Chapter One:

New Kid

Beep! Beep! Bee- BAM!

Groggily I opened my eyes and found that my face was currently suctioned to my pillowcase. Grimacing I realized I'd drooled during the night and it had dried, sticking my cheek and the cotton fabric on my pillow together. I painfully dislodged myself and glanced to the right to check the time.

"Uh oh." My eyes widened as I took in the shattered remains of my poor alarm clock. Alarmed I poked some of the plastic pieces and gulped.

"Dad's going to kill me-EE!!" I squealed as my foot somehow managed to get tangled in my bed sheets as I (attempted) to get out of bed. Swearing I scrambled up and glared at the accursed blankets. Once I was sure I'd won the intense staring contest I promptly turned around to go to the bathroom... and tripped.

One point awarded to room. Final score: room: two, Alex: zero.


Duncan picked up him morning coffee, with sugar and creamer, "girl coffee" as his daughter jokingly called it, when suddenly he heard what sounded strangely like a wild animal cry coming from the direction of his daughter's room.

Chuckling he shook his head and unfolded his paper. Feeling a tug on his jacket he looked down and saw his son, Jason or Jay, looking confusedly up at him.

"What was that sound Daddy?" He asked with wide eyes, before stuffing his thumb into his mouth. Grinning Duncan ruffed Jay's hair and leaned down.

"Don't worry. It was just your sister. Today's her first day back at school and she's not used to getting up early." He winced as he heard something being smashed and what sounded like cloth ripping. Looking at his watch he rolled his eyes.

"Right on schedule." He muttered, realizing there was five minutes left until school started.

"Is she grumpy?" The little boy at his side inquired. Directing his attention downwards Duncan laughed.

"Yes she's very grumpy. Like..." He searched his mind to find a comparison his five-year old son would comprehend, "like Oscar the Grouch. That's your sister in the morning."

"I heard that!" Toothbrush in mouth Alexa, that's me, hopped down the stairs while trying to tie my stupid shoe at the same time. Running past my dad I whacked him on the head for his comment before spitting toothpaste into the sink. Then I ran to the toaster and stuffed in a bagel, combing my hair at the same time.

"Late as usual?" Dad asked grinning. Muttering incoherently to myself I ran to the fridge and grabbed my lunch before taking my burnt bagel and shoving it into my mouth. Chewing quickly I scrambled back to my dad.

"Bye Dad, love you!" Pecking him on the head I grabbed my keys swung my brother around and ran out the door, almost missing Dad's, 'have a good day!'

Jason stared at the door in bewilderment while his father chuckled. "She didn't seem like Oscar." He said before wrinkling his nose, "Although she sure smelled like him!" Duncan burst into laughter before swinging around his adorable son.


When I'd finally grabbed an old watch and figured out the time I'd freaked out and rushed to get ready. Thankful that I'd taken a shower last night I'd thrown on a pair of ripped jeans and some band t-shirt before rushing downstairs. Now that I was in my beat up t-bird on my way to school I was a bit calmer. I actually enjoyed school just not the whole 'early' thing.

Once my favorite radio station was clicked on I quickly became oblivious to what was going on around me and was thus extremely surprised when a car cut my off in the school parking lot. After taking a moment to sow my racing heart I jumped out of the car and started to shake my fist at the blue truck.

"You jerk!" I yelled. "Don't you know it's not polite to cut someone off!? You could have killed me!" Okay over exaggeration considering the speed limit was fifteen miles per hour, but oh well. Throwing one more glare at the retreating truck I jumped back into my car and found a parking place.

Once parked ZI took a couple of deep breaths to calm down and promptly started to blush. Normally I wasn't such a forward angry person, but I hadn't gotten up this early in two months and I was a little cranky. I hoped whoever it was wasn't too offended...

Shrugged I hopped out of my car and headed to homeroom, I was already two minutes late, as was custom. Whistling I ambled towards Ms. Carter's room and opened the door.

"Starting the year off well aren't we Ms. Willow?" I grinned at Ms. Carter who was staring dryly at me, and sent a wink towards my two best friends, Westley and Leah who were smiling in amusement. "You're only five minutes late today. Last year it was normally ten or fifteen. Maybe next year you'll actually be on time."

Laughing I moved towards my seat with a smirk, "Never." Snorting Ms. Carter turned back to handing out schedules.

"How do you get away with that? When I'm ate she's gives me a detention." I turned to Westley and shrugged.

"I don't know. Personally I think she has a crush on my Dad." Leah mimed gagging while Westley looked thoughtful.

"They are about the same age, and I can see your dad going for a blond. Plus they're both pretty nice and good looking. I could see them dating." He nodded sagely while Leah and I looked at each other then back at him.

"Are you gay?" She asked, voices our thoughts, for probably the twentieth time. Honestly this wasn't the last time he considered dating options between people. He also knew how to put on make up (he didn't personally wear it), talked girl-talk with us and had never had a girlfriend.

Westley cast a glare our way. "For the last time I'm not. For your information I have a crush on someone." His eyes widened at his confession and I suddenly noticed the quick flick of his eyes he sent Leah's way before looking down. Well, well. Leah, having not noticed, started to grill him while I observed my friends and Westley's red face.

We were suddenly interrupted half way through homeroom by someone bursting through the doors panting, his face a little flushed.

"Sorry I'm late." He huffed before straightening, a smile forming on his face. "I'm new and I had to get some papers filled out. Then I got lost so I ran around the school trying to find this room." I quirked my eyebrows. He ran? I took in his long straight brown hair, bright green eyes, and wide smile. He was cute, but I could tell he definitely wasn't my type.

"Well don't let it happen again. Go take a seat by Alexa Willow. Alexa, wave." I twiddled my fingers lazily at the guy and I saw something flash in his eyes before he sent a big smile my way, amusement dancing in his eyes. What the heck? "You guys should get along since you both enjoy being late." I grinned as Ms. Carter rolled her eyes and the new kid jogged to my seat. What was with him and running?

"Hey. I'm Elliot Aldridge. I just moved here from Nevada. It's a lot colder in California than there. Is high school much different here? We don't have homeroom in Nevada. Your name was Alexa, right?" My eyebrows were sky high at this point and I could hear Leah and Westley hiding snickers behind me. As I observed his bouncing leg I realized why he ran so much. He had a lot of energy.

"Yeah." I said slowly answering his question. "I go by Alex, though."

"Alex, then?" The grin was back as he started to ramble once more. "My best friend was actually Alex, well Alec, with a 'c,' but that's pretty close, right?" Dear lord this kid was ADD. As he kept talking I started getting more annoyed, giving shorter and shorter answers (which seemed to make him talk more) while my so-called 'friends' carried on their own conversations leaving me to handle Elliot alone.

Finally the bell rang and I grabbed my bag, ignored Elliot's 'see you later Alexa- I mean Alex!' Rolling my eyes I headed to Economics and slumped down, in a bad mood. Hearing someone sit next to me I turned to my left and saw a girl who I had in English with last year, Amy. She was nice, but we didn't have many things in common.

"Hey Amy." I said recalling that I had homeroom with her, too. In response she looked at me intensely a small smile tugging at her lips.

"You are so lucky." Uh... what? Seeing the confusion written in my eyes she sighed dramatically. I suppose it's obvious why we weren't close. "You got to sit by a god in homeroom."

"Westley?" I asked incredulously. Okay I never though that would happen. Better warn her away now before her heart got broken. "Bad idea. I think he's gay, or at least in love with-"

"Not! Of course not him. The new guy!" My eyebrows shot up and I gaped at her. Was she joking? Elliot? A god?

"You've got to be kidding me."

"What? You don't think he's cute?" Now her voice was accusing.

"Well, sure he is, but did you not hear him talking?"

"Of course I did. Along with every other girl in homeroom hanging onto his every word." I was in a school of freaks. "I mean he was so sweet. Talking to you about his life. He seems to be the sensitive type. Did you get his number? If so you totally need to give it to me. Oh, and I loved his hair, didn't you?" I had the feeling that Elliot and Amy were meant for each other. They could both talk until your brain bled... I was thankfully saved by the sound of the teacher's voice starting the lesson.

My backpack significantly heavier from the homework Mr. Tangen had given us I marched towards Calculus, happy that the 'E' word hadn't been brought back up by Amy. Humming 'Hero' by Skillet to myself (I'd set the song on my alarm this morning so it was stuck in my head) I almost didn't hear my name being called.

Turning around I saw Jared, a kid I'd gone to elementary school with, waving at me, an easy smirk on his face. "Hey Alex." His deep voice seemed to rumble as he caught up to me. His eyes on mine he threw his arm around my waist and drew me close to him, making me a little uncomfortable.

I wiggled out of his grasp and looked up to see his eyes darken before he flashed me another smile. Weird... Hesitantly I returned his grinned. "Hey Jared."

His hand reached out and he twined a lock of my dark brown hair around his finger. "What's up? I didn't really see you that much this summer."

Frowning at how he was touching me and how he'd somehow gotten closer to me, I yanked my hair back and stepped back. "Well we're not close friends, so I'm not surprised." I said feeling a bit ticked off. I watched his eyes darken again as he took a step back from me this time.

"I see." He said before abruptly turning around and walking away. I stared after him a little creeped out. Why had he suddenly talked to me?

"Weird." I murmured.

"Just what I was about to say." Startled I whirled around to see Elliot I groaned and tried walking away.

"Not you." I said.

"You're not one to keep in her feelings, are you?" He said amiably, falling into step with me.

"I believe in honesty." I said shortly, while grumbling at my misfortune in my head.

"So, honestly, what do you think of that one guy back there?"

"I honesty don't see why you care."

"Friendly concern."
"You're not my friend." I could tell that my fuse was getting shorter and if he kept pushing I would blow. I didn't like talking so much and it was a pet peeve of mine to meet people who wanted to be your friends right away. They should mind their own business and find friends who like them (i.e. not me).

"I'd like to be." Tick. Tick.

"Why? Why do you insist on bothering me?" Tick. Tick.

"Why not? And I'm not bothering you." Tick. Tick. Tick.

"Yes. You are." Tick. Tick.

"Am not." Tick.

"Are too." Tick.

"Am not. I think you like me a little."

"I do not like you and I don't know what possessed you to think that. You're annoying, talk too much, and you ran at school!" Now I was rambling a little, but who cared, I was on a roll and his growing smirk was irritating me more. "Sure you're good looking, but you're too friendly, too assuming and you pry into others' lives without even thinking about how they'd feel about it!" I glared at him surprised at how much I'd spoken. Even around my friends I was extremely vocal. Not that I was shy of course. I just preferred observing.

He whistled and his smirk widened. "That time of the month, huh?"

I growled and my glare deepened. The audacity of this guy. Whirling around I started to walk to class, hearing the minute bell ringing. I was annoyed to hear footsteps behind me. Gritting my teeth I didn't even bother to glance at him as he fell into step beside me.

"Why. Are you. Following me?"

"I have Calculus next."

Shoot. Me. Now.

To my extreme dismay he followed me all the way up until lunch, having been in my English class and my Art class. I fruitlessly hoped to shake him at lunch, but he packed as quickly as I did and followed me out the door. I glared at random students in the hallway as he continued to talk, ignoring the fact that I wasn't saying anything. Once in the cafeteria I'd had enough.

"Okay, so you've followed me all the way here, now go away. Find new friends. People that are willing to talk to you. Like Amy, she had English with us, was smiling prettily at you the whole time."

"Jealous of Amy are we?" I growled at him and couldn't help the eye roll and the 'yeah right' I muttered. He laughed and threw an arm around my shoulder that I unsuccessfully tried to shrug off. "Don't worry, you have nothing to fear. Amy isn't as fun as you are."

I gazed at him incredulously. "Fun? She isn't as fun as me? All I've been doing is yelling at you, telling you to go away, and wishing I didn't know you! How is that fun!?"

He shrugged at me, still not removing his arm. "I can't push her buttons and get a reaction like I can with you."

I opened my mouth to start another rant when I was interrupted by a voice from in front of us.

"Made a new friend Alex?" I looked up to see a smirking Westley and Leah. I sent a glare their way as they raised their eyebrows at the boy next to me who had his arm around my shoulder.

"No." I said through clenched teeth before turning to Elliot. "And will you let go of me?"

"Say please." He laughed. I glared at him while my friends laughed.

"I like him." Leah said with a grin ignoring my narrowed eyes. "Come and sit with us, it was Elliot right?"

"Yep." He finally released me to shake hands with my friends (who did that anymore?) as they introduced themselves and led him to our table, I think steam was leaking throughout my ears the whole time.

As we sat through lunch (the devil incarnation by my side the whole time) I refused to speak, listening only to my friends interact with evil. I wondered if they were suddenly tired of me and wanted to get rid of me, so they were using Elliot as a tool to make sure I wasn't their friend anymore... It wasn't the best of plans, but it was sure as hell effective.

At one point Westley glanced over at me and whistled. "Uh oh, there's an Alex storm a-brewin'" I snarled at him and he laughed.

"Aw, come one Alex, calm down. You love us, right?" I looked at Leah's pleading eyes and cooled a little. Rolling my eyes I sent her a small small. "And you'll learn to love Elliot too." My smile melted quickly into a frown.

"Lighten up Lex!" Elliot said with a slap on my back.

"Don't. Call me Lex."
"Why not? Pet peeve?"

"Want me to call you Elli?"

"Point taken." I couldn't help the small smile that escaped my lips at his answer. "Ha!" He pointed at my mouth. "Made you smile! I knew you'd warm up to me." My eyes went back to being narrowed and downcast as I got up.

"I'm going to Spanish." I stated hearing the bell ring. I watched as Elliot got up also. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at him.

"What class do you have next?" I asked. As he grinned at me I could already guess the answer.


The gods were out to get me.


Thankful that I didn't have my last class of the day, Physics, with him. I started towards my car having said bye to Leah, who I had Physics with. She said I was 'over exaggerating' about Elliot and that I should give him a chance since he seemed to be a 'nice guy.' I said that was as likely as me dating Westley. I'd also carefully noted her blush at the mention of our friend's name (Westley definitely not Elliot).

Looking forward to getting home and finishing my homework so I could enjoy the sun I walked faster towards my car.

"See you tomorrow Alex!" Started I looked towards who'd called my name and I spotted Elliot waving at me from a blue truck. Eyes wide I stopped in my tracks as I observed the car that had cut my off this morning. And the driver that I'd yelled after. I remembered his amused smile this morning and I blushed. He took in my red face and wide eyes and smiled.

"Sorry for cutting you off this morning. I was worried about being late on my first day. Didn't think I'd be screamed at though." I glared at him and he laughed before sending a wave I didn't return and driving off.

Taking a couple deep breaths I continued to my car, calm by the time I got to it, until I noticed a yellow paper under my wipers.

"Not a ticket!" I groaned picking it up before noticing writing on the other ride. Curious I turned it over and saw a neatly printed note.

'Alex: You may not like me now, but we will be friends. - Elliot.'

Growling I crumpled the note before throwing open my door and angrily starting my car. I think he had a death wish.

Pulling out of the parking lot I realized I had the rest of the school year with him. Groaning I hit my head against the steering wheel ignoring the honks behind me.

It was going to be a long year...

Finally I left school, unaware of a pair of dark eyes trailing after me...

A/N: So this is chapter one of my new story. I know I'm still writing "My Guardian Angel," but I really wanted to post this chapter. This story is based off a friend of mine, just more dramatized and such. Basically I just took an idea an ran with it, like we all do. :D