Chapter 4

My parents left and I finally got a chance to take a shower. I had dry blood splattered on me from when 3-16 shot Hugo. I couldn't believe how twisted my life has become in the last 24hrs. I let my thoughts wonder as the steaming water cleansed my body. I had a lot to get use to. The house I'm forced to stay at in this isolated mountain side is more like a cabin more or less, only two bedrooms and one bath. At least it was high tech enough to keep up with the modern day.

I stepped out the shower and dried off. I left my clothes in my room and walked out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around me. 3-16 came out of his room and looked at me. "Don't you care that you're living with a man. You shouldn't be stalking around naked like that."

"From what I remember I don't spark your interest." I retorted turning my back to him.

I felt his presence behind me and his breathe tickled my neck. "Did it ever cross your mind that I was just saying that because I wanted your parents to trust me?" He whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine.

Instinctively I whipped around bring my hand across his face. The sound of my slap echoed through out the small house. "I don't give a damn if you have the capability to take down a whole army. I will not allow you to have your way with me! I will make sure your body burns in a fiery pit before you lay a finger on me." I threatened making myself very clear. I stormed off to my room leaving him rubbing his stinging cheek with his mouth wide opened. Stupid bastard.

I spent hours in my room sketching to relax. I finally calmed down and crawled into bed hoping to get a restful night sleep. My eyes slowly began to flutter shut but sprung open when the house began to shake violently. I leaped out of bed and began to scream. "3-16 what's going on!?" I stumbled across my room to my door to find the bastard.

"We're going underground." 3-16 replied calmly as if nothing was happening.

"What the hell do you mean underground!" I asked flabbergasted.

"They would find us easily if we stayed above ground. The house is descending underground so we won't be found."

"So I don't get to go out side or anything and forced to live like a mole!" I asked in disbelief, I ran to the nearest window and watched and the scenery outside slowly turned to rock and dirt. "Why did my parents make it so dramatic? Couldn't they just have it built underground and have us go through a hole in the ground or something?" I questioned finding this a little over board. Come on the whole entire house going underground. Wouldn't it just be easier to have it already under ground?

"Because your parents believed you would flip out if you knew you had to live underground." #-16 answered walking over to the front door. When he opened it, it wasn't blocked by a wall of sand but led to another room.

"What the hell?" I followed him into the room and instantly my jaw dropped. "Is it that effing serious, you guys are taking it too far?" The walls of the room were covered with gun and weapons ranging from 32s to AK47s. This was really ridiculous. It was as if they were trying to protect the president. "Is that a freaking Bazooka!?" I asked pointing to the large weapon.

"Correction it's a rocket launcher. Bazooka is not a weapon it's a bubble gum." 3-16 answered as he inspected some guns on the far wall.

"Why take it to this extent?" Was it that important to keep me safe?

"Look at it this way. There are some sick people in this world and if they find a way to perfect what they did with you every single time they make a geno baby, it could lead to war. Do you remember what Hitler tried doing?"

"Yeah he tried creating an ultimate race, blue eyes blonde hair." I replied not quit catching on.

"What makes you think some nut case won't try creating an army of you perfect humans to take over other nations. Plus if they can perfect making Geno babies like you they will try to take their experiment even further and try bringing up hybrid experimenting again."

"Oh. So it's really that important?" I sat on the large table that was in the middle of the room and watched 3-16 alter some of the weapons to his liking. "What if the succeed in catching me and get the secret to creating perfect geno babies? What will you do, fight against the army or something?"

"I'll kill you before they get the chance to accomplish that." He said with a dark voice, pointing the finished altered 9mm to my head. "It's that simple."

I stared into the barrel of the gun that was aimed at me. Was he serious? "But you're hired to protect me."

He lowered the gun, placing it on the table. "If you become a threat then I wont hesitate to take you're life. Money will no longer matter."

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