AUTHORS NOTE: I'm not sure if this will stay. I've agonized myself with this and I'm not sure if it works or not. So, please, any thoughts you can give me will be appreciated.


Floating on a cloud of death; a blackness fills my lungs and I hear her voice. All I hear is her voice.

Calling me.

Soothing me.

Killing me.






Is that you angel?

It's time to go my love.

Oh god.

What's wrong?

I--I was having a terrible dream...jesus.

Shhh. It's over now.

I feel like I can't shake it.

There. There. Tell me all about it.

I-I can't.


Because it'll come true.

Don't be silly, sunshine. Come tell me all about it.

I threw it all away. My career--my life, I threw them all away. You left me, you--you stopped loving me...god, it felt so real.

Shh. It's over now, my love. See? I still love you. I always willkjkjsnldndlk

Get up.


Shut up. You did it again. Your daughters birthday was today.

It was...?

It's over now. I hate you. I've always hated you.

No, you-you can't

You ruined your life and almost took me with you. I'm so glad I left when I had the chance.

Oh god--please...not again...

Go on, cry some more. You make me sick! What happened to the MAN, huh? At least it's over nowghfudhoisndl.

Scott? It's time to go, Scott.

Angel? Oh, thank god--

Bad dream?

The worst.

It's over now, my love. Now you can have some peace.

You mean it, angel?

Yes. Come to me, my love. I'm here for you.

Where are you? Why can't I see you?

Here, Scott. Follow the lighkjkjnaslthe heat.


Down here, Scott. Come to me...

You're free now.

Come to me...


Floating in an void of pain and terror. Unraveling at the sinews. Her voice omni-present, ever dangerous.

There is no peace...not for me.

I'm sorry...please forgive me--

I'm not finished.