Forever Friends

The blood ran in small rivulets down Jacob's wrists as he held his closest friend for the very last time. Gus returned his tear-blurred gaze pitifully, his big brown eyes asking him over and over again, "Why, Jacob, why?"

"You're going to be alright," he reassured his friend. "No matter what, I promise you will...."The words stuck in his throat as thick as the blood now rapidly staining his shirt. He knew he was lying. He averted his gaze to heaven, wishing that he could rewind time, if only for an instant. "It was a mistake!" he screamed, a terrible mistake... she hadn't been worth this... nothing had been worth this... His vision flickered as the blood began to gush down his arms more energetically than before. His time was up. As the world descended into his own personal oblivion, he drew Gus closer to his gore-stained chest, cherishing the last few seconds he could spend with him. With a last cry of anguish and a final sigh of despair, he collapsed into eternal slumber. The instrument of his destruction, a household razor, slipped from his crimson grasp, clattering to the floor. Gus pricked up his stubby ears and gently sniffed the lifeless body of his former companion. He kissed his master's cold face one more time before gently settling down to sleep, knowing that it was only a matter of time before Death would reunite them once again in His cold embrace.