how they were discussing Tyler's newest eyeliner.

"Yes actually" Tyler said with a wicked smirk, and moved his hand sneakily towards Cole's crotch to where only he could see, earning a pleased moan from the taller boy, and a glower from Dustin. "Is this better?" he questioned with a subtle squeeze.

"That was a rhetorical question" Dustin muttered, though he doubted the two heard him.

"Tyler" Cole hissed, poorly trying to cover a moan, "Not in school"

"Why" Tyler asked innocently, "You seemed to enjoy bending me over the desk during detention last week"

Dustin grimaced, he knew that Cole was far from being an innocent virgin as he was, but hated to be reminded of what he and Tyler did, quite often from what he heard. He hated the insane jealousy that flared with in him, and how much harder it was to control himself.

"You're right" Cole purred softly, "But that was afterschool, not in a busy hallway where anyone could see, not to mention we have classes in a few minutes."

"That just makes it even kinkier." Tyler smiled, "Or is it that you just don't want me" he said with a pout, pushing his crotch against Cole's. With a groan, Cole wrapped his arms tighter around Tyler and looked at Dustin.

"Hey, Dustin, could you cover for me, I'll be a little late to class."

Putting on his best fake smile Dustin nodded, "Yeah, see you later."

Cole awarded Dustin with his famous heart stopping grin that almost made it worthwhile, before taking Tyler's hand and dragging him down the hallway.

Oh how he hated his life.

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