Nothing But A Job

Chapter 1

I was left alone in the house as usual with Hugo my bodyguard. Security is high in my house and practically impossible for anyone to get in. But for some reason I felt as if some one was creping around inside. "Hugo did you hear that?" I asked swearing I heard foot step down the hall. Hugo said nothing and just shrugged his large shoulders. I dismissed my suspicion believing it was really nothing. I trusted Hugo he was strong and reliable. If anyone did break in he would protect me. He's been our family's body guard since I was 5.

I resumed sketching and didn't notice when Hugo left my side. I heard the footsteps again and they sounded different then Hugo's heavy steps. "Hugo?" I turned around and a large man in a ski mask grabbed me. "Hugo help!" I shouted before my mouth was covered, forcing me to inhaling chloroform. My head began to get foggy and my body became numb. I struggled as much as I could but had no effect. As my vision blurred I saw Hugo standing in front of me. He took my chin in his handle and said something to the man that restrained me.

Anger rose in the core of my body. How could he betray me! I yanked my chin out of his hand and spat in his face. "Traitor."

He wiped the spit from his face and gave a menacing laugh. "Goodnight Taiga."

I couldn't tell how long I was out but I awoke with a splitting headache. I massaged my temples trying to ease the pain as I took in my surroundings. It looked like a jail cell. I was enclosed in a room with cement walls and a metal door. I sat on a flimsy mattress with a frame that squeaked every time I moved. As my memory returned I rushed to the door banging on it frantically. "Let me out! Hugo you rotten bastard!" I shouted angrily.

I knew my family was filthy rich, but did he seriously have to kidnap me and hold me for ransomed? Wasn't he satisfied with what my parents were paying him?

I heard multiple footsteps walking towards the room and stopped banging on the door. As soon as they open the door I'll make a run for it. I listened to ever sound I heard from the twist of the door knob to the click of the release. As soon as the door slightly opened I dashed out weaving through 3 men before getting yanked back by the hair from Hugo. "Where do you think you're going Taiga?" He laughed throwing me back into the room. I hit the wall hard and watched as all 5 men walked into the small room. "I brought what you wanted sir." Hugo spoke to an elderly man with a creepy grin.

"Yes you've done well. She's just as I imagined. With you watching her for 13yrs you've provided me with a satisfying amount of information." The man spoke stepping closer to me. He knelled down beside me and took my face in his hands, examining my features. I tried to pull away from his hot breath and chemical smell. "Flawless skin, perfect body, stunning features, spackling blue eyes, long golden soft curls. Just gorgeous isn't she?" He said admiring me, making me feel uncomfortable.

I pressed myself against the wall desperate to put some distance between us. I was relieved when he stood up and walked back over to the group of men. I got up as well preparing myself. I locked my gaze on them making sure none of them left my sight. "What do you want with me?" I asked demanding to know what was going on.

"You're a world wonder of course." He responded his smile growing bigger. "Perfectly crafted to what your parents wanted. Amazing athletic skills, outstanding artistic skills from poetry to painting, photographic memory capable of remembering anything you see, enhanced hearing and sight and a voice the sooths."

I had no idea what this man was talking about. He made me sound like a creation instead of a human. "What are you going on about old man?"

He looked astonished. "You don't know sweet heart? You're the first geno creation to succeed and survive past the age of 5."

"You mean biologically made human? You're saying I was designed instead of simply born?" I gasp, unable to phantom the idea. I read about it before, a new technology they were designing giving parents the ability to choose how their child will look and rid the world of genetic diseases. They were only successful at changing the sex and removing birth defects, not constructing every single detail.

"That's right. You have the perfect body almost like a super human. Never will you have heart problems or problems breathing. Each and ever single one of your organs are in perfect health and enhanced. Ability to hold your breath twice your lung capacity, heart pumping blood with less beats but great force."

"What the hell does that have to do with you kidnapping me?"

"I want to know why you're the only experiment to survive and the others failed!" His face became frightening, mad. "You will be my guinea pig. I will take you apart limb by limb to find out how you tick!"

That was it! I'm getting the hell out of here!! I dashed through the large guys and forced myself past Hugo. I wouldn't let that psychotic man take me apart. The guys struggled out of the narrow door and chased after me. I raced down the labyrinth of halls frantically trying to find a way out. I could here the old mans creepy laugh echo behind me. I had to get away.

I found a set of stairs and climbed them quickly as possible. I needed to reach that door. My hand gripped around the cold metal of the doorknob and I yanked it open. Only to have my hopes of escaping shatter as I met eyes with a man that's angry expression shot fear through my heart. My escape had failed; he was going to kill me

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