things i wish i could tell my mother:

i'm not a virgin anymore. i've been keeping this secret from you for almost a year now. i do not regret it. but i want to talk to you about it, because it was huge, still is huge.

i'm getting on birthcontrol in about... a day. i'm paying for it myself. i'm proud of myself.

i've been covering for her for years. she's not a virgin, either, you know? and it stresses me out, having to take care of her, because no one else will, and one day she will realize that she isn't strong enough to take care of herself.

hell, three of us aren't virgins. bet you didn't expect that? but none of us regret it, even though we're all sixteen or younger.

i've watched three seasons of trueblood. i kinda like it. it kinda freaks me out.

i have every single episode of skins on my laptop. i adore the show.
cassie and effy are my favorite characters. badly enough, i catch myself emulating them.

i freaking love lady gaga. i want to be like her: beautiful, talented, with a fuck-you-this-is-me-and-i-will-wear-a-hula-hoop-dress-if-i-so-please attitide.

i like to swear.

i like to grind.

i have a stash of fun underwear - the kind with lace and zebra print and strings.

i also have a stash of condoms. green and orange and yellow.

and even when you add up all those things:

i like who i am.