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Internal (the other)

"Human speak"


What does all that mean? They are humans. What is a human? Something beneath us.

Someone ripped the binding off us. We felt a hand at our arm as we were thrown off the comforting metal. We struggled to get away but, pulling us away from the table the lummox was too strong. Our arm began to ache from the person's grip. Despite the hand's strength, the palm was soft and smooth. No coarse muscle from exercise, the other told me. We struggled even harder. Loud noises filled our sensitive ears.

We smelled the emotions in the air, only the other knew what the emotions were but I could still smell them. The oaf with the oddly soft hands dragged us to where the great clamor of noise and scent was at it strongest. The other grew restless, I could sense it. Those humans should be silenced. What do you mean silenced? The smell and the noise should go away. How does that happen? We should kill them, for killing us. Why did they kill us? Because they are evil.

"At least shut them down. It can't speak or understand but they can. Who knows what lies it's feeding her infant mind? I say if we shut them down and teach her that she can be very valuable."

They want to kill us again. What did we do? They're angry because we're better than them. We didn't do anything though. They think being better is a crime. Why? Because they are evil.

"That completely negates the point of the experiment to begin with. Let it live, make sure it is under constant observation, understand? My company invested a lot of money into this program, it better be finished and perfect by the next quarter."

All they care about is money. What's money? Something useless. Then why do they want it? Because they are evil, we should get rid of this evil. How do we that? You should let me show you.