I don't know where to turn

Every path leads me to where I don't want to be

I'm at a four-way stop of one way turns

Going the wrong way

There's so many different roads to take

But each one leads to a dead end

I'm done trying to turn around

I just want to break through the walls

But how can I break through walls

When I'm not even strong enough

To say I'm sorry and that I've made the wrong choices?

There are no answers

To my vague questions

So how do I ask correctly

To get a response?

I don't even know what's

Going wrong.

Except for that everything is

Going wrong.

I don't even know exactly what I want

Other than an end to what is happening.

I can't find the words to be profound

So, I guess I'll just post this and hope that someone is around

To hear my cries.