The train was late, I always hated waiting for it, but he took the car, it was his turn. I glared down at the ground, just one more thing to make this day so perfect, heavy on the sarcasm please. Trying to shake the jealousy I felt for my roommate, I resumed my natural instinct of people watching, all bustling about, all annoyed that they would be late to their cushy office jobs that over-paid them. I guess they lost the car schedule roulette too. I often wonder what separates me from them, what made them special, and what made me exiled to the cold harsh world. They were naïve, blind, and I had opened my eyes, it was the only solution. That was just the way life worked; you were either blinded by its will or killed by curiosity. It wasn't a lie that curiosity killed the cat; it just didn't happen as quickly as one might have liked to imagine.

And then there was him, I could tell that he and I were alike in many a way, he wasn't as blind, though still very lost. He noticed me suddenly, and came gliding over, I watched carefully, deciding whether or not to be alarmed. However, all he did was take the seat beside me; I stared down shyly, not willing to admit to watching him, to watching all of them. It usually weirded people out. While we were similar, there was a distinct difference between the two of us, aside from of course, the opposite genders. I was open to the joys of life, as one balanced person should be, it was just a bad day and I liked to revel in darkness, er jealousy, once in awhile, he however was fighting for the light, and losing the battle. He didn't revel, he rebelled.

"Should I live," His voice made me jump slightly, as I timidly glanced over I noticed him staring intently to the tracks. "Or go through with it?"

"Pardon?" I muttered quietly, only to receive a nod, and a fleeting glance of the pain. I once felt it, when I was too young to know better, it brought back strangely fond memories.

"I guess, you wouldn't know," With that he stood, taking three short steps forward.

I could hear the train echoing, I felt relief, I knew it would soon stop and my day—and life—would continue. He stiffened slightly at the sound, I watched intrigued by his sudden stop. My emotions, spinning in a fashion induced by the memories, finally settled for horrified, before I even knew what happened next. He launched forward, leaving me to wonder if maybe, just maybe, I could have stopped him.