This is a new story I have been thinking about writing for a while, since now I have plenty of free time on my hands. However, this story is intended to be a lot different than the other two stories I have posted. And this story is by no means to be associated with the other two, as it has all new characters and an all new plot. So reviews and useful criticism would be appreciated. :)


Dizzy . . . everything's spinning . . . my head feels . . . heavy . . .

"Get up."

I . . . I can't . . . I don't know what's . . . going on . . .

"Get up, now."

My body feels strange . . . but cold . . . it's all cold . . .

"Alice . . . Alice!"

My eyes snapped open and I heard a gasping sound, like someone struggling to breathe. After a moment as I looked down at my heaving chest, I realized that it was me making that sound. Abruptly I stopped, and felt my heart pounding.

I was laying on the ground, and I could feel the soft green grass against my back. Looking straight up, I could see the dark, midnight blue sky, and the stars seemed to wink at me from above.

But there was a voice. Where did it come from? I sat up gingerly, mindful of my head, only to find that it seemed as if now the haze had cleared, and I felt just fine. I looked around slowly, realizing I was within a cemetery.

It was creepy, and there was no doubt about that. Not to mention the fact that I was stark naked, and that didn't help one bit. Unconsciously, my hands went to cover my nakedness, and I slowly rose from the ground, my pale blond hair spilling about my shoulders and down my back.

A voice. A female voice. She was telling me to get up. And she knew my name. The voice was familiar, like I've heard it before. I thought, and took a wobbly step forward. There was a gate at the front of the cemetery, and a sidewalk. I could see people walking up and down it, but there weren't very many people, since it was nighttime.

I tried, for a moment, to remember how I'd gotten here. And got. . . nothing.

Stunned, I tried again, to remember something about why I was here. But I couldn't recall anything. My heart beginning to pound again, I tried to remember something about the day before, but found that I didn't remember a single thing. I tried to recall something, anything, about anything in the past, but came up, once more, empty handed. It was as if I couldn't remember anything about myself, and what had happened to me, other than my name.

Alice . . . would I know that was my name if I hadn't heard it? My throat tightened up, and I realized that I was frightened. I was scared, naked, and alone. I didn't know who I was other than my name or where I was from. I didn't know where I was or how I'd gotten there.

As I heard the soft squishing sound of feet upon the grass, I raised my head to see a pretty, curvy redheaded woman heading toward me. She wore a long brown trench coat. It wasn't exactly in style, but the black silk shirt and cream skirt she wore underneath suggested she was, in fact, stylish. Her eyes were brown and warm, and her pretty face was worried.

"What happened to you?" she asked me, and for a moment, a jolt went through my body at the sound of her voice. Her voice was gentle.

"I . . . I don't know." I whispered truthfully. My voice was scratchy and hoarse, as if I hadn't spoken in years.

"Are you . . . drunk?" she asked, a bit dryly, and leaned forward a bit, perhaps to assess the smell of my breath and the size of my pupils. Apparently neither were amiss, for she stepped a bit closer and her face grew concerned again. "Well, now probably isn't the time to ask these questions. Where do you live?"

"I don't know." I repeated, and found, after a moment, that everything seemed to be spinning again. I shook my head, and it cleared it.

"You've probably been using drugs or you have one hell of a hangover, not to even remember where you live. Well, I can't believe I'm saying this, but . . . you should just come with me. I'll take you to my house, clean you up, and we'll get some clothes on you. After that's taken care of . . . well, then I'll get some answers. Is that ok?" she began to slip off her trench coat and paused, looking at me for my answer.

"I . . . yes." I nodded once, shakily.

"Ok, well, here, put this on. You're a pretty little thing and we don't want you walking down the street like this, especially shivering. The men can find something else to look at." she slipped the trench coat over my shoulders and as I slipped my arms inside it, she tied it at the waist as tight as it would go, and thankfully, it covered all of me.

"My name is Rivera Sanders. Can you remember your name, at least?" she seemed to be joking, by the slight smile that curved her lips.

". . . Alice. I'm Alice." I said, after hesitating.

"Well, let's get you home, Alice." Rivera said, and put her arm around me, guiding me from the cemetery.