when you get home

maybe you notice

something's gone.

you can't quite place it

but you know something's just

the slightest bit wrong.

finally it hits you.

"where is she?"

she's gone.

to be totally honest,

the she you're looking for

hasn't been here for years

but she's gone nonetheless

and maybe you feel you should

feel guilty

or feel sorry

but instead you feel happy

relieved, even

that's she's no longer your burden

she's gone off (at last) to darken

someone else's doorstep.


or maybe you don't notice at all.

no one would be surprised.

she never mattered to you,

and everyone could see that

you didn't love her,

you never loved her,

you resented her

and she knew it too well.


when you get home,

it'll be like she was

never there at all

and when you finally (care to)

realize she's missing

she'll be so far gone

you won't even know it's her.

a/n: don't pretend. you never cared and we all know it, and don't act like you know me - you never knew me before, i fucking dare you to recognize me now.