Supply and Demand

Chapter 50

Fusedtwilight: A big thanks to my beta Lisa for all the time and effort she put into betaing this story. God knows she had to put in a lot of effort to fix all the spelling and grammar mistakes. And of course thanks to all the readers who have read and reviewed this story. It has been a fun two years but the time has come to end the story, but before we close the chapter, let's find out what happened to our favorite characters.

Peter and Caroline

Peter and Caroline had five children. Eva, Ilya, Mikhile, Gregor and Vlad. Peter would return to Russia for a time to start a business with Caroline financially backing him up. He bought many of the land surrounding his family's ancestral home, adding it to their territory allowing them to farm and hunt a lot more.

His cousins joined him as partners in Peter's venture and they would soon raise their poor family to a much higher standing in life.

Caroline's son William would work for Peter, seeing their business affairs over in America. He eventually met a man and married him and adopted three children.

Sadly, when Caroline turned sixty she suffered a heart attack and passed from this life. Peter was greatly saddened by her death but he remained strong for his children and managed Caroline's affairs and estates.

He built an orphanage in Russia in her memory. Caroline was known for making donations to orphanages and he knew she would love to know that one named after her was helping to give a home to homeless children.

Peter remarried four years after her passing to a nice Russian girl he met.

Peter would have three children with her and continued to be a successful businessman. Having changed his family's lives for the best and leaving a wonderful legacy for his children and numerous grandchildren to follow.


Kitch eventually got a job working for the government as a computer specialist. He went go on to help decrypt encoded messages and data that helped keep America safe and busted many dangerous criminals.

He married a woman and had two daughters. Sadly he died at the age of forty-three when he was assassinated while working on a case involving some dangerous information about a drug cartel.

Luckily he was able to send his findings to the right people before he died so his death was not in vain.


Dustin workedin construction for a while, eventually making his way up to starting his own construction business. He married and had one son but they divorced seven years later after he cheated on his wife.

He remarried three years later and had three more children; two girls and one boy.

His relationship with his first son was strained for many years as his son was unable to forgive his father for his adultery. But eventually they were able to put their bad blood aside. Dustin played a hand in helping to build many new buildings around the city and his oldest son later took over when he retired.


Shane led a simple life.

He got a job at a college teaching theater. Shane also worked part time directing plays for the local theater.

His wife had twin boys and thanks to the money Shane had saved from his work over the years, they had very comfortable lives.

Shane never told his wife or children of his work as a gigolo. He knew they would not understand and did not see the need to tell them.

Eventually his son's decided they wanted to be actors and he taught them how to act professionally even letting them perform in some plays.

Eventually they caught the eyes of some talent scouts and both wound up in multiple movies. Shane was very proud of his sons but always kept a close eye on them and their activities. He knew of the dangers and temptations the acting world had and didn't want his sons to go down the wrong path.


Chris graduated from college earning a degree in business.

After he graduated he planned to marry his fiancee Alice. She really did bring out his good side; making him act and think more responsibly.

Chris had many women in his life, but there was something about Alice he could not live without and he knew he was in love with her.

But she couldn't stand his immature attitude or his ego so he finally grew up just so she would give him the time of day.

Sadly, a month before the wedding Alice was in a car accident; while she was driving home her car was hit by a drunk driver. She survived but the left side of her face was horribly burned.

They did plastic surgery but they were not able to fully heal her.

Many people expected Chris to leave her now that she was no longer her former beauty. But Chris proved he really loved her.

They still got married a year after the accident. Chris didn't care what she looked like. He dedicated his life to making her happy.

Alice had always given him confidence and helped him step out of his brother's shadow. She made him realize he didn't need to prove himself to anyone, except himself. Now it was his turn to show her she didn't need to be perfect to be loved.

They had two children; a boy and a girl.


Jessica had gone to Florida with Tommy and went to Colombia in New York. She aced all her classes and made her parents proud.

Sadly her relationship with Tommy disintegrated over time and they decided to see other people. Eventually she met a man who was working for her father's firm.

They started dating and eventually married.

She remained good friends with Carlos and Alex. They never told her about their relationship with Justin or the reason for his death. But Carlos and Alex did tell her and her family it was Raoul who killed him.

It gave them some closure knowing that Justin's murderer was dead. Vincent had blamed Rossini's death and the disastrous night's events on his brother.

It wasn't hard; between the DVD's he made raping women and his reputation for his out of control attitude, it was easy for people to believe Raoul would try and kill his father.

Jessica was happy when she learned Carlos and Alex named their son after Justin. She knew her brother would be happy for them both and knew they would raise their son to be as good and sweet as her brother had been.


Rufus enjoyed his retirement.

He continued to date Mary for a while and continued to be a super at the apartment building where he had secretly operated his secret sex operations.

Sadly, when he reached his seventies he began to develop Alzheimer's and after much persuading he went to live in a home.

When he turned eighty-three he passed from this world. It hurt Alex to lose his beloved uncle, but Rufus died a happy man, warm in his bed.

He led a long life and lived long enough to see his son become a successful doctor and have his own family. He lived to see his little cracker nephew become a man more amazing then Rufus or Stefan could have ever dreamed. He lived a wild life with wild and fun people.

He died happy and with no regrets.

Vincent and Candi (Emma)

Vincent had an easy takeover, thanks to the Black List and the major power vacuum the deaths at the Annual Meeting caused. He was quick to make sure the spots now vacant in the city were filled by people he could trust.

That is not to say there were not a few incidents were powers both in and out of the city thought it a good time to try and take Vincent out and take over themselves. But Vincent, like his father, was both clever and ruthless.

With the help of the Devil Dogs and Salvador's men who now followed him, any threats were dealt with quickly and quietly.

Cortez, Salvador's son was enraged by his father's death. He threatened to come after Vincent for what he did. Vincent knew Cortez was not a force to be trifled with or angered.

When they heard of Salvador's death many of his people went to join Vincent, seeing him as the rightful heir as Vincent did kill Salvador.

Cortez was enraged that so many of his soldiers and maids left to join Vincent. Not only did this affect his mercenary business but it also affected his breeding program his forefathers had been running.

Vincent met with Cortez and not only paid him a vast sum of money, but also gave him the Heat flowers he confiscated from Terran's warehouse.

Cortez was satisfied with the offerings. With the flower the possibilities for the breeding program were endless. He returned to his family compound with the money and the flowers. He was amazed at the flower's power and was eager to use it to train his women.

Candi would go on to give birth to a baby girl. She married Vincent when Candi was two months pregnant. He loved his little niece and doted on her though he was going to make sure she did not turn out like her father and he paid close attention to her behavior. Luckily she didn't seem to inherit her father's sadism.

Candi was happy with her life; she finally had a rich and powerful husband and a beautiful child. Eventually her and Vincent had three more children, two boys and one girl.

Candi and Vincent were happy together, though they did have their affairs. But neither of them cared; Vincent and Candi both agreed on having an open relationship, it added some spice to their love life.

Vincent was a little bit better than his father. Though not by much, he was more honorable and had a better sense of right and wrong. But he was not above using bribery, extortion, torture and murder to get what he wanted.

Family was always important to Vincent; he didn't want his torn apart by greed and lust for power, so he always made sure to hammer home the importance of family to his children.

Under Vincent's rule, the Rossini clan would go on to become stronger, both as a criminal organization and as a family.


Not everyone had a happy ending.

Shrub never forgave Carlos and Alex for what they did. She was patient and waited for the day when she could strike and take them both down.

Eventually she began to stalk the Santiago-Kingston family, spending months of her time watching them and waiting for the right moment to strike.

She intended to kidnap one of their children and use them to blackmail Alex and Carlos, to kill them and get the evidence they had on her.

She did not go unnoticed; a few of the Devil Dogs lived in Alex and Carlos's neighborhood and became aware of her stalking the duo and reported it to Miguel.

Realizing who she was and that she was watching every move his brother and his family made he realized she meant them ill. He and a few of his men personally handled her.

They waited for her to come home after her shift and the next morning her house was a crime scene. Her case was never solved, though it was believed to be gang related.

Miguel never told Carlos and Alex about it, he did not want them to worry. Shrub was dead and she would never hurt them or anyone again.


Rebecca took over for Alex after he retired. She continued to run the business for many years. She eventually became a therapist because she enjoyed helping people overcome their fears and insecurities.

She also helped couples with their issues and gave them good tips on how to spice up their love lives.

She would also become a famous author; writing many books about sex, keeping a good and healthy relationship and how to find confidence in yourself.

Rebecca and her partner Renee eventually married and adopted three children they could raise.

Rebecca remained good friend with Carlos and Alex, and whenever they had issues they couldn't work out themselves she was always there to help them out.

She was also Alex's secret weapon; if anyone from the Devil Dogs ever got to out of control or too disrespectful he would threaten them with Rebecca. Her name was infamous among the Devil Dogs; she was something the older members whispered to the younger members about.

She was the leather wearing she-devil who would put you on the rack if you weren't careful.

Rebecca was fully aware of her reputation among the infamous gang.

And it satisfied her to no end to know those big, bad men still feared her.

The Santiago family

Miguel continued to run the Devil Dogs and work for Vincent, all the while maintaining his cover as a family man.

He was partners with Carlos for their gym, but he was also helping to train new Devil Dogs and do jobs for Vincent. He never told Carlos exactly what he did for Vincent. Carlos told him he didn't want anything gang related involved with the gym to which Miguel agreed.

But Carlos could tell on some days from the haunted and tired look in his brother's eyes that his brother was so deep in the gang life there was no hope of pulling him out.

There were times when Miguel's other job affected his home life. Daisy knew he was keeping secrets from her and had her suspicions but was always to afraid to speak of them, she feared what the truth would mean for their family.

There were many fights and many times it seemed like they would divorce but they never did.

Miguel was a haunted man; haunted by the lives he took and the loss of Brandon. There were times when he would indulge heavily in drink or find a mistress to take to his bed.

Like the rest of the Devil Dogs he too used Salvador's women to satisfy his lusts, though he was careful to always use protection, not wanting to create a child out of wedlock.

He had two more sons with Daisy. He taught his sons the ways of the Devil Dogs. Of family, of honor, to always look out and protect their people and their family. Eventually they joined the Devil Dogs when they came of age, a part of Miguel was proud of his sons, another part was sad they were following in his footsteps.

When he turned forty-five Miguel retired as leader of the Devil Dogs and handed the reigns over to one of the younger members. He did act as an adviser though; offering advice and helping to train the new generations.

The Devil Dogs had started off as a small group of young men who wanted to protect their neighborhood from the bad elements; to try and keep it as clean as possible from corruption.

Now they were working for the most powerful man in the city and their numbers had grown into the triple digits and there was talk of expanding their influence to other cities.

Some days Miguel stayed awake at night and wonder if the Devil Dogs were still the same force for good they were founded to be, or if they had been corrupted. They only killed to protect their own, now they killed whomever Vincent wished. They stole, they intimidated people and they helped trade drugs.

It was on those nights when such thoughts entered his mind that Miguel could not help but cry.

As for Maria, she was delightfully happy.

Although she had been shocked and a little disturbed to learn of Carlos and Alex's relationship at first, she did learn to come to terms with it in time.

The rest of her days were spent happily watching her family grow and prosper. It was not long before Erik was graduating and going off to college and finding his own special someone and having his own family.

She loved having all her grand babies over at her house, watching TV and playing while she made them cookies and sandwiches.

Erik grew into a strong, strapping young man like his brothers, and like Carlos he joined the football team. Like his brothers he had a wild youth, enjoying many parties and womanizing.

He was a caring and loving uncle to his nephews and niece; they all looked up to him and loved him very dearly. Just as Carlos was a wonderful brother to Erik, so too was Erik a kind and wonderful uncle, more like a brother to the children really.

Erik became deeply involved in football and Carlos helped train him teaching him everything he knew, sharpening Erik's skills until he was the captain of the team.

He was so good at football he got a scholarship and after graduating college went on to have a very successful career as a pro football player.

Eventually he married Peter and Caroline's daughter Eva, both of them had developed feelings growing up and as young adults those feelings developed into full on love. They went on to have four children.

Sadly, Maria passed away at seventy-nine. It was a sad time for the families; they greatly mourned the loss of their matriarch.

But Mary left behind a wonderful legacy, and died knowing she raised three wonderful boys who would go on to raise wonderful children of their own.

Though she was never privy to her children's...darker secrets.

Alex and Carlos

And of course, the best way to end the story is to reveal the fate of the two main characters.

Alex and Carlos did live happily ever after. After some time they decided to have another child. They found one of Salvador's girls who they approved of to be the surrogate. They used artificial insemination to impregnate her with Alex's semen and nine months later their daughter Maria Mary Kingston-Santiago was born.

Over the years they used the same donor that mothered Maria to bear their children, although Carlos preferred to do it the natural way. Alex agreed to it, but only if he got to watch.

Eventually they had six sons and one daughter. Justin, Hunter, Carlito, and Diego were Carlos's sons. Maria was Alex's daughter and the twins Rufus and Jessie were Alex's sons.

Carlos and Miguel's gym became more and more successful, so life was good. Alex was mostly a stay at home dad, taking care of the house and kids (which was no easy task).

They moved to a new house which was larger than their previous house. It was difficult for Alex to leave the house he had been raised in but he got through it. Their new house had a bigger yard, a pool and a lot more space for everyone.

Alex continued to strengthen his relationship with his mother and her family. Every once in a while one family would come visit the other for a holiday. His mother was pleased her son was so happy.

One day, Alex decided to become a writer. He wrote a book series based on his and Carlos's adventures (heavily edited or course) called Supply and Demand. Despite its controversial and erotic nature, the series became very popular with a strong fan base following.

It eventually became a hit cable TV show on HBO that lasted eight seasons.

Carlos and Alex never told their children of their days in the sex world nor of the role they played in shaping the cities destiny. They decided that dark pages from their past were best left forgotten.

Over time they watched their children grow and make their own mistakes and live their own lives, eventually having their own families.

Alex and Carlos grew old together and their love for one another never stopped burning bright.

When Carlos turned ninety-seven he died of a heart attack. Three months after they buried Carlos, Alex passed. His family was capable of caring for themselves and each other and he had no reason to stay any longer in this world.

He had lived a long and very interesting life and he knew he would see his Carlos again in the next life. He knew one day they would return to this world, though they would not remember each other, they would find one another again.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, they did eventually learn the identity of Justin's mother.

But that is another story.

Fusedtwilight: And that is that. Little over two years ago I came up with an idea for a fic. I have ventured a few times in fanfiction but never really did anything of my own making. I also saw it as a way to try my hand at the erotic genre of writing. My inspiration for this fic was a little show that was on HBO called Hung which sadly was canceled.

When I began to write I only intended it to be about ten to twenty chapters long, but a good story has a habit of taking on a life of it's own and soon I was coming up with all kinds of ideas for Supply and Demand, and I found Alex and Carlos's journey became more and more complex as did the other characters I wrote.

There were so many ways I could have taken this story, my mind was constantly working on this fic, trying to figure out where it was leading.

One of the main themes of the story is survival. Both Carlos and Alex came together because they both needed money to get out of a jam they found themselves in. Eventually they became involved in a conspiracy to kill the most powerful man in the city, all for survival. There were many times when they had to lie and cheat in order to get by. One of lifes hard lessons is that not everything is as black and white as it seems. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't as easy as we are told it is and we may find ourselves pushing the bounds of morality to keep ahead in the world. But at the same time we must be careful to to cross lines that take us places where we can never come back from. It was a fine line Carlos and Alex had great difficulty walking.

The second theme of course was sex. Accepting ones sexual preferences and discovering our own unique sexual nature can play a very important part in all our lives. Whether we are gay, straight or bi our sexuality and sex in general has played an important role in all cultures around the world. Though there are times when certain sexual things may be frowned on by the general public, the same things frowned on may turn out to be something accepted in later generations.

Carlos always thought himself straight as an arrow, but at some point he found himself falling for Alex and soon found a whole new side of himself that both scared and excited him. Sex also played an important role in his clients lives, as he soon found out his clients were not just looking for a good lay, they were looking for companionship and someone who could accept them for who and what they were.

In writing the sex scenes I was also challenging myself, this is the first time I have ever written a story with not only sex but homosexual sex as well. It was a way for me to explore my own sexual tastes and incorporate them into the story.

And the final theme is choice. We all have a choice, no matter the circumstance or the situation we always have a choice in life. Our choices always come at a price and sometimes can even come back to haunt us. But we must always accept responsibility for our own choices. Just as Alex owned up to the choices he made that took him down the path it did, we must never try and repeat certain choices least they trap us in a cycle we may never break from.

And with that I would once again like to thank Lisa my awesome beta and all you awesome people who have reviewed, read and continue to read Supply and Demand. And who knows, maybe one day we will meet Carlos and Alex again.

Until next time, take care.