This poem is much better than my other one. Please enjoy. And it you don't, whatever, I don't know you.

Life is hardly what you expect.
Its only just started and already its wrecked.

The downs seem to always surpass the ups
Because the world loves your pain; it can't get enough

Your young and new, delicate and frail
But already your heart has been pierced through by a nail

You've felt and seen to much for your years
A moment of happiness, then it all disappears

Your heart is so fragile, made up of glass
And your stuck in your pain, it won't let you pass

And you see the happiness that you can't achieve
And you want that joy, you want to believe

In that moment of courage thats when you see
That if you try hard enough, one day you'll be free

And you lift your legs up and hold your head high
You don't want to stay there, lay down, and die

But the pain tugs at your heart and says, "You can't win."
"Nobody loves you. Your only a sin."

And sometimes it feels like it may be right
That you'll never be free no matter how hard you fight

So the battle between you and your pain rages on
And maybe one day it'll be gone

It won't ever go and leave you for sure
But I don't want it to control me anymore