Curiouser and Curiouser

Sometimes I dream I am living in a wonder world

With thinking cats and shrinking girls,

Where people tumble through rabbit holes, with gravity turned upside down,

Where all the queen's horses and all the queen's men can speak the same sounds.


Sometimes I think of six impossible things before bed,

Such as tea party fads of hatters gone mad while waiting to be fed,

I think of the little twin boys who can discern between ships, sealing wax and shoes,

I think of the violets painted red, and the roses painted blue.


Sometimes I envision the most curious beings, I dare say,

Such as hedgehog balls for croquet and mice speaking Francaise.

I envision old caterpillars smoking alphabet letters in the air,

I envision an unbirthday with a futterwacken-dancing hare.



And there are times I wake up on reality's brink,

Where cats continue to live while humans in time shrink.

It's reality in which people climb high, wave, and tumble,

In which no one comes back without cracks after a stumble


And there are times I think of six possible things that could be,

Such as the tea parties that create colonial anarchies alongside the sea.

It's things of the genius out of the mouths of babes,

Things of the three primary colors forming millions of shades.


And there are times I see the very most curious beings

Such as the hedgehog's camouflage that protects him from fleeing.

It's beings of crawlies that enter cocoons and emerge to fly,

Beings of four legs and two legs living side by side.


And then I wonder in which world did I wake in reality

And in which did I fall asleep to dream in fantasy.