Chapter 13

Drake POV

That night Sicilia cried herself to sleep. I held her shacking body in my arms until she settled down and her harsh breaths softened and fell into a erythematic pattern.

I hated myself for the actions I've committed that night. I practically scared her half to death with the little stunt I pulled. But then again how was I supposed to know she went through such a dramatic experience.

I began to feel guilty. I was a grown man letting my emotions get to me. Sicilia is 17 and my student! What the hell was I thinking!

I gazed down at Sicilia's sleeping form. She looked so peaceful and fragile. How could I have hurt such a beautiful girl? "I promise to never touch you again." I whispered leaning down to kiss her soft lips one last time.

I left the room closing the door behind me lightly. Today I'll let her stay home and rest. As I exited her room Tony was in the kitchen eyeing me suspiciously. Tsk I could guess what he was assuming.

"Guess you slept well." Tony grumbled, munching on a piece of toast.

"It's not even like that." I said with a scowl on my face.

"What's wrong? Couldn't satisfy a virgin?" He said laughing at his own joke. I became furious. How could he joke about something so precious? He had no damn clue what she's been through. I slammed his head against the counter and held his head down as he struggled. "What's the fucks your problem! Get the hell off of me."

"Don't you ever talk about her like that again. You don't know shit." I hissed in Tony's ear. "If you lay a single finger on her I will kill you. Do you understand me?" I threatened, releasing him and shoving him away.

Fighting each other was nothing new between us but Tony didn't ignore what had just happened. He wasn't about to just accept me demanding him what to do. "Who the hell are you to tell me? If she wants me to and doesn't say stop then I'm going at it!" He growled. His fists tightened and I knew he felt like swinging.

"If you knew what I just found out you wouldn't be thinking that right now."

"Well then how bout you tell me then so we could be on the same page, instead of you asking for a death wish!"


3rd Person

The day had been long. It had already started off with a bad morning. Having to repeat the story Sicilia had told him to Tony burned his tongue. It was as if the words were to never be spoken and were poisonous to the ears, because Tony didn't even want to hear the whole story and stormed off.

The whole day during class he hadn't been able to get Sicilia out of his mind. He kept wondering if she was ok. He also wanted to know what had happened to that Alex kid.

After school he dialed the number he got from the guidance consoler. He had declined Abby's tutoring lesson and left straight to his car. The phone began to ring and he waited impatiently for someone to answer.

"Hello this is Mantzaris Child Services, how may I help you?" answered an overly happy woman.

"Could you please connect me to Hailey Williams please?" Drake asked, remembering the name that he had seen on Sicilia contact information.

"One moment please." And then the waiting tone came. Drake tapped on his steering wheel impatiently. "This is Hailey Williams speaking. Who may I ask is calling?" Asked a professional voice.

"I'm Mr. Ivory and I would like to speak to you about Sicilia Musik." Hailey didn't answer so he went on. "Do you know her? You were on her contact information."

"Um yes I remember her. When would you like to come in?"

"I can be there in 30min."

"That's fine. I'll be waiting Mr. Ivory.'

"Thank you." Drake said and ended the conversation.


Drake had arrived at the Child Services office no more the 20min after he had got off the phone with Hailey. He was anxious and went straight to the front desk asking for Mrs. Williams. Shorty after arriving he was called into her office.

A sweet woman in her 40's sat behind a desk with a big file on her desk. Other then the oversized file her desk he spotted some new child release forms and a few new profiles. Adoption agency weren't really full with loving couples ready to take a child home with them. No, agency's were usually over crowded with unwanted children. Drake took a seat and introduced himself. "I'm Drake Ivory I came to ask about Sicilia Musik."

"Yes I know. But before I could tell you anything I need to know your relation to her." Hailey asked eyeing him.

"I'm her English teacher." Drake answered thinking that would be enough.

"I'm sorry but being her teacher doesn't entitle you to dig into her personal life. Unless there something more or she's been in some trouble I'm not obliged to tell you anything."

Drake gulped, he didn't think about his plan any further then calling her. He didn't think of a reason to be here. Hailey noticed his hesitation. "Why would a teacher want to go through the trouble of meeting me anyways? The guidance councilor should have enough information on her. Why do you need extra?" She didn't think he was a bad guy, he looked quiet concerned. She just curious to know what he had to say.

Drake didn't know anything else to say but the truth. "I've become close to her and she's came to me with a lot of problems. I took her into my home and been looking after her. Last night she admitted a secret she's been hiding which made me concern for her safety."

"I don't really know what your relationship with her is since your not coming here to adopt her but that's none of my concern. As long as she's being taken care of and you're not breaking any laws I can let it slide." Hailey knew he was worried about Sicilia and she could also tell there was more then just simply caring about a student. "What is it that you're concerned about?"

"First I want to know what had happened to her mother and why Sicilia has no family members to stay with."

Hailey sighed, it was a pretty sad story for a little girl to have to deal with it all. "Her mother fell ill when Sicilia was still in middle school. Her father couldn't handle it and bailed, leaving the mother to care for her daughter by herself. In order to put food on the table Annabel, her mother continued to work in her condition."

"Why wasn't there anyone to help them?"

"Her mother had come from Costa Rica to marry Sicilia's father, leaving her family behind. Sicilia father was an only child and his parents had pasted away a few years before Annabel's illness."

"What about friends?" Drake wondered why NO one was able to help Sicilia and her mother.

"They all slowly stopped talking to them. Found it too troublesome. No one wanted to take Sicilia in, they had their own families to worry about. Annabel had already planned for her daughter's future by making sure the house and car were paid off and her life insurance would insure her daughter a decent future. But Annabel didn't think she would die so soon. Since Sicilia was only 14 at the time she couldn't claim what her mother had left for her."

"She isn't 18 yet so how is it that you guys allowed her to live on her own now?"

"I had fought with the state to let her claim her money and property. In order to let her be free from her foster parents she needed to go to business classes and Life management. I also enlisted her in self defense. The state recognized her as capable enough." Hailey had explained everything she knew about Sicilia's past. "Is there anything else you want to know?"

"I want to know who Alex is. I don't know a last name but he was the nephew of her first temp foster parents."

The older woman took in a deep breath. Know this would come up she flipped through the file on her desk while explaining what she knew. "He was 17 at the time of the offense. Sicilia had called me from a pay phone and I went to go pick her up from the town she was at." Hailey pulled out a photo and handed it to Drake. "This is Alex. He was arrested a few days after they did an inspection of Sicilia and found bruises and tears that are common with rape cases, around the wrist and forearms and private area. He was charged with attempted rape and multiple drug charges followed."

"How long?"

"Excuse me?"

"How long is he locked up?" Drake asked impatiently, demanding.

Hailey flipped through the file once more, once she had found what she was looking for her eyes widened with fear. She hesitated to let out the information Drake was asking for. "He's… He was let out last week." She could see the anger radiating off of the English teacher. "Mr. Ivory you shouldn't have to worry about Sicilia, but I want you to keep a close eye on her just in case." Though the chances were unlikely precaution was needed.

"He's still after her isn't he?"

"We don't know for sure, but the threats he made during his arrest leave us with that idea."

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