Journey to Incantor

Chapter 1: A Girl with Hope

Young Destiny Shilo sat on the windowsill of her room in her family's small cottage in the village of Kolia, looking out at her older brother and sister in the front yard practicing their Enso powers. 16-year-old Jake was skilled in the art of combat. 18-year-old Kylie was trained in the ways of old White magic. Destiny had wanted to be an adventurer her whole life and follow in the footsteps of her parents. But she was not special like her brother and sister. Or at least she thought she wasn't. For she did not know the future that lay ahead for her. She got off the windowsill, crossed her arms, and lied down on the bed.

"It's not fair!" she said, "I sit here, 14-years-old, the same age my brother and sister were when they discovered their talent and power, and I have nothing! I feel like I'm not meant to have the name Destiny. Every other person my age has a power or talent by now, except me."

She stood up, put on her cloak, and walked downstairs. Her mom was waiting for her. Jenny Shilo's husband, Mark, had disappeared on an adventure several years before. Destiny sat down on a chair in the living room. Her mom sat down next to her.

"Destiny, what's wrong?" Mrs. Shilo put her arm around her youngest child. She could sense something was wrong. She knew her children well. Destiny turned to her mother.

"Mom, have you ever met someone who got their talent or power around their fifteenth birthday? You know, after my age?"

Jenny was confused. "Well, no why?"

Destiny bowed her head in utter disappointment trying to come up with a good explanation for telling her mother that she was old enough and didn't have any special abilities. "Well, see yesterday was my 14th birthday and I still haven't discovered any special abilities yet," said Destiny, "I'm worried that I'll be the only Enso in the village without any power or talent. Dad had both. He was a good blacksmith and he could turn invisible. And you can read minds!"

Jenny was even more confused. "No, I can't. Otherwise I would have known what was bothering you the minute you sat down. I told you I lost my power on an adventure before your dad died. I can't control the elements anymore. But there are sometimes that I wish I could. So if you are the only Enso without any, I'll be with you."

"Yeah," said Destiny, "but you had some before. This is too much trouble just worrying about it. I don't think I'll bother you anymore. I'm obviously not getting any powers. It isn't worth it wondering and I can't force myself to believe I will get any. Just forget it." And with this, she got up and started to leave. But her mother stopped her.

"Wait," she said, "I didn't necessarily mean that. I just meant that you—"

"I know what you meant," Destiny said, "Just…Oh." Destiny threw the hood of her cloak over her head in unhappiness, shamefulness, and disgrace.

"What did I say?" asked her mom.

Great, Destiny thought, I come to Mom for sympathy and all I get is unhappiness. I can't believe this conversation just made me feel worse about myself. And now I'll be the only Enso in the village without any power or talent.

I bet you're wondering by now what an Enso is. Well, Ensoes are very Elf-like creatures. Although, whereas Elves have pointy ears, Ensoes have normal shaped ears. Most Ensoes become adventurers, strong and courageous, and all of them have special abilities which they get on the morning of their 14th birthday or even before. They are very powerful creatures that can do just about anything: speak to animals, fly over or phase through walls and mountains, etc. The youngest Enso to get their power was about 6 years old. But, the village the Shilo family lived in, Kolia, had never seen the one person who had leaded the War of the Regions between the Enso villages long ago: Melouse.

The legend tells of a famous creature leading the Ensoes to safety in the storms before the war and letting them fight for freedom in the War of the Regions. Melouse's kind has never been identified, though some people say that he himself was an Enso. Very few people don't believe this story, but even they have been proven wrong, for many villagers have still-living ancestors who fought in the war themselves and saw Melouse in person. But even they know not what he is. Melouse always wore a cloak not unlike the kind Destiny owned (a floor-length red cloak with a single hood and fringed purple bottom) and he always had the hood up. Some people say he would reveal it to the one person who gave back his power at the top of the mountain at the Shrine of Incantor on the other side of the Blackwood Forest from where Destiny's village stood. However, some people believe such an act would be impossible, for it would require the use of the Jewel of Power, which was impossible to find, let alone use. Only the one bearing the Scrolls of Runten may find it, and no one knew where they were or who had them, only that they exist, and very few believed that.

Destiny knew that she would never find Melouse or anything near as rare and figured she was hopeless. Her parents had done such incredible things on their adventures. They had met through their adventures and gone on them together ever since. She walked next door to the cottage where her best friend Ulna Mijaz lived.

Ulna was Destiny's age. Her ability was super speed. She had a baby brother, Lenny, about 5-years-old. He didn't have any abilities yet, of course. He was way too young. Destiny knew Ulna well and thought that she could help her get over her worries.

Destiny knocked on the door and Ulna answered right away (right away meaning IMMEDIATELY, that's how fast she was).

"Hi, Destiny!" she said, greeting her best friend happily, "What's wrong? You look sad. Here, come in." Destiny walked inside and pulled down her hood, but she left her cloak on. "So what's the problem this time?" asked Ulna, "I can tell you have a problem."

Destiny turned to face her best friend and explained the problem to her, her brother and sister, the entire conversation with her mom, and how she thought she'd be the only Enso that had no destiny even with the word as a name.

"OK," said Ulna, "what we're going to do is go to the Grand Library and do some research on Ensoes with no abilities. If we find some who got their powers late or did a great thing without any abilities, that might make you feel better."

"The Grand Library?" asked Lenny, who had been sitting down listening to the conversation the whole time, "Oh, you mean the big one on the other side of town!"

Ulna nodded. Lenny could ask so many questions sometimes, and he usually answered them himself. It could get kind of annoying sometimes, but she always loved having a little brother. For instance, one time when he was 3-years-old he ate all the Drizzlenut cookies. He and Ulna were fighting for a week, then she taught him how to bake them and they made more together.

You know, most Ensoes eat some foods that would be considered really weird to us, such as Harritoss cake, Kinkleberry pie, and Yolejick smoothies. Every single one was enjoyed by many in the Enso villages, but they eat the same fruits and vegetables we do…when they have the proper soil to grow them. A lot of Enso gardens are small and only grow food that's normal to Ensoes. Carrots and potatoes and strawberries and stuff like that are rare and expensive for their kind.

Ulna and Destiny both knew that it was too late to leave the cottages, except to go to each other's cottages and go home again for fear of the moon (I'll explain later). The Grand Library would have been closed already anyway. So they planned to go to the Grand Library the next day and Destiny headed home. She thought about the plan for a few hours until her mother came in to tell her goodnight.

"Hi, sweetie." she said to her comforted daughter, "I came to tell you goodnight. And look, about what I said earlier. I meant that you do have the name Destiny. You should be able to get an ability. I'm sure that you'll just discover it late or something. I believe in you." This comment made Destiny smile. "Now go to sleep." That comment…not so much. As her mother left the room, she slipped out of her cloak. After she was done, she went to sleep.

While Destiny was asleep, she had a dream. In it, she was wandering through the Blackwood Forest on a foggy night. She had her cloak on. Suddenly, she heard a strange noise, like a roar of thunder, only more eerie and ghost-like. She looked around and saw nothing.

"Who-who's there?" she asked, frightened. Unfortunately, there was no answer. She looked around and saw nothing and no one. Then, the darkness spread, the moonlight shown through the trees. She looked up. It was a full moon! The moon could become poisonous to an Enso. It's as dangerous to the brain as a Mermaid singing, and as hypnotic as a Siren song for them. What broke her from the dreamy spell was the sound of a Werewolf rustling the leaves of some nearby bushes. For a girl who had never been on the adventures her parents had gone through or even gotten her ability like her brother and sister's great skills, this situation was like the inside of a horror movie.

After that, she heard a voice calling her name, "Destiny…Destiny…" Then a Werewolf howl shocked her so much she fell onto the ground, waking up the Vile Vines. She saw 3 Vampires in bat form hovering in the night sky along with the clouds looking down on her. Then the plants grabbed her hands and ankles to where she couldn't escape. A Werewolf lunged outwards from the bushes in her direction. And then, a ghost in a cloak just a little like hers came out from the trees. Hood above his head, he pointed a finger toward Destiny who was lying on the ground with the plants surrounding her so that there was no way out.

Then, the ghost said, "Get her. Get the Enso girl, Minions, so that I may make her my slave!" Suddenly, the trees started shaking, the plants grabbed her 'til she was at the point of no escape, and the Werewolf attacked.

And that was when Destiny woke up. The dream was over, but thoughts of it still lingered in her mind as she looked through the window to the cloud-covered moon in the misty night sky and gently drifted off back to sleep. Ensoes can tell time by the position of the moon or sun in the sky so she knew when she woke up that it was about 3:30 or 4 in the morning. She thought that she could just lay there until the sun rose and then say that she had gotten enough sleep and wouldn't stop telling herself to stay up for fear that the dream would come back. But she couldn't stop herself from getting tired and dreaming of something more peaceful until morning.