Last Night in Heaven
A One Shot

The sky reeked of depressing notions as the clouds wiped away all thoughts of happiness. In short, something was changing. Adam felt a sense of emptiness soak into his silken skin. His hand caressed his arm like it was the only comfort he had. And it probably was. His cotton sleep shirt clung to his body, all too skinny to be healthy, all too pale to be normal, all too cold to be comforting. And yet, here he was.


The most surprising thing about himself, Adam liked to think, was the fact that he had not become a Night-Dweller and yet everything about him radiated that thought. People eyed him warily in streets and not many people dared to talk to him. He might have been driven off the deep end if it wasn't for his best friend Silas's comforting smile.

Every time he refused to believe that life wasn't worth living if he was destined to become a Night-Dweller, he was reminded by Silas that he wasn't a Night-Dweller and that was the important part.

And then, as if God decided that The Game of Life needed a little more fun, Silas had disappeared the night before, and Adam knew where he had gone. He was just in denial.

So he sat, staring at the streets. A lone police car sat abandoned a few houses down, its owner off backpedaling weed in some dark alley. No one really felt safe, not truly, but they liked to think that they were. The car was enough.

But it wasn't really.

Adam's mind drifted off. He thought about Silas, his best friend. His light. Adam leaned his forehead against the window pane and closed his eyes. The moonlight cast a spell of light across his room illuminating his surroundings, if only barely.

Silas had become a fantasy. Not only did Adam want him back, he plain wanted him. He didn't care that Silas had been bitten and that he could no longer be warm, and apathetic. Even if he was a parasite, it wouldn't matter. One lustful, beastly, sensual night with him was all he wanted, even if it killed him, or worse...

Adam shook the feelings. It was no use wanting something as unobtainable as that. If he'd wanted to find Silas he'd have to change. But did he love him more then his own life? He wasn't so sure.

So he climbed off the bay window seat and clamored up the winding stair case to his loft above his personal living room. It was like his own personal apartment in the corner of his parent's whole large house. It was like a dream.

And yet, like every son of an international corporate businessman, his life came with strings. A fine print, that if broken, could lead to disastrous consequences.

So he feared that Silas wasn't worth it.

Adam stripped off his pants and his boxers, his skinny white legs even paler then the moon, and was enveloped by the monstrous bed. Adam closed his eyes.



Adam shot up in his bed and looked around his room. Sunlight had been cast across his bed, as his mother turned from his window to look at him. She was all dressed up in a black skirt-suit and her hair pulled into a tight bun.

"Morning Adam." She gave him a restricted smile. "I'm going off to work. If you need to do anything Tommy will be here to escort you where you have to go. Be back by six, your father wants to have a family dinner to discuss your summer plans. And don't forget to get some exercise. I can't have my boy getting fat."

Adam looked at her and sighed, "Alright."

"Fabulous, alright now I'm off. Have a good day." She turned and walked down the stairs, her heels making a loud sound on each of the metal steps.

Adam rolled his eyes and fell back onto his back and pulled the sheets off of him exposing his bare body to the sunlight. The image of Silas popped into his head and he felt his cock tinge. Closing his eyes, Adam grabbed a hold of himself and began pumping slowly. His put his fore arm in his mouth to keep him from gasping to loud and alerting anyone.

His motions became more rapid and his back arched. He pictured Silas kissing him, and touching his body. Even with his flesh-gag, a moan managed to escape him as he came across his chest. He didn't dare open his eyes. Instead he lay in his bed for a moment letting his tears settle on his skin and roll down his sides. Adam let his heavy breathing define him for a minute, then he proceeded to move his arm from his mouth and set it down on the bed, next to him.

He breathed deeply for a little while, picturing the brown-haired boy, with his chiseled jaw and warm mocha eyes.

Adam decided it was time to get up. He heaved himself off of his bed and quickly grabbed one of his sheets to wipe himself clean.

He grabbed some clothes from his dresser and padded down the stairs and into his bathroom.


He came out of the bathroom, his messy hair wet and tangled, and fully clothed in a pair of dark, raggedy jeans and a bright yellow shirt. Adam made his way for his door and went to the kitchen to scavenger something for himself to eat. He found some cold omelet in the fridge and microwaved it. After breakfast he sat and wondered what to do with his life.

Adam decided to go down the basement. No one ever went down there except when Silas came over. That was their hide out, of sorts. There wasn't much but a couch and a TV and some assorted DVDs, but it always reminded him of the boy he missed. He pressed the button that was concealed under the rug and the book shelf near him swung open. It was ridiculous, and cliché but everyone seemed to love the idea of a secret stairwell behind a bookcase and so it came to be.

Adam walked down the stairs into the dark abyss. He walked across the room to the light switch and just before he could get there a hand grabbed his short and pulled him.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" He screamed. And then the lights came on and he was standing right in front of the one he had dreamt about. "Holy shit," he murmured.

"Hi Adam." Silas looked into his eyes and touched his cheek. "Miss me?"

"Where the fuck have you been?"

"Adam, listen. I've been changed."

"I figured." His voice faltered. He always kind of knew, but he never wanted to believe. Thinking his best friend was dead was almost easier then thinking him to be a monster. But here he was, clear as day, as beautiful as ever and closer then he could have ever imagined. Adam felt his stomach flip and go all tingly and soft. "What are you doing here?"

"I've come to claim you."

"What do you mean."

For once Silas looked at a loss. "I'm sorry Adam." His two top canine teeth jetted out and he grabbed Adam by the shoulder and brought him close to his body. "I want you." He bit down on the skinny boy's neck and broke skin. Blood began to flow out of his body and into Silas's. Adam tried to scream but he didn't have the energy. Silas licked up every drop of blood that protruded out of his friends body and he felt his pulse slow down. But that didn't stop Silas. He was here, he was meant to drain the life from the boy who was no good at keeping his feelings to himself, even if they were supposed to be a secret.

"What are you doing," Adam managed to get out as his mind went in and out of consciousness.

"I think you know."


Adam's eyes were blurry when he came around. He wasn't sure where he was, or why his whole body was aching, but even his memory had failed to recount the prior events so he just slumped, at a loss.

"You did good, Silas."

"Thanks, I guess."

"Haha," the mysterious voice chuckled cynically, "most baby vampires are terrible at changing the breathers, but you – you did good. Pushed him to the brink of death and brought him back. It's an art." He laughed, "I suppose you want a minute alone."

Adam could hear his foot steps as he headed away from where he lay on the floor, and he heard a door shut. "Silas!" He tried to say, but his voice cut out after the first syllable.

"Shh," he felt a cold finger against his even colder lips. "Just lay still. I'm sorry, I had to. I wanted to... I wanted to live, metaphorically speaking, and they were watching me – evaluating my performance, but now we're alone. How are you Eve?" He asked, kneeling next to the boy.

"Do-" Adam, choked on his saliva, "Don't call me that."

Silas laughed and the sound rang through his ears – it was a sound he missed so much. "Good to see you're okay."

"I am in so much fucking pain."

Adam winced. "It'll be a few hours before it passes. I suggest you get some sleep, and when you wake up again, hopefully the pain will have subsided."

"I don't want to sleep. I want to talk to you."

"I'll be here when you wake up." Adam felt Silas's fingers trace his face. "You know, it's weird. Every time someone gets changed, for some reason they look different. It's not just because they're paler and more striking – not just that. It's... well, somehow they just look even more beautiful then they did before – especially you."


Silas smiled, but Adam still couldn't see so it went unnoticed. "Get some sleep." He leaned over and kissed the weaker man on the cheek and stood up, straight. "You'll be okay."

"We'll be okay?"


Silas paused for a moment and walked away, softly, and closed the door behind him. He pressed his back against the door and shook off his feeling of shame.

Adam relaxed his muscles. They still felt like his entire body had been doused with fire and set alight – and feeling Silas against his skin was his only saving grace.

He let his eyes close and tried his hardest to remember how soft his bed felt the night before.

Oh, his father was going to kill him.

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