A scream shatters the night,
Causing terrified birds to take flight.
Another scream slices through the air;
It's producer's pain gives not a care.

Sadistic laughter fills the house
That is otherwise silent as a mouse.
The wind will shriek and the door will groan,
Not allowing you to hear the sinful moan.

"Make it hurt!"
Spill some blood.
"Whips and chains..."
Rend the skin.

Chains adorn the walls,
Like appalling decorations.
Cries echo through the dungeon halls,
With exciting preparations.

Upon the night a silent breath whispers,
Carried with it a lusty voice.
A voice sensual and filled with the masochistic pleasures
Of the 'Maiden of the Night'...

"Try and hurt me with your words,
Those petty tries are for the birds.
Chain me to the bloodstained wall,
And ride me 'til I can't walk, my little Cowboy!"