Cole, Dustin, Jason, and Cody sat on the floor around Cody and Jason's coffee table in the living room eating takeout in comfortable silence.

"So" Cody said around a mouthful of noodles, swallowing before offering a sheepish grin, "Why are you two really here? I know I'm a loveable big brother and all, but Cole never mentioned wanting to visit."

"Of course I wanted to visit" Cole said defensively, "it's not like you ever do." He pointed out.

Cody frowned, "It's not like a visit from me would be welcome" he muttered, "And, I might be awesome but not so much you'd just up and leave before school's even out."

"Does it matter?" Cole snapped. "You could just be happy we're here instead of interrogating us!"

Cody opened his mouth to retort but was cut off by Jason as the other put a calming arm around his green haired boyfriend. "We're both happy to have you two staying with us" Jason murmured smoothly,"we're just somewhat concerned at the abrupt visit, isn't it natural for an older brother to want to look out for you?"

"Cody's never quite been 'natural'" Cole smirked, annoyance abated slightly.

"It's my fault, really" Dustin sighed, glancing at Cole briefly before staring at their hosts. "I'm sorry if it's an inconvenience."

"It's not your fault" Cold said sternly.

"We've already agreed that we're happy to have you, we just want to know why?" Cody said, understanding in his voice.

"Well, you know my mother died" Dustin murmured.

Cody merely nodded, he and Cole both having gone to the funeral.

"Well" Dustin continued, "a little while after her funeral, my father began drinking, and . . . hitting me. I could handle it at first since it wasn't all the time, but then it got a little worse, so Cole forced me to move in with him."

"What do you know, my baby brother finally did something right?" Cody smiled. "And it's a good thing too; you shouldn't have had to put up with that."

Dustin offered a small smile before he continued, "Well, my dad didn't like it, obviously, and showed up at the school trying to get me back. Cole and I were able to leave, and the next thing I knew the morning after he was forcing me on some flying metal deathtrap."

"It's called a plane love" Cole smirked, making Dustin blush at the use of the pet name.

"So, what are you two planning to do?" Cody asked, "I mean, long term. You guys can stay here as long as you need, and mom and dad won't mind since it's your senior year and they probably won't even be home for the remainder of it. But, Dustin, you've got to do something about your dad. He shouldn't just get away with that."

Dustin frowned, I don't see why I have to, and I certainly don't plan on going back. There's nothing left there for me anyways. Besides, if I do tell the police they'll just try and dump me into some foster home."

Cody nodded in understanding, sighing in defeat and slumping back against Jason's chest, brows furrowed.

"You're turning eighteen in what, a few months?" Jason asked, earning a curt nod from the brunette. "If you feel the desire to, you can tell the police then, you'd be a legal adult so you wouldn't have to go to foster care."

"I'll think about it" Dustin said quietly, not at all liking the idea of possibly having to talk about his father any more than necessary.

"It's been a long day" Cody said, noticing Dustin's slight uneasiness, "Why don't you two go up and turn in early."

Cole stood, helping Dustin up as he turned to face his brother, smirk tugging at the corners of his lips, "Alright, you two behave now, we don't want to hear things go bump in the night."

A smirk so very like Cole's graced Cody's face as he winked, "No promises, but we'll try. Same goes for you too little brother."

"No promises" Cole called over his shoulder as he pulled a red Dustin up the stairs, the other swatting at his arm in amused exasperation as Cole pulled them into their room, kicking the door shut behind them and grabbing Dustin around the waist as he flung them onto the bed, making him squeak.

"Cole, stop" Dustin admonished, blushing furiously as he placed his hands on the other's shoulders with the intention to push him off but only resulting in pulling him closer.

The blond smirked, leaning in so that their lips were just barely brushing and settling in between his boyfriend's legs. "Do you really want me to stop Dusty?" he breathed, pushing their lower halves together making the other's breath hitch. Cole leaned down; claiming Dustin's lips in a firm kiss as the other willingly opened his mouth for Cole's questing tongue.

"We should stop" Dustin breathed when Cole let him up for air, his hands desperately clinging onto the back of the blonde's shirt somewhat contradicting his words.

"Why?" Cole smirked, trailing kisses along his boyfriend's jaw and to his ear, lightly nibbling on the skin below before gently sucking the lobe into his mouth, earning a shudder from the boy beneath him.

"Someone could walk in" Dustin stuttered out, titling his head to give Cole better access as he sucked at a particularly sensitive spot on his neck.

"I'm sure whatever they're doing downstairs has little to do with thinking about what we're doing up here" Cole murmured distractedly, tracing cold fingers down his abdomen as he continued to place teasing kisses along his throat, nipping lightly at a spot before soothing it over with his tongue.

Dustin sucked in a shuddering breath as Cole deftly undid the buttons of his shirt, sliding it off his slim shoulders as he tossed it over the side of the bed.

"Still" Dustin said around a moan as Cole decided to take one of his nipples into his mouth at that moment.

Cole raised an eyebrow in question, looking up at his boyfriend with a smirk as he gently bit the hardened numb, earning a chocked sound from the brunette.

Dustin wasn't quite sure why he was protesting and found he didn't really care as Dustin gave the same attention to his other nipple, hands faintly trailing down his stomach before resting at the top of his jeans, leaning up to capture Dustin's lips in another kiss.

"Cole" Dustin squeaked as both his pants and boxers were pulled off in one sweep, exposing him to the cool air as he promptly tried to cover himself.

"Stop, you're beautiful Dusty" Cole lightly admonished, gently taking his hands in his and placing them down on the bed before sitting back, admiring the view before him.

Dustin squirmed, a bit self conscious from the others intense stare; breath catching in his throat as green eyes met his, Cole deftly removing his own shirt as he managed to shuffle out of his pants and underwear as well.

Dustin bit his lip at the sight, no wonder Cole could have anyone he wanted, he'd know his friend was fit but this was just ridiculous.

"See something you like?" Cole smirked, licking a trail from just above Dustin's crotch to his chest, blowing cool air back down making Dustin shiver at the sensation.

"You could say that" Dustin smirked, arching into his boyfriend's mouth as Cole once again took his nipple gingerly between his teeth. "Cole" he said, uncaring that his voice has taken on a whine like quality as the blonde's fingertips ghosted sensually across his inner thighs, dangerously close to the place he wanted to be touched the most.

"Yes?" Cole drawled, bringing him into another kiss.

Dustin bit his lip as he broke away from the kiss, earning an amused look.

"Something I can do for you Dusty?" the blond taunted.

"You know what" the brunette huffed, face flaming.

"No, I'm not sure I do" Cole smirked, licking up the pale column of Dustin's throat, "tell me" he teased, "and please be a specific as possible."

Dustin wondered if one could really die of embarrassment as he murmured, "Touch me"

Cole grinned, trailing a finger from Dustin's right temple down to just under his chin, tilting his head back to peck him lightly on the lips. "That what you meant?"

"You know it's not" Dustin growled, arching slightly so that his erection came into contact with Cole's drawing a groan from both teens.

"Oh, that's what you meant" Cole teased somewhat breathlessly. "I'll see what I can do." He said, moving down so that he was hovering just above Dustin's erection before abruptly taking it in his mouth to the hilt, swallowing around it reflexively and holding Dustin's hips down as his back arched violently off the bed, gasping Cole's name.

Cole smirked as much as he could, giving a particularly harsh suck as he let his tongue tease the slit, Dustin gasping in pleasure and unaware of the finger slipping between his cheeks. He gasped as he felt a slicked appendage circle his entrance, eyes widening as he looked down at Cole only to groan at the site that met him.

"Relax" Cole admonished, licking a stripe from base to tip, as he began to move his finger in and out of the younger teen. Dustin attempted to do as ordered, taking a deep breath as Cole added a second finger, not quite painful but still somewhat uncomfortable. Cole began to scissor the digits, stretching Dustin thoroughly before adding a third finger.

"Ready?" Cole asked, removing his fingers from the brunette as he settled atop the smaller teen, bringing their lips together in a sweet kiss as he lined himself up with Dustin's stretched entrance. Dustin pulled him closer, clinging on for dear life as Cole pushed all the way into him, trying to adjust to the pain as Cole whispered words of support, peppering kisses around his face as Dustin began to slowly relax.

"Move" Dustin murmured, pushing back tentatively as Cole snapped his hips forward, setting a steady pace as he began thrusting into the younger teen, smirking at the strangled moan Dustin let out from the feeling.

"Fuck" Dustin groaned, a slight keening sound escaping his throat as Cole struck a spot in him that made him see stars; nails digging into the blonde's back leaving crescent shaped marks. Cole grinned, angling his hips so that he hit that spot every time while speeding up his thrusts.

Dustin was trying his best not to scream, biting his bottom lip hard but still unable to prevent the moans that escaped his lips. Cole crashed their lips together in a bruising kiss, swallowing all the brunette's sounds as his thrusts became erratic, bringing a hand down to stroke Cole's neglected member and earning a strangled scream from the shorter teen.

"Cole!" Dustin gasped, eyes closing in pleasure as his back arched at an impossible angle, spilling his seed on both of their chests, clenching tightly around Cole as he released into Dustin's twitching cavern.

The two lay there, panting and reveling in their post orgasm glow as they clung to the other tightly.

"I love you" Cole said softly, pulling out and bringing Dustin into the sweetest kiss they'd shared yet, laying down beside the brunette and pulling Dustin to his chest.

"I love you too" Dustin grinned, feeling for the first time in a long time that everything was just right. He'd been wanting this for so long, and to lie in Cole's arms just felt natural, as if it were where he was meant to be, all other worries melting away.

For once, Dustin knew where he belonged, and with Cole beside him, the future looked nothing but bright.

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