I am absolutely not too drunk for this, poetry. but it is killing me, she ! this eternal effulgent shine that cracks my paint and tints my brown. I want to find you, yes its true! I wish to splinter into your places and become a dust.
Rail me. tell me, do you know anything of love? can you tell me this whole time you have only just been dreaming of it?
never touching,
never tasting?
let go of your honest intentions, just be true to your dick! who are you, when you are honest? you have to know about it!
I know, just so, how well you like it! tilting like a wheel to left and fucking it. I know I don't get to touch it.

I do not want to write poetry.
I want to come up five pages of nothing but heavy paragraphs. falling down on me. do not let me climb it, and see what's on the other side.