What is color? It's what makes the world look beautiful.

What do you mean? It should be everything we see.

What is 'see'? What our should eyes do.

Why can't I see? Because our eyes do nothing at all.

Why not? Because we are not alive.

Why does my heart beat? Our mind is tricking us.

Why is it tricking us? Because we don't want to be dead

Why am I dead? Because we were murdered.

Why were we murdered? We are different.

Why are we different? Me.

What are you? Someone here to either protect or destroy.

Can I choose which? Yes.

I choose both. Do you want to live?

Yes I do. Do you care how?

Not at all. Are you willing to be a monster?

I thought I was already.


Elda: Hallo, I'm the author….I need constructive non-nasty critique

Nana Frost: I am a fellow author and beta~! I really love it but then again I talk to myself like this a lot so it almost feels like seeing myself on a screen!