There was a time when I could remember who I was,
because now I'm somebody else,
I drink until my visions blurs and the world becomes a tilt-a-whirl,
I run my mouth until I'm sweating to fill a pond up
Until now I've been quiet in my reflection pool-
-ing all of my resources just to remain still
Like David and Pooh I thought and thunk, think, think, thinking
but it never did a godddamned inch of good
And I'm sorry I can't be stronger, but I never did eat my vegetables

This is the world we live in now, where our stress and anxiety goes unnoticed
Because everyone has adult attention deficit disorder
And I'm still wondering where I went to in the first place because
I think I lost myself a few pages back, when I knew I should have
Doggy-eared the page before I made that choice and I'm not
Living with regrets, I'm living with the decisions I made
I'm just thinking that the lighter side might have been the
Better path to take, where the grass is always greener and
Just maybe you could be my neighbor, because
Don't you want to be my lover?

Elusive fantasy without the dungeons or the dragons
And the places I wanted to go, the things I wanted to do before I died
Of disillusion and disharmony, where synonyms rain free of such poor poetry
I dreamed, but what mystery is this where the answer is given in the form of a question
Me if you will, I'm still going to need time before the buzzer sounds off
And I've got nothing left to lose, I'm already marking losses and crissing off crosses
My heart in my throat, I've got nothing left to lose.