Note: I wrote this a while ago one night. This poem just pop into my head! ( like most of my stuff lol) Ad the question for the poem: Is there a limit to beauty?? OOOOoooh..TAKE THAT! ha! :) ENJOY & REVEW

Is there a limit being pretty?

Is there a time for the ugly?

Why are there so many mirrors around me?

Is there a limit having beauty?

Can there be an overrated beauty?

Does a Cinderella exist, even without her looks?

Can I just be myself?

Not feeling so left out...

Just to have someone who cares for me

Without trying to use me

I…..have overrated beauty

Can… someone just come and damaged me...

I try so hard to find you, but it is too hard when you always look the best

Because I…..have overrated beauty

Can someone just break me?