Chapter one: Finding the Last Hope: Alena

I leaned softly against a sturdy ruin of the old Drakoyan castle. My eyes filled with tears, showing a watery blue against my warm chocolate brown eyes.

I felt my despair taking hold, no one of the Royal Angemon could have survived this catastrophe. My short brown hair blew in the night breeze, offering no comfort for my despair.

Dimly I heard a soft cry of a newborn pierce the night. Swiftly I moved, gaining scratches from the rubble in my haste.

Moving away a loose heavy rock I saw a small infant girl crying, scratches on her small stomach. She had a tuff of black hair, as dark as the night sky. Her eyes were a beautiful clear sapphire blue. On her left cheek was the mark of the Royal Angemon, a silver fox sitting on a beautiful moon. The moon was completely white.

I picked her up knowing who and what she was. Her power was far to great for her to be safe in the Shadows. Praying that I made the right choice I headed out of the Realms and into Earth, knowing someday that this child, Allisy Everhope Angemon, would become the Queen we had been missing for several millennia.