You love her and I love you
She doesn't know where she stands
And I really wish I knew
How we can possibly make it to the end
No one seems to know
Where we can go
From here
With all of these tears
We've all shed
And all the words
We've all said

Chorus This is just a twisted love story
And no one seems happy
They say we're too young
And we don't know what we feel
But that doesn't make this
any less real
Why is it never what it seems
What happened to all our dreams?

And I don't know whats going on
With you and her and me and you
Someone always seems to be gone
I guess its just a twist of fate
How this al happened
Theres been love and hate

How did it get like this


Everything used to be fine

Our friendships

Now its strange

Relationships and all this change


How do we find a happy ending

When someone's always offending

Someone else

And I just want this to work out

But with all this doubt

How can it work when all we have is

A twisted love story?