Chapter 1

You know what I like about being a senior? I like the fact that in six months I can kiss this school goodbye! I'm sick of being around these people, the students and teachers. I just really don't like people. They tend to get on my nerves. The things they say and do is retarded. All people do is complain instead of doing something about it and even dumber people complain about things that can't change! The less people I have to deal with the better.

That's why I can't wait to get out of here and straight to college. In college you still get the stupid students and the angry teachers but at least it doesn't matter there. You just go to class listen to the lecture get the work done and you're out. You don't have to socialize with anyone. Plus you don't have to stay there for 8hrs 5 days a week! After college I think Ima live up in the mountain or on a secluded island away from the world being a mad scientist or something.

So here I am, a senior half way done with her last year waiting for 6 period to start so it could end. I walked into 6th period and took my seat in the second row. The further you sit back the more annoying people get. People in the front don't talk much. I leaned back in my seat and waited for the late bell to ring. *Dinnnngg!* the bell rung and the students started to fill through the door.

"When is our new teacher coming? I still feel bad for Mr. Rile, he wasn't that bad. A girl said to her friend as they walked in.

"Yeah I heard he had to get a hip replacement and decided just to retire."

"Who do you think the new teacher will be?"

"No one knows yet. All day the earlier classes been having a sub. We don't know when he'll start. It'll probably be another old geezer so don't think about it to much, you'll just get disappointed."

I really didn't care who the teacher was, I would only have to deal with him for 6 months. 5 minutes passed and the teacher still hadn't arrived. I looked around the class and the students were lofting around, some sitting on top of the desk, others texting away on their cell phone. Hmm free class period, this seems nice. I reached into my pocket to pull out my iPod and plug in my head phones. I relaxed in my seat closed my eyes listening to my music.

I don't know how long after but I don't think it was that long because I was only on my third song, when someone picked up my iPod and disconnected my headphones. The music in my ears went mute but I heard it in the room. I opened my eyes to see this guy holding my iPod in his hand, Untouched by Veronicas blared out from the devices speakers.

"Why the hell you do that for?" I snapped, snatching my iPod from the guys hand and turning off the music. "Who said you can touch my stuff? Do you want to piss me off?" I looked at him and he looked shocked at my outburst. He wasn't someone I recognized around school he probably was new. "Stupid new kid. Tryna gain some attention on you first day by being an ass?" For some reason the class was strangely quiet. Usually they would be laughing or instigating. "Well sorry you just made yourself look stupid. Now get the hell out of my face." I said flicking my wrist in a shewing motion.

His face became aggravated and a smirk formed on his lips as his eyebrow twitched. "No I'm sorry who am I to interrupt you and your music?"

The girl behind me leaned over and tapped me on my shoulder. "Umm Sicilia he's the new teacher." She whispered.

My jaw instantly dropped. "Awe shit!" At first glance all I noticed was his dark brown hair and honey hazel eyes. Now that I really looked at him he was dressed in a nice button down shirt and black slacks. No student would dress like that to school unless we had a presentation. He had a 5o'clock shadow coming along and he did hold a more mature look then the other guys at school.

"Yeah awe shit. First day and I have a student staying after school." He said smiling because now I was the stupid one. Damn'it. He moved away from my desk and back to the front of the class and began writing on the board. "My name is Mr. Ivory and I will be your new English teacher. Sorry I was late but your principle tends to talk a lot." He said introducing himself. The class laughed at his comment on the principle because it was true. Mr. Duncan talk way to much and he even gets so into his conversations he has to show you.

"How old are you?" I asked agitated. This dude was way too young to be a teacher.

"I'm 22 miss attitude. How about you try talking to me in a nicer tone?"

I grumbled sinking down into my chair. All I wanted to do was hurry up with class so I could go home. But oh no my stupid class mates left me out in the open. They all ran to there seats and saved their own asses and not one person warned me that the teacher walked in. Now I'm stuck having to stay after school with this smart ass teacher.

The class period went by quickly. It was like the first day of school again. Everyone just asked him questions about himself and he was more then willing to talk about himself.

"Are you married?"

"Nope. Don't you see there's no ring on my finger?"

"Why'd you become a teacher?"

"I loved English and I loved high school. Mix them together you get a high school English teacher."

"Sounds like you're a creep to me." I mumbled to myself. I didn't think anyone heard me but his eyes shot straight at me. They were murderous eyes! Yup he is a creep.

The final bell rang and I bolted out of my seat. I tried to get out the door but failed because Mr. Ass beat me to it. Crap. "Miss Sicilia where do you think you're going?"

"Home" I said trying to get past him. But he blocked my way, while letting the others go around. "Ugh!" I gave up and event back and slumped in my desk.

When all the kids left he pulled up a seat next to mine. "So you seem like a bad ass."

"And you seem like a smart ass."

"You're right I am that's why I'm the teacher and I'm teaching you." He laughed.

"Yeah sure. One thing teachers can't teach is about life."

He seemed to think about that for a moment before responding. "I'm pretty sure I can teach you a lot about life."

"I doubt that. Go for it."

"I would but that's not why I'm here. I'm an English teacher not a therapist."

"You really are a smart ass."

"And you really have a bad mouth and need to learn some manners." He stated giving me a disgusted look, then laughing.

"No I have manner but I don't use them with people that touch my stuff." I said shoving my iPod in his face.

"If you had manners then you would have put it away instead of listening to it in my class."

"Well sorry I didn't know that you waltz in. My eyes where closed and I had music blaring in my ears. You could have at least tapped my shoulder and told me to put it away, and I wouldn't have been listening to my music to begin with if the damn teacher came to class on time."

"Calm down don't bite my head off." He said putting his hand up surrendering.

"I wouldn't want any part of you in my mouth to begin with." I grumbled underneath my breath.

"I wouldn't want any part of me in your mouth to begin with." He mumbled right back.

My mouth dropped. "Are you really a teacher?" I asked dumb founded he acted just like a student. "You really are one of those creepy weirdo's. That's why you became a teacher because you have some sick fetish with high school girls!" I began talking faster. My smile grew when I saw his expression. He couldn't believe what I was saying. "Omg that's why you kept me here after school I'm your first victim. You keep girls after school and then you lock the door and begin your dirty foreplay! I bet you take bribes from slutty girls that offer to do something for you for an A." I put on a horror expression. "You are really sick! Someone save me! This teachers gonna rape me!" I shouted.

He shot out of his seat and covered my mouth. "Shut the hell up! What is wrong with you? Are you trying to get me fired? You're the one that's sick! Where the hell do you get these things from? How much T.V do you watch!?" He released his hand from my mouth and I burst out laughing. "You seriously think that's funny." He sighed and sat back down. "You are one messed up kid."

"No I'm just different. Oh you never denied my accusation." I said eyeing him.

At first I could see I pushed another button but then his expression changed to an evil smirk. He leaned forward in his seat and his hand reached behind my neck, his fingers tangled in my loose hair. I was frozen in shock. The hairs in my neck stood up and I became numb. He was so close now I could feel his breath tickle down my neck. "I never denied it because it might be true." He whispered in my ear before pulling back and looking me in the eyes. He looked at me seductively. "Does that scare you?"

My mind went into over drive. This cant be happening! The hot new teacher is making a move on me! AHHH. In my head I began to freak! Then it clicked. He's playing a game, he isn't serious. He won't do it and if he does actually go through with it then he losses his job. I can make this work to my advantage. I looked at his lips, note to self they look juicy, then back into his eyes. I ran my hand along his arm that he was touching me with. I felt the goose bumps rise and a smile crossed my lips. "Not at all." I whispered back. "I'm just scared of you getting caught. I wouldn't want a hot teacher like you getting fire when I can be having detention everyday." I leaned closer in; his seductive look began to falter.

That's when I knew I had him. I went in for it. I closed the distance between us and placed my lips on his cheek and pulled away. His face was priceless. Mr. Ivory eyes practically bulged out and his mouth hung wide open. "Gotcha!" I laughed getting up and walking out the class. Guess detentions over.

Just because you're a smart ass and think you're sly doesn't mean you'll out smart me.

Great thanks to me having to stay after class I'm late to work. I rushed into the back entrance of the veterans' office and went straight to the sink to wash my hands.

"Sicilia you're late. You need to hurry up and clean Ruffis before his owner gets back." Janet scolded. She was the head vet and the owner of the animal clinic I work at. She let me work her because I'm trying to major in zoology and all that good stuff to be an animal caretaker.

"I'm sorry Janet I got held back after school with the new teacher. I'll get right to it." I apologized as I headed straight to the kennels to get Ruffis.

Ruffis was a big boxer. It was going to be a hassle to get him cleaned up. He just can't stay still for to long before he burst out with energy and gets water everywhere. Luckily I had a lot of experience with that! I tied his leash around the metal bar in the tub so he wouldn't be able to move around. It was quite easy besides the fact he kept licking the soap. Ima have to explain to his own why he'll have a stomach ache later.

The rest of the time at work I committed my time to cleaning cages, feeding, walking, and giving medication to loving animals. I love animals because unlike humans they only care about surviving, multiplying and love. You do get those pets that been spoiled by their owner and wont eat anything but gourmet can food but I can deal with that.

It was 7pm and time for me to leave.

"Be careful ok." Janet said as I was checking out.

"Of course you don't have to worry about me."

"You're heading to your second job aren't you?" She asked while taking her white coat off.

"Yeah. I'll be fine, promise." I replied with a smile as I left the office. Janet didn't like me working 2 jobs while I still attended high school. But she understood I had to do what was needed.

Now off to work night shift at my second job. This was my daily routine wake up, school, work 1, work 2, then sleep. That's how it'll be for 6 more months. I looked up at the night sky before I got into my car. Life only gets harder for us doesn't it mom?

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