A/N: About this story, it's going to be a dramatic romantic instead of a rom-com. It just seems more intense than anything I've ever wrote for YA (so far). For the bunnies that have been with me since AIMP this is another story for the summer.

And Then He Kissed Me

1. It Starts With a...

I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him again.

The taste of his Harlan's lips was still on Billi's own. She hardly moved her mouth for fear that the ghost would leave her.

This is a straight forward story of a girl falling in love with a kiss stealing boy right? Not when you take into account who Harlan was to Billi. Her childhood best friend Harlan was the first person that had known when Billi had gotten her first period—he was that close to her.

She walked through her room, knowing that the clock was counting down until party hours. The former queen of the night had missed three birthday parties and five raves this month alone.

"I can't go anywhere where he's going to be!" she said aloud to herself. She fell into bed in frustration, not caring how her white maxi dress rode up on her light brown skin.

"You come to Canada and buy furniture for the children and there they go breaking it everyday..." Her father kissed his teeth as he passed by her room speaking loudly in his Guyanese accent. She rolled her eyes. There was no moment that she was spared from paternal criticism since her father was a Guyanese-Canadian of Indian descent who moved to Vancouver with her mother in the early nineties. Her mother died in a car accident when she was a child so most of the time it was the both of them in the house, driving each other up the wall.

Except when Harlan came over... and she had been avoiding his calls.

"And it kills me to know how much I really love you..." her ringtone was starting up again. She didn't have to look at the screen to know that it was Harlan calling again.

"Stop calling me for now..." Billi said as she poked at her phone.

"Why should I stop calling you when you're not around me anymore?"

Billi turned around quickly. Harlan always had to bend down before he came into her room. At over six feet tall he took up most of the door frame. He brushed down his short brown hair, slightly messy from what looked like a rushed dressing. In crisp dark jeans, a t-shirt and his favourite brown leather jacket he was ready to party.

Well, almost ready.

"You aren't missing another party. C'mon and get dressed!" Harlan went over to Billi's closet like an old friend and started to rummage through.

"How did you get in here? Where's my dad?" She moved off of her bed, wary of Harlan's backwards glance at her legs as she carried her dress to the other side of the room.

"He's always telling me to stop coming over to your house unless I'm trying to you pregnant... so I told him that I'd just marry you." He walked over to Billi as she turned away from the door in surprise from his words. So close that she could fall towards him, end up on the floor, and do all the dirty things to him that she promised herself not to think about...

But she couldn't stop herself from doing her usual potential boyfriend check. It was the only time she had never done one in their more than decade long relationship.

"Here is a quarter of an early birthday present." He put a ring on her finger, three connecting sterling silver bands on the right hand's ring finger. The matching one shone on the thumb of his right hand. Generous? Check. He turned back to her wide closet with after he smiled. "You don't have to tell me what's going on with you until you're ready." Patience? Check. "But you do have to go out tonight or else I won't forgive you..."

He pulled out two of Billi's favourite dress concepts: a red bandage dress that was both short and tight.

Listening skills? Another check.

"Change quickly so we can go."

"I didn't even do my hair; I can't do anything with it." He went over and undid her hair tie, redoing her curly black hair from a muted ponytail to a high sexy bun.

"The crystal ponytail hair band you wanted the last time we went out." He applied it quickly and stepped away from her. "Okay, now change."

The straight forward story of a girl falling in love with a kiss stealing boy right isn't only complicated by their close friendship but also by the fact that an entire month ago, she had known her best friend as the resident cool gay kid. He's the guy that all the guys admired (and maybe crushed on) and the guy that all the girls wanted to be best friends with (and maybe crushed on).

Screw, Helen of Troy, a well positioned smile from Harlan has led to probably a thousand or many more breakups of relationships for the population of St. Dominick High.

Both students and teachers included in that count.

Changing in front of him would have been an afterthought to Billi when she thought he was gay but... now it wasn't because she wouldn't be able to trust him if she was naked. She wouldn't be able to trust herself to behave.


She grabbed the dress from onto of her bed and took off her clothing until her underwear. Nothing in his expression changed. The good humour and laughing went on as he told her about a drunken friend's attics at the last party.

"And then he woke up on a bench in front of his house! His dad ran onto the porch in the morning, bedroom robe half opened, throwing slippers at him!" Harlan finished.

Billi laughed with him as realistically as she could but could find no humour in anything he said. She could only feel the thick energy in the room as she worried about what would happen next.

"Ouch..." her zipper caught on the way up. Before The Kiss, Harlan would have rushed over to her side to do it for her laughing at her stupidity on the way. But he stood in front of her frozen. Instead of just tugging on her dress with her hand behind her she looked up at him.

His oh-so tall height meant that he was able to see things that most guys couldn't. Especially if it meant that he was looking down at his five foot five friend. Down at her and down her shirt.

Touch me. Touch me. Please just touch me.

In all Billi's seventeen years of life, she's never wanted something so bad.

"Get that dress on quickly, will ya? I'm going to go warm up the car, sweetheart." Harlan left her room, not minding the way that her father slammed the door behind him.

Billi got the zipper up quickly and got her own leather coat from her closet and silver sprayed combat boots—a birthday present from him from a few years ago.

"It seems like there's going to be a battle tonight," she whispered to herself. "Don't wait up, dad!"

"Don't get pregnant, Billi!" he called back closing the door.

She rolled her eyes, going out into the chilly summer night air. Walking towards Harlan's black jeep, she noticed that the car door was already opened for her. He probably hadn't thought about the fact that she might have abandoned him tonight. He didn't consider the slight possibility that she would have thrown off her dress and told her dad to send him off packing. She got inside the car. It's better not to think at all tonight.


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