I am not telling you my story so that you will like me. I'm not even sure you will understand me, with what I have told you, but I'm telling my story all the same.

No, the reason I want to tell you my story is because of men. There are too many men out there, telling their stories the way they want to have them told. There are too many people, for that matter. I have come to realize, through my studies with Daedalus, through my experiences with men, and from my own meetings with gods and monsters, that there is no truth. There are many truths.

I want my truth to be told. Consider it, when you read Theseus' telling of the story, when you read about Icarus flying into the ocean. It's just one more piece of a puzzle, another way to see the world that I lived in.

It is a world full of magic and surprises, and grand and epic tales. But at their heart, these stories are about families, and pettiness, and small things after all.

The End