Lost Memories & Buried Love

Chapter 5

…4months 1week…

For the past 2 weeks I've gone to visit Ian. But never alone, Eric wouldn't allow me to go by myself. He felt as if he had to protect me from all the hurtful things Ian would say. We avoided visiting when the other woman was around, which she always was.

Today I was finally able to get some alone time with him. As long as I didn't bring up our marriage or the baby he wouldn't push me away. I sat beside him on the bed and he complained. "Do you always have to be so close?"

"I'm sorry. I can't help it."

"Whatever. Just know your boundaries."

Ian was a faithful man all the way to the core. Sadly he wasn't being faithful to me but to her, Dian. My heart tightened at the thought. I pushed away the bad feeling and continued to talk to my husband in denial. "So how you've been?"

"I'm slowly regaining some memories." He mumbled, knowing that I'm hoping it's about me.

"Really? Like what?" I asked happily.

"Just fage memories of a girl… I think it's you, who had a major crush on me my senior year." I blushed madly remembering those days. I was a love struck teen, head over heels for him. To bad he found me weird and annoying because I was always nervous around him and stuttered all the time. Sigh. He didn't start falling for me till the day he found me crying after school by the bleachers. Ian shifted in the bed which grabbed my attention again. "It's hard for me to believe you're my wife and that your pregnancy is because of me."


"I know everyone says its true and maybe it is. But the doctor said something's that's got me thinking."

"Like what?" I asked feeling worried.

"He said that I probably can't remember anything about you because-" He hesitated for a moment. "because I probably don't want too."

It became hard to breath again and I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes. "Why wouldn't you?"

He turned his head away from me and stared out the hospital window. "He says it can be many reasons. Mostly something drastic happened that made me block out my memories of you." His voice became cold and he turned back to me and stared at me intensely. "What did you do to make me hate you?" He hissed between his clenched teeth.

"What are you talking about?" I couldn't believe he had come up with such an accusation. Just because the doctor mentioned something he's automatically takes it as the truth.

"Is that kid really mine or Eric's!? Something had to happen for me to not remember you at all! I remember everyone else and everything, even my brother proposing to his girlfriend!" Ian shouted flaring his arms in all directions.

I got off the bed quickly scared that he would lash out at me. He gripped my wrist refraining me from fleeing. "Ian let go! You've got it all wrong!"

"Then explain to me why I can't remember you at all! I regained all my memories but you! At first I couldn't remember the last 4 years of my life, but now the only thing that doesn't come to mind is you, Mia Lockhart!"

I ripped my hand from his grasp and darted for the door. I ran out the room to the hallway where Eric waited for me and ran past him. Eric shot out of his seat and chased after me. "Mia what's wrong?"

I ignored his calls and kept running, but didn't get far. Eric grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug. He knew exactly what had happened. It wasn't the first time I left the hospital in tears. I cried into his chest, soaking his shirt with my tears. He ran his fingers trough my hair and cooed shhhing me to calm down. When I was able to regain my composure he asked what had happened.

It was a mistake to tell him because I had to hold him back from marching into Ian's room and killing him. With Eric's temper it took awhile to get Eric to take me home but he did. When we got to the house I went straight to my room.

In my room I curled into a ball on the bed. What he said had really made me think. He couldn't remember me because he didn't want to. Was he unhappy with our marriage? Why wouldn't he want to remember me? We were so happy together… That's what I thought.

I buried myself in the covers and cried my eyes out. Why can't he remember me? Who would give him such a crazy idea?

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