You are the most precious thing in the world to me.

Does my kindness even appear to you?

You're pain is my pain, but I'm sure you know that.

I just hope that isn't another burden to you…

The first time I talked to you is when my crush began.

I know it's a little young to think such feelings.

I watch over you like an angel, comforting every heart break,

As my heart chips away along with your tears.

'I think I want to marry her.' That sounds very foolish.

"But your only 15!' I warn, but it doesn't appear to be taken seriously.

Then, once again, once again your heart gets broken.

I told you so's stay in the back of my mind.

It seems that you're crying again.

Once again, once again, your tears splash against the floor.

'Angel, come here….'

I want to murmur sweetly,

But my nerves get to me and I just hold you gently.

All these burdensome troubles of yours,

You spill over to me.

Rest gently as a light in my palm.

'Angel, come here…knockin' on heaven's door.'

This light I hold grows brighter each day I see you.

This burden doesn't bother me at all, I quietly murmur to myself.

This light I hold is starting to get heavy.

My arm is growing weak and it starts to shake.

You ask if something is wrong with me.

I smile sweetly and answer no.

Once again, once again, the light grows brighter.

When it comes to you I don't matter at all.

My only existence is to care for you.

Once again, once again, your heart gets broken.

'Angel, come here…'

I murmur sweetly,

My nerves have begun to disappear as I hold you gently.

Holding this light is beginning to become difficult.

I cup it with my other hand and hold it close to my heart.

My emotions don't matter to me at all.

As long as I get to see your smiling face, I'll be alright.

Just lean against me, all you need to.

I'll always be by your side even if I get hurt the most.

"Angel, come here…"