you're standing behind me as i scroll down a webpage nonchalantly

(you in your pretty little dress and your pretty little cardigan and your pretty little face)

and you reach out and gather my hair with your beautiful long fingers

(beautiful and long and tanned and now they look so breakable)

and you say,

`your hair is so thick`

and i laugh a little, quietly, because i don't know what to say

and you turn to my sister and do the same, smiling and saying quietly what thick hair she has

and she laughs a little too

and then you say,

`my hair used to be that thick`

and then i just want to turn around and hug you and tell you that it'll be okay,

like what most people can do without a second thought,

but i don't know if it's going to be okay,

and you are so thin and brittle i feel like i could break you if my grip was too hard

and i'm just a little girl who wants to think everything will be okay

and we both know that it might not be okay

and while i think this

you leave because there isn't much else to say.

Prompts: California, myself

it's not as hot as it is in vegas, so i'm happy
(sometimes it's so uncomfortable with you standing there.)

i don't really know how to categorize this. . .