I wrote this as an asignment in history class. I decided to get creative and write a little scenario in the begining of it. Really, I only care what you think about the scenario, but reviews about the entire thing are appreciated. :)

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Josef Mengele: Angel of Death

A cold breeze blew through the quiet room, making the small boy quiver. He didn't care though; in fact, he barely even noticed. He was used to the cold now. He had been without decent clothing for months. Huddled against his chest, he felt his sister tremble as well. Whether or not the tremble was caused by the cold or her quiet sobs was unknown. He hugged his sister to the best of his ability with his feeble arms.

"Brother, I'm scared," the weak girl whispered, her raspy voice hardly audible.

"It's okay, sister," her brother tried to coo. "I'm scared, too." He brought her in closer, making his best attempt to offer solace as he had always done in the past, before the war. He was, after all, the eldest twin; it was his job. The squeak of a doorknob turning made the boy cringe. Slowly, light poured in, illuminating the huddled children on the floor. The girl whimpered. Silent tears streamed down the boy's face. A shadow, the outline of a man, was cast down upon them. Heavy, booted footsteps made their way across the room. The girl mouthed a quiet prayer. Her brother didn't dare to look up.

The man carefully knelt beside the siblings and smiled kindly with sincerity. "There, there," he said, resting a gentle hand on the boys fragile arm. "It's alright. No need to be frightened." The man gingerly lifted the girl away from her brother's arms and held her in his own. She would have cried out, would have struggled, if she wasn't afraid for her life. Her brother, left alone on the cold floor, looked up with fear and alarm in his moist eyes. He saw an outstretched hand, the friendliest offering her had seen in weeks.

"Come now," the man chided. "It's alright," he assured again.

With caution and curiosity, the boy slowly reached out his own tiny hand and took that of the man's.

"See," the man said. "You can trust your Uncle Mengele. . ."

The young pair of twins in this scenario didn't actually exist. However, thousands of other twins did. Just like this fictional child and his sister, the real twins of the Holocaust didn't know that the friendly "Uncle Mengele" would take them to his laboratory and conduct horrible, inhumane experiments. The man that so casually referred to himself as "Uncle Mengele" was also known by another title; Dr. Josef Mengele: Angel of Death.

On March 16, 1911, in Gunzburg, Germany, Karl and Walburga Mengele welcomed their first son, Josef into the world. They would later welcome Josef's brothers, Karl Jr. and Alois. As Mengele grew up he was often described as handsome, intelligent, and popular. He even had the nickname "Beppo". In 1926, Mengele was diagnosed with osteomyelitis. The bone infection didn't stop him from being successful. In 1935, Mengele was awarded his PhD from the University of Munich. He became a research assistant at the University of Frankfurt in 1937 and studied racial differences in the lower mandible with Dr. Von Vershuer. It was this type of genetic research that would later lead to his heinous experiments at Auschwitz.

Mengele became involved in the war in 1940 when he became a medical corp. in the Waffen SS. He did not disappoint. He earned two iron crosses, one Second Class, and a second First Class after pulling two soldiers from a burning tank while under enemy fire. On May 30, 1943, Dr. Josef Mengele arrived at Auschwitz. It was here that he began his monstrous experiments and earned the title "Angel of Death." Mengele was responsible for choosing which women would be sent to death upon arrival and which woman would live another night. It is said that when Mengele learned of or saw twins or dwarfs at the camp he would smile and his eyes would light up. He would go to them, all smiles, and refer to himself as "Uncle Mengele." The younger sets of twins saw him as almost a father figure that offered them solace, clothes, and candy. Perhaps the cruelest part of this deception was that, sometimes, he would have the twins or dwarfs, his future experiments, delivered to his lab in a truck painted with the Red Cross emblem. The unthinkable horrors that took place included live autopsies, surgeries without anesthetics, gender changes, a variety of different stimuli, and much more. Mengele was responsible for the deaths of millions of children and dwarfs. The most disturbing part of all of this is that Mengele was mentally sane.

In the middle of January in 1945, Mengele fled Auschwitz and went to continue his work at Gross-Rosen concentration camp. He fled once again in February of that same year before it was liberated by the Russians. At one point he was spotted in Matthausen and taken as a POW. However, the American Army, didn't realize that he was with the SS and released him. As the war was coming to a close, Mengele worked hard at avoiding capture. Eventually, he decided to flee the country. His destination, South America. His father, Karl, had business connections in Argentina and believed that his son would be able to use this to get a good start. Mengele lived with his son and wife in Brazil until he died on February 7, 1979. It is believed that he was enjoying a swim, suffered a stroke, and drowned.

When Josef Mengele was born, no one thought that he would grow up to be the most feared face of the Holocaust. His education and interest in human genetics lead him to commit horrible acts of inhumanity against twins and dwarfs of the Holocaust. The fact that he was never captured and lived in Brazil until he drowned in 1979 only adds to the scare he has left on the face of history.