SOS (I): Sacrifice Of Son

In early days of Bible times, God gave symbolic precedent

(For how He'd save the world from sin, lest all its wages yet be spent);

Commanding Abraham to sacrifice his one and only Son

(As God Himself would later do, with Him whom Pharisees would shun).

So Isaac (son of Abraham) would also represent mankind:

A world of sinners God (the source of life) would have to leave behind,

To face the consequence of our rebellion since the Devil's lie

To Eve in Eden. (God had warned that, if they stole the fruit, they'd die).

As Abraham prepared to go ahead with it, an angel screamed,

That he should not harm Isaac as the way that man would be redeemed.

The Lord produced a substitute: a sheep He'd snared for Abraham.

Redemption came for all the world, with Christ the sacrificial lamb,

Who bore the sins of everyone, though Jesus' life was innocent.

The road to everlasting life was built for those who'd then repent.

SOS (II): Symbols Of Sanctuary

To understand the latter half of Daniel, there's a number code:

1 day would symbolize 1 year, when Daniel spoke in prophet mode.

For 70 times 7 years from Daniel's time of prophecy

To Stephen's time of being stoned to death, God showed some leniency:

God gave probation time to people, calling for atonement then.

Perhaps (I can't be sure) this parallels the Gospel moment, when

The Lord was asked if Peter should forgive a brother 7 crimes,

And Jesus used the same statistic: 70 times 7 times.

And halfway through the '7' years, which led to Stephen being stoned,
He gave His life upon the cross. Though man had sinned, the Lord atoned;

With grace to cover sins, except the one which makes the Spirit strict:

Rejecting Christ forever, when the Holy Spirit's words convict.

So Daniel Chapter 9 predicts events of 31 AD,

And 34 AD as well, when using day-for-year as key.

SOS (III): Salvation Of Sinners (Daniel 8:14, Mark 13:32)

Now 23 long centuries (encrypted, Daniel first foresaw

As days from Daniel's time) foretold events of 1844.

Once Jesus said that no-one knows the day or hour when He'll be back.

The miller passed this teaching by (proclaiming warnings way off track,

That Jesus would return in 1844 to wash earth clean),

But missed what Revelation's coded message showed the numbers mean.

In 1844, progressive teaching would initiate

A church, where truth would redefine (correctly) that eternal fate

Of unbelieving souls: their death, no torment for infinity;

And other doctrines, like this one, which comes from sins nailed on the tree:

If Jesus took the penalty for every sin a Christian's done,

Then our accounts (of lives awaiting judgment) pass to God's own Son.

Investigated fully, Christ redeems our sins on our behalf,

As Mediator. We've no need to sacrifice a ram or calf.

SOS (IV): Satisfaction Of Sanctions

Leviticus narrates the days when Aaron sacrificed a bull,

To symbolize the purity from debts, which must be paid in full.

This happened in the courtyard of the Sanctuary, so bull or sheep

Would shed its blood. So those before the Gospel times could sew and reap

The Passover, which points to Jesus rescuing the human race,

By taking our sin on Himself, to die with his redeeming grace.

Then Aaron took the blood and left the Holy Place, to then present

To God in that MOST Holy Place. Then once that sacrifice was spent,

God saw the blood and saw atonement satisfied by Jesus Christ,

Not Aaron, nor his sins. The sacrificial Lamb of God sufficed.

When He who knew no sin became our sin, He changed from sheep to goat;

And "Why have you forsaken me?" was called from His long suffering throat.

A second goat - the burden of the sins – goes out alone to die:

Azael (the Devil) pays the price for tempting man with every lie.

SOS (V): Sword Of Spirit

So Aaron cleansed the Sanctuary on earth, which has its parallel

In Hebrews chapter 8 verse 2: the real MOST Holy Place as well.

The Sanctuary on earth was just a copy of the Sanctuary

In heaven, so that those before the birth of Christ could look and see

God's grace in action, way back then. Now Daniel chapters 8 and 9

Then point to 1844 – perhaps the greatest warning sign.

In that year Jesus went from Holy Place to God's MOST Holy Place;

Fulfilled the rest of prophecy, forever marking time and space;

Presenting His own blood to God, so God could not record our sin.

In 1844, the final chapter would at last begin.

So Hebrews chapter 9 says: goats and calves were not the offerings made;

But Christ obtained redemption for the world, when sin's high wage was paid.

The Devil hates this teaching, and the call made in 1 Peter 4,

To turn to Jesus. This divides the church and leads to holy war.

SOS (VI): Signs Of Seconds

In 1844, predicted moves of Jesus would inform

That End Times had begun, which means that people cannot be lukewarm.

Per Hebrews chapter 6 verse 20, Jesus is our great High Priest,

Preparing for the day He'll stop the phony prophet and the beast;

Which means the false religion and the secular authority

Will have their power (to mislead men) removed for all eternity.

The signs of latter days are here: Much ice -where polar bears have dwelt -

Has met with global warming, to the point where all that's left will melt.

The Book of Revelation said Christ's followers would be despised,

And persecuted (as per chapter 2), with churches compromised.

The homosexual practices of unrepentant sinful folk -

And glorified adultery on our TV shows - will only stoke

The fires of retribution, when the army of the Lord will slay

Non-Christians, using angels primed for battle on the Judgment Day.

SOS (VII): Significance Of Sermons

The key (to knowing 1844 was Final Times begun)

Is Daniel chapter 9 verse 17. The Angel said "Now son,

The vision is referring to the time of ending," which "shall be,"

Per verse 19's words, "what will happen in the latter time" (AD).

In Revelation chapter 7, tribulation will not squash

Beliefs of those made white, by using Jesus Christ's own blood to wash

Their robes. They'll pass forever from the world's defeated danger zone,

Relieved of hunger, as they dwell with Him who sits upon the throne.

The frequency of terrorist attempts is one more warning clue,

That all our time of suffering in earthly life is nearly through.

In Revelation 12, we learned: This all preceded Genesis,

With war of angels driving Satan out of heaven, causing this:

The Devil's interference back in Eden times, at Adam's feet.

But God will send him off to perish, making cycles all complete.