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Chapter 11-Going through

Three days later when Matt went to breakfast, he had no idea how bad his life was going to get. He sat down next to Dylan and Micheal, who were talking about Christmas.

"My mom used to buy me the nicest things for Christmas." Micheal states, then stopped to think. "Before she, you know, died and what not."

Dylan ignored the morbid comment and smiled. "My parents used to buy me whatever I wanted. Unless it was too expensive."

Micheal turned to Mat. "How about you?" he asked, not knowing that Matt hadn't known his parents because that detail had been skipped everytime someone mentioned Matt. Matt smiled sadly and looked at the table.

"I never knew my parents. Well, I guess I did at some point, but I don't remember them at all. Something happened to them when I was very young. But...he never told me what.

Neither boy had to ask who 'he' was. (By GAWD I was just looking through this chapter and it is freaking looooooong!)

"Sorry Matt. I didn't know." Micheal apologized, feeling like a jerk. Matt shrugged nonchalantly. "Its okay. But why are you guys talking about Christmas anyway?"

Micheal smiled.

"Because its six weeks from now." he said. Matt was suprised.

"But its so nice out!" he said in desbelief. Dylan nodded. "Yeah, but you should know it doesn't snow here. You've lived here your whole life."

Matt thought for a moment. "Your right." he said. But he knew why he hadn't remembered. He hadn't ever payed much attention to the seasons when he lived with Master. All he payed attention to was the fact that he hated life. That was all. They all went back to eating then, until May walked in.

"Hello everyone." she said. Everyone called a greeting and May smiled. "Its my pleasure that I bring in my daughter, who has some great news."

Gale walked in, a smile on her face. But it almost seemed fake. Matt waved to her, but when she saw him she looked away, the smile gone, and her face looked as though her 'great news' would not be so great.

"Its with great pleasure that I tell you you all," she started, turning to look at Matt. "That I'm getting...married."

Slaves began to cheer, but Micheal, Dylan, and Matt were silent. Drew walked in and stood beside Gale. He looked around and when he spied Matt, a sad look came upon his face.



She couldn't be...

She isn't...

There's no way.




Matt stared at Gale, who was looking back. She was not smiling. Tears began to well up in his eyes and he got up from the table and ran off. Micheal and Dylan looked at each other. But they didn't follow him. Gale gasped. "Matt! Wait!" she called, running agter him. May too, watched in silence, for she had known how Gale and Matt had felt for each other.

Matt reached the nearest slave's quarters and slammed the door shut. He ran up to an open window and began to climb out. He didn't know where he was planning on going, but he knew he couldn't be in this house. He decided he would go to the garden, be he couldn't take the front door, because then he would have to face Gale. But he had to anyway.

Gale rushed into the room after him, breathless from running. She spotted him going out the window and gasped. "Matt, what are you doing?" she shouted, pulling him back in by the waist. Matt didn't turn to face her, but he sighed.

"I was only going to go to the garden. Not that you'd care. Your probably too busy planning your wedding with Drew." he snarled, but his voice broke on the word wedding.

Gale had tears in her eyes. "Matt, I"m so sorry." she said, the tears starting to fall from her face. Matt looked at her and then looked away again so that she wouldn't see the tears in his eyes too.

"You broke your promise." It was a statement, not a question. Gale nodded sadly.

"Drew found out about me and you and he told his father." she wept. Matt shrugged. "So what?" he chocked out miserably, hoping the answer wouldn't be something good.

"His father threatened to kill me if I didn't marry Drew!" Gale sobbed. Matt's eyes opened wide.

"What?! That's horrible, that's evil! Did you tell anyone?" he shouted, astonished beyond all belief. He couldn't believe that anyone would threaten to kill someone else. Gale shook her head.

"Well, mom was there with me when it happened, but she's the only one who knows and she won't tell anyone."

"Well then you tell someone!" Matt shouted at her, not trying to sound as angry as he probably did. (Got like nine pages left to write so I'm taking a break. Toodles.)

(Back from my break. Which lasted like, three weeks.)

Gale's breath became shorter, like she had been underwater for a long time, and now she needed to breath.

"I-I wouldn've! But-but, Matt!" she started, then gave up and fell to the floor and wrapped her arms around her knees. "But what?" Matt asked, the current situation getting ready to crash down on him.

"He threatened to kidnap you Matt, and give you back to that man, that horrible evil man!" she cried. Matt froze. He couldn't help it, just hearing about him made him stop breathing. After a moment, he reached forward and gently wrapped Gale into a hug. She hugged him back, squeezing tightly.

"Matt, I'm so sorry!" she sobbed, her shoulders shaking violently.

"Its not your fault." said Matt softly, starting to cry too. Gale clutched at him, and he hugged her, and both cried.

"Its, its okay." Matt said, but Gale hardly heard him. "We'll be fine." he continued, and Gale looked up.

"How?" she asked. "If I don't marry him, I die, if I tell, your sold back to that man. If I do, I'm married to someone I don't love, and your all alone." she sobbed bitterly. Matt looked up towards the ceiling.

"Marry him Gale. You can't die." he told her. She looked down, so now they were looking in opposite directions.

"And you can't go back to that man." she said. Matt nodded.

"Gale, if you'll stay strong for me, I'll stay strong for you." he said, grabbing her hand in his.

"I'll stay strong." Gale said softl,y and Matt smiled. "And I'll be strong for you." he repeated. Though he didn't really believe his own words at all. They sat in silence for a little while before Matt said, "We should head back."

Gale nodded sadly. He stood up, and Gale got up with him. They went back to the dining room, greeted by many smiling faces, none of which belonged to Matt or Gale. Matt gave Gale one last hug. He noticed her trying to hold back a sob, and felt her body shudder while she tried. "Gale, it's okay." he said, tightening his grip on her. She sighed in his arms. They stayed like that a few moments.

"Excuse me." a voice said from behind Matt. Gale instantly released Matt, who backed up a few steps. It was Drew. He had waht looked like a sweet and innocent smile on his face.

"Do you mind if I take my future bride for a bit?" he asked Matt.

"Oh, um, no sir. Sorry sir." Matt said, backing away, and bowed. But not a large bow since he thought it was Drew's gault this was happening. Drew held out his hand and Gale took it. They walked off, leaving Matt to watch them go.

Micheal instantly appeared beside Matt. Matt figured he had been watching from nearby, waiting with anticipation for his chance to ask what had happened.

"So what did you two decide?" he asked, and Matt sighed.

"She's going to marry Drew."

A look of shock crossed Micheal's face. "What?" he shouted. Of course everyone in the room turned to look at him. "What?" MIcheal repeated, but this time it was directed toward the olther slaves, and more of an accusation. "Like you guys don't shout?" he asked, waving them away. "Go back to what you were doing."

Everyone stared at him for a few more secondsd wondering if he was okay, then they turned away. Dylan pushed through the crowd up to them, laughing.

"What was that about?" he asked.

"Matt's gonna let Drew marry Gale!" Micheal said.

"What?" Dylan gasped in shock. Micheal nodded. "THat is exactly what I said."

Matt sighed. "If she doesn't marry Drew, Drew's father said he'll kill her." Dylan and Micheal gasped in shock together. They knew there were evil people in the world, but the question remains, how evil can one actually get?

"Did she tell anyone?" they both asked in perfect unison. "May already knows." Matt answered. "But Drew's father said that if they told anyone, he'd...take me" That was as far as Matt could go, but Micheal and Dylan knew the rest. "What do we do?" Dylan asked. Micheal shrugged, but inside he was outraged that someone had done something so wrong to Gale, someone he thought of as a sister, someone he wanted to protect.

"At this rate, I don't think we'll be able to anything. Nothing is what we do, it seems."

Matt looked down. "Yeah. We're going to do nothing.

And the three freinds had nothing to say.

A few hours later, Drew came into the room of slaces.

"I would like to father." But he said it with no pride, more like scorn, as if he really wanted to whack his father up side the head with a block of wood. Bet suddenly he winced, as if he'd been shocked. Matt frowned, wondering why he had and Dreww sort of tugged on his shirt collar, as if something uncomforatble was under it.

"I mean, I'm honored to inrtroduce the great man who helped to make my life so filled, my father." Drew said hurridly, correcting himself.

A middle aged man with blackish/gray hair and a nice suit stepped up, and even though Drew began to walk away for him to have more space, Drew's father grabbed his son by his shirt and tugged him back.

"Next time, say the introduction I told you. or else the shock will be be more severe." he whispered harsly in Drew's ear. But Matt was close enough and he was able to hear him.

Drew nodded and his father released him. Drew hurried away and-much to Matt's suprise- came and stood next to him. Matt looked at him, but Drew didn't do anything in reply. Drew's father started to speak.

"Hello everyone, my name is Governor Kane Coramen."

Matt scoffed. "So he's a governor too." Drew, who had been staring at the ceiling, looked at him.


He didn't say it as if he was challenging Matt to tell him why being a governor was a bad thing, he just sounded curious. Matt looked at him, wondering if he should answer. Finally, he did.

"My old master is a governor." he told him. Drew nodded. "You mean that man from the party?" he asked. Matt nodded.

"Yeah, thats him. I hate him. I really, really, really hate him." he answered coldly. Drew nodded again, then was silent for a long moment. He seemed to be wondering about something, and looked as if he was debating if he should or should not say what he was thinking. Finally, he spoke.

"I hate that governor up there too." he whispered, motioning towards his father, and his eyes drifted towards Kane, as if he was worried he had heard him. Matt frowned, confused.

"Your father?"

Drew shook his head, and his eyes were cold when he spoke again.

"That man up there is not my father. He is my master."

Matt gasped, shock running through his body. "Your a slace too?" he asked. Drew threw a sideways glance at Kane.

"Yeah. I'm a slave too." he said in a whisper. Matt nodded in a way that Drew found as a sign that he held nothing against him. "Then thats why he shocked you up there."

Drew gasped now. "You saw that?" he asked in panic. Matt nodded. Then they were silent for a few moments.

"Why Drew? If your a slave, why does he masquerade you as his son?" Matt asked. Drew sighed, as if he was very, very, tired. As if he was always tired. "To make money."

Just as Matt was going to question him further, Micheal stepped up.

"What are you talking about?" he asked Matt cheerfully, but when he spied Drew, his expression darkened. Drew looked around as if trying to avoid Micheal's gaze. Matt smiled.

"Don't worry." he told Drew. "We can trust Micheal."

Micheal's frown was more confused then angry. "Trust Micheal with what?" he asked. Matt looked at Drew. Drew nodded softly, already begining to trust this stranger with strange hair. Matt pulled Micheal away from the people.

"Drew is Kane's slave." he whispered.

"What?" Micheal gasped.

"His so called, "father" is faking him as his son for money." Micheal's mouth opened into an "O" and his eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

"Dylan!" He hsouted, so loud that Kane stopped his speech-that Matt and Micheal had not heard a word of- and turned to look. Drew winced, sensing that Micheal's shouting had something to do with him.

" sir!" Micheal called up to Kane. "Love the speech!"

Kane stared at him angirly for a few more seconds before continuing his speech. Dylan, who had pushed his way throught the crowd, raced over.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Drew is Kane's slave, and the only reason Kane is pretending he is is son is for money." Micheal whispered hurriedly.

"What?" Dylan repeated, but this time it was in shock. "Why?"

Matt shrugged.

"I haven't asked yet. But, you two can't tell anyone! Got it? No one!"

"Got it." Micheal and Dylan said.

"Now lets find out how pretening Drew is his son will get him money." Matt said, and the three boys raced over to Drew.

"How will this make Kane money?" Micheal asked first, not taking anytime to take a breath during the last minute or so, so finally he gasped in the air now.

"Kane thinks if I pretend I'm his son, young girls like Gale will end up in an arranged marriage with me. And then, when we're married he gets half their money. And after about a week, I file for a divorce, and we split, taking the half with us."

Dylan gasped. "How many times have you done this."

Drew looked at the ground. "F-Four." he said regretfully. The four boys were silent. Then there were soft footsteps behind them. It was May.

"Hello boys." she said kindly.

"Hey." Micheal said casually, not even bowing sinfe he felt he didn't need to. Drew held out his hand.

"Hello Miss May."

May looked at him, and then at Kane. Drew knew what she was thinking. She was wondering if Drew had told just to get Gale in trouble. But it wasn't true. May reached out and shook his hand.

Matt longed to tell her the truth about Drew, but he remained silent. Then Kane stepped behind them and put a hand on Drew's shoulder.

"So, what are we talking about my boy?" he asked.

" happy I am." Drew answered. Kane nooded. "Yes, getting married is a wonderful thing."

"Especially when your in it for the money." Drew grumbled. Kane shot Drew a death glare. Drew instanly looked away, but a smile was on his face. "Whatever do you mean, my son?" Kane asked him. Drew shrugged. Micheal was staring hard a Kane, as if he wanted a rabie infested bear to come and eat him. Unfortunately, there were no bears, rabie infested of nor. Dylan was staring at Drew, with a face that said he feld so very bad for him.

"Hey, guys!" Gale said, coming up behind them. She looked from one person to another. "You guyes having a staring contest?" she asked halfheartedly.

"No." Matt answered. Drew turned to look at her. He sighed and looked down.

"What is it Drew?" Gale asked. Drew turned and looked at his, ''father" who was staring hard at him. Oh, how badly he wanted to tell this innocent girl the truth.

"Nothing." he said after a moment.

Kane smiled smugly and nodded. "Lets go son. Only four months until your wedding. We should talk about preperations." Drew looked down. "Okay." he said, and then allowed himself to be taken away. Matt felt sorry for him and really wanted to help. If Kane was anything like Master, then Drew was in for one heck of a beating.

"We'll you'd think he would have talked to his future wife, who's being FORCED to marry him!" Gale called in his direction, but not loud enough for anyone other then Matt, Dylan, Micheal, and May to hear.

"Its not Drew's fault." Matt told her. Gale looked up in suprise.

"What?" she asked, her heart breaking in two. "Don't tell me your on Drew's side."

"Micheal spoke up. "THere is no "Drew's side", there is only our side and their side."

Gale did not understand, and she looked from one boy to the other to the other.

"Why?" she asked.

Dylan shook his head. "Not aloud to say Gale, we're sorry. But please believe us when we saw that Drew is not evil."

Gale did believe them. She always would.

"Fine." she said, and then she smiled and Matt was glad to see that she was not angry with them. "Well, see you boys later." she told them, then turned and walked in the other direction.

"Wonder where she's going." Dylan said. Micheal shurrged. Matt was not looking in the direction that Drew and Kane had gone.

"Um...guys, I'll see you later." he said. Micheal and Dylan looked at each other, but shrugged. They walked away, leaving Matt. After they were gone, Matt tore down the hall, desperate to get to Drew. He would much rather have Dylan and Micheal with him, but he didn't want them to get anymore involved then they already were.

He followed the hallways, going until he was tired he couldn't run anymore. While he was trying to catch his breath, he suddenly heard shouting.

"Why would you say that Drew? 'Especially when your in it for the money?"

Matt jumped up and ran to a nearby door. It was the door of the library. He pressed his ear against it and listened hard.

"Whatever." was Drew's reply. Matt heard the sound of someone getting thrown into what sounded like some sort of hard furniture, but Drew did not cry out, and Matt guessed that he had been trained to be silent.

"What?" Kane shouted. Matt cracked the door open a bit. He saw what he suspected, Drew nxt to a broken dresser, Kane standing nearby.

"I'm sick of working for you!" Drew shouted. "And I won't do it!"

"Drew, you have no choice." Kane said, and he pulled a sheet of paper from his pocket. "According to this paper, I own you. You much do as I say."

Drew looked upset for a second, but suddenly rushed forward, grabbed the paper, and ripped it in half.

"Not anymore you bastard!" he shouted. Suprisingly, Kane started to laugh.

"That wasn't the contract boy, that was a copy I made." He laughed a little longer, but stopped when Drew tried to kick him. Kane grabbed his leg, and with a sickening snap that Matt took as what HAD to be it breaking, twisted the leg. Drew screamed out lout, and Kane let go of him. The young boy fell to the ground.

"I could do that again Drew. And again, and again, and agian. Unless you listen. Got it?"

Drew looked up at him in fury, holding his injured leg. Since he wasn't crying or anything, Matt wondered if maybe Kane hadn't broken it after all. 'Well of course not. That would lead to suspicsion.'

Drew nodded. "Fine." he said.

"Good. Now go to Gale." Kane ordered.

"I can't! You practically broke my leg!" Drew shouted.

"Don't shout Drew, or I will break it."

"I'll shout if I want to!" Drew screamed.

"Well then I guess that means I get to break your ;eg." Kane said. He grabbed hold of Drew's already badly twisted leg. Drew gasped and struggled to get out. Kane was about to break the leg when Matt thrust the door open.

"Get away from Drew!" he shouted.

"Well, what do we have here?" Kane questioned, then he turned his gaze on Drew. "Did you tell someone?" he asked. Drew looked at Matt.

"Matt, what are you doing here! Leave!"

"So you did tell. Thats what I thought." Kane said, begining to pull on Kane's leg. Drew yelled in pain, grabbing at his leg desperatly, trying to get it away from Kane, tears finally begining to fall from his eyes.

"Get away!" Matt shouted, fury making his words sound like a thunder clap. "If you don't, I'll tell everyone your stupid plan!" he threatened. Kane frowned and let go Drew's leg. Drew whimpered silently and pulled his leg protectively to his chest. It had made Matt sick to his gut to have to threaten anyone, because it reminded him of Master.

But it had to be done.

Kane looked at Matt closer. "Well look who it is." he said, smiling. "I thought you looked fimiliar. Your the slave who I threatened Gale with."

"Yeah, and I'm telling everyone about this, even if you did let go!"

"I can't allow that." Kane said. He suddenly jumped at Matt, who stumbled backwards, away from him. Drew had pulled himself up and despite his hurting leg, he took of for the door, limping.

"I'll get help!" he shouted to Matt, but Kane whirled around to face him. "No you won't." she said, pulling out his shock collar remote. He turned the dail all the was up and pressed the button. Drew began to scream louder then Matt ever had. Matt was so suprised by the volume of the scream that he stopped running and watched in horror as Drew fell to the ground in a heap.

Angered, Matt ran at Kane, and lashed out with his right arm. The punch landed right in Kane's face. Kane screamed in pain and stumbled back, grabbing hold of a desk for support. Then he quickly recovered and kicked Matt in the gut. Matt stumbled and then fell.

"Now that you know my plan, I can't have you around telling people." Kane said.

"Well what do you plan to do?" Matt spat scornfully. Kane smiled at him, a smile full of evil. Matt had thought of alot of things that he might say. Shoot him, kill him, bury him alive, keep him as his slave, ect. But he hadn't thought of what Kane actually said.

"I plan to carry out with my threat."

Then Kane allowed the words to sink into Matt's brain, and he smiled when Matt's frown melted and was replaced by a look of fear. Matt felt his heart go cold. Shoot him, kill him, bury him alive, make him a slave to Kane, he didn't care. Any of those were better then going back to Master.

"Not if you can't catch me." he said, stalling for time, and trying to cover up his fear. He got up and took off running for the door. But Kane tackled him to the ground, and then tied his wrists up with a rope that had been carrying in his jacket.

Who carries around a rope thick enough to tie a human up, IN HIS JACKET? Matt wondered. Sick bastard.

Matt struggled against his grip shouting, "You think I care? I'm not afraid of him!" Kane laughed at his attempt at bravery when, if he had been standing, he would have falled to the floor in fear.

"From what I've seen, your very afraid of him. Very, very, VERY afraid indeed." Kane challenged. Matt frowned again.

"How do you plan to get me out of here without being seen?" he asked. It made him feel proud that he could come up with the question and he felt a little bit better.

"I have my ways." Kane said. He pulled Matt up and pushed him forwards. Matt turned back towards Kane and kicked at him. His leg slammed into Kane's side, and Kane was knocked backwards. But he raced at Matt the second he could control his footing.

He grabbed Matt and shoved him into a wall. Matt gasped as the breath was knocked out of him. Kane thrust the door open with his other hand, then pushed Matt thought. He began leading him down the hall.

Apparently, his "ways" are just leading me through a hall, hoping that no one passes by and sees us. Matt thought, stuggling to free himself, with no luck. So he opened his mouth to scream for help, but the second he did, Kane clamped his hand over his mouth.

He pushed him out the dorr and towards a car. Matt pulled back and rammed himself into a Kane, but Kane just slammed him into the car. He opened the door and pushed Matt in. He reached into the front seat and pulled out another freaking rope. He guickly tied Matt's feet togehter, so now both Matt' s hands and feet were tied.

Matt sat up in the back seat and tried to reach for the door handle. But ny now Kane had gotten into the driver's seat. He turned on the car and took off, sending Matt flying into the front seats. When he was able to get up again, he looked over at Kane.

"What about Drew?" he shouted, trying to come up with anyway to get Kane to turn back, but Kane laughed. "When Drew wakes up, he'll have temporary memory loss. And by the time I return his memory will just be coming back."

Matt was horrified. "You've done this before?" he gasped and Kane nodded, laughing at a cruel and sick memory. Matt looked out hi window and soon began to recognize his surrondings. And that wasn't a good thing. It was a very bad thing. A very bad thing indeed.

"Let me go!" he shouted, trying to cover up his terror. "Not since you know my plan." Kane said. "And you'll be pretty busy with Govorner Jackson."

That actually silenced Matt. "Governor Jackson?" he repeated. Kane laughed agian.

"Yes that is his last name. The name of your master."

"His last name is Jackson?" Matt asked.

"Yes it is."

Matt was now deep in though. To him, Master had never had a name. He was just Master, too evil to actually deserve a real name. Master. That was it. It always had been. After a moment, be began to wonder what his own last name was. He knew he had one, but there were only two people in the whole wide world that knew it. Master and Maza. And Maza was gone. Then he remembered that he was supposed to meet with Maza in a couple days. But now that seemed like it wasn't going to happen. That thought made him struggle more at the rope.

"I'M NOT GOING BACK!" he screamed angirly.

"Too late." Kane said, parking nthe car. Matt stopped yelling and looked out the window. They had reached Governor Jackson's mansion. Kane got out of the car and began to go around for Matt. Matt panicked and pushed himself against the opposite door, trying to get as far away from Kane as possibly possible in this car.

But Kane just grabbed for his lef. When he almost touched him Matt kicked his hand away. But in his kick, he fell over the side of the seat and onto the car floor. Kane grabbed his leg and pulled him out of the car and onto his feet.

"Let me go!" Matt shouted again. Kane pulled him around the car. He pushed him up to the front door and Matt tripped, due to the rope tied around his legs. Kane knocked on the door. Matt struggled to get back up, but he fell back down. Then the door opened and Matt stopped trying and looked up.

"Well Kane, look what you brought." Master's voice said.

"Yeah. Figured since he's causing me trouble over ther and you wanted him over here, I'd bring him over."

"I have a name you idiots!" Matt shouted up at them in anger from the ground. The two governor's looked down and Master smiled cruelly.

"I told you I'd get you back." he said, reaching down and pulling Matt up. Matt pulled away from his hand, choosing instead to stand behind Kane. The two men laughed at his reaction.

"He really is afraid of you." Kane laughed, and Master laughed with him.

"I should hope so. I put a lot of effort into scaring my slaves. Especially this particular one. It bends their will. Until they are so terrified they have no choice but to listen. Isn't that right Matt?"

Matt growled under his breath. "Shut up." he said. Jackson turned to face Kane, who shrugged.

"He seems to figure that if he talks back, he's safe."

"Well, I'll fix that."

Matt looked inside the house. Manyh slaves he recognized were now standing at the door, peering out at him. Matt knew they were probably wondering why the hell he was back. Who would come back?

"I'm not here of my own will!" he shouted at him, raising his hands so they could see the ropes. The two governor's turned to see who he was talking too, and the slaves scattered away.

"Back to your duties!" Master called after them, and they didn't need to be told twice. "Well Matt, I suppose we should go inside now." Master said, reaching over to him.

Matt tried to move back, but Master grabbed him and pulled him forward.

"Oh, Kane, if you don't mind, could you please retrieve another slave for me?"

"Leave Dylan alone!" Matt shouted at them.

"I wasn't referring to Dylan. He was never any use." Master said, and Matt was confused. "Then who?" he asked. Master thought it over. "I really don't remember his name. He had black hair to his shoulders. The one you called out to."

"Micheal! Why Micheal?" Matt shouted, confused and horrified beyond all belief.

"I told him I'd get him. If he hadn't stopped me, this wouldn't have to happen."

Kane noded.

"Sure, I'll get him." he answered, beginning to retreat ot the car.

"No!" Matt screamed, and despite all he had done to get away from the car, he ran towards it. Kane turned and pushed Matt back. Matt tumbled down and hit his head on the ground. He heard voices for a moment. Then he blacked out.

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