Made: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time: 1:35pm


Shining, gleaming, high in the sky
You've never seen a sparkle like the one in her eyes

Like a figment of imagination
Twas a creature he could not fathom

With the light she shone upon his form
He stood longing and forlorn

Untouchable, unreachable, he found it quite unfair
He could not float to her all the way up there

He would tell her all his secrets and what he did that day
He would talk and cry and rant until he had nothing left to say

Crying, sobbing, calling down to him
She wanted him there and to care without a whim

Giving in to her wishes, melting down inside
He leapt at her reflection in the lakeside

The heart wants what it can't have
This man gave up all that he had

Just another knight who lost his soul
The poor man won't reach his goal

After all, how do you think she stays so bright?
By tricking the souls of lovestruck knights

He fell in love with the moon that night
Whispering, "what a wondrous sight."