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When I was young my mother taught me to be wise. Let's just say her attempts were in vein. The wise old saying of 'think before you act' had never been in my rulebook.

Some would say it takes a lot of work to be cornered in a dark alley by a vampire and two massive guys holding guns. I blamed it on bad luck. On the bright side, these guys didn't know what I was, and I planned to use that to my advantage. I could tell because the vampires' eyes burned with ignorant hunger. He stared relentlessly at the deep gash on my arm that was dripping blood down to the concrete. The injury was what drew the vampire in the first place. I wasn't so sure what tweedledee and tweedledum were tagging along for, but I assumed they were some form of backup. But still, I wasn't too worried. If the vampire got the slim chance to taste my blood it would burn his mouth like acid.

I was trembling, trying my best to appear weak and completely, you know, human. They had to underestimate me if I wanted to get out of this alley unscathed. Easier said then done. The vampire's face was darkening: the deep circles under his eyes turning red and purple, veins sticking out in a ghastly corpse-like manner, fangs sliding out from under his lips in arousal. I could tell immediately that he hadn't had a good meal in a while. But I wasn't here to satiate his appetite.

"P-p-please . . ." I stammered. "I don't want to die!"

The vampire stepped forward. I was pretty sure his name was Max from what I heard when they were following me. He was stocky with thick muscles roping down his arms, but he wasn't huge like the slabs of meat with guns that were flanking his sides. He had short brown hair and bright celery green eyes. I would say he was attractive, but I scolded myself for such thoughts. Now was not the time to be checking a deadly and dangerous vampire out. Max continued to stare unashamedly at the blood dribbling down my fingertips.

"Do you know what I am, Alena?" His voice was slick and icy, trademark of the vampires.

Damn, he knew my name. Maybe he did know that I wasn't human. Then again, he wasn't acting like he was on guard for anything out of the ordinary. So if he did know, then he was sorely underestimating me.

I nodded my head slightly. "You're a m-monster! You're going to eat my brains!"

At that he snickered. Then he twitched his fingers in a motion so slight no human would ever detect it. I knew that the two gun guys were trained to look for that motion. It was their signal.

And that would be my cue. I felt a tingling start at the base of my spine and travel up to the cuticles of my hair and shoot down to my toenails. To them it would look like I was shivering in terror. I just hoped that I still had the element of surprise.

Of course, Max made the first move. He was bloodthirsty. He bared his fangs and snarled, leaping forward so fast he was nothing but a blur of speed. At that exact moment I crouched and sprung up with enough power to land on the other side of the trio. It took them a moment to turn around, but when they did they were face-to-face with a white wolf the size of a small car.

I growled, baring my own razor-sharp canines that I personally think rivaled Max's.

"Aw, shit," one of the gun guys muttered. "She's a werewolf."

He spat the word out like it was spinach.

Max straightened up, his face turning back to normal now that his thirst had probably dissipated. Werewolves were the least appetizing things alive to vampires. "That's why Lorenzo warned us about this one."

"His warning could have been a bit more specific," the other gun guy noted dryly.

I had shifted back to my human form by then and quickly changed into my clothes which were specifically designed (with lots and lots of buttons and elastic) to withstand a werewolf change. Thank God for that or else I'd be in an awkward situation.

"Who's Lorenzo?" I asked, buttoning up my blouse.

"You are in no position to be asking questions. You are now our hostage," a gun guy said sharply, holding a gun up by my face. Wow, way to be blunt. I growled and kicked the gun out of his grip before you could say Will Robinson. I reached to pick it up when the other gun guy started toward me, and I slammed the butt of the gun I had across his face. He yelped in pain and I snatched his gun out of his grip, too. This was just too easy. It was almost no fun.

The vampire hadn't made a move yet, so I fought the ex-gun guys off. Without their guns they were terribly hopeless. Absolutely no self-defense skills. I almost felt bad for pummeling them to the ground so bad. As soon as they were unconscious and slumped against the grimy alleyway walls, I took a minute to see what kind of bullets they were using.

"Silver bullets?" I looked up at the vampire, who was staring at me without an expression. "What, are you guys assassins?"

He sighed. "No."

"Huh. So what are you?" I glanced over at the gun guys and stifled a smile. Still knocked out cold. They weren't even bleeding that bad.

"I guess we're your kidnappers."

I stuck my hands on my hips. "Well, why haven't you kidnapped me yet?"

Max looked puzzled for a moment. "I didn't know you were a werewolf."

"You haven't met one before?" I tied up my sneakers and stood up, dusting myself off in the process. I glanced at the cut in my arm, and I was glad to see that it was closed off and that the only remnant of the wound were ugly clumps of dried blood. I really did love werewolf speed healing.

"No…" he stared at me, as though mesmerized. That's just the kind of effect I typically have on men, I suppose. Kidding. "You guys are rare."

I shrugged. This conversation was going nowhere. I wondered what the hell was wrong with this vamp. "Why haven't you, like, attacked me yet?"

I wasn't really in the mood to fight a vamp, because that would mean that I'd have to shift because there was no way I could fend off a bloodsucker in my human form. But I needed answers, and he wasn't giving me any. What can I say? I'm the demanding type of person.

Max shook his head and stared off at something in the distance. I turned to see what caught his attention, but there was nothing but the busy city streets filled with late-night traffic.

"I think you should go," he breathed, and started back towards the darker part of the alley. I heard a cat shuffling through the garbage back there. I'm sure the vampire was hungry enough to be thinking yum, dinner -- stray cat blood soaked in garbage.

Before I could gag, I said, "Hold on. Who's Lorenzo?" I tried a more deliberate tone. I got absolutely no reaction. I decided that I wasn't going to beat him up for an answer. That would be pretty mean, especially considering the fact that he's letting me go. I came to the solution that he may have some kind of mental disability. Like a backwards vampire. There was simply no other explanation.

I groaned in exasperation and took off out of the alley.

Little did I know that from that moment on I would never be free from Lorenzo.

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