Note: this poem se pero it is good! well, to me it is. I got the idea from listenin to Obez'yanka-nol & sumthing else. *sigh* I forget a lot of stuff... I will probably forget that I am baking cookies right now...WAIT! COOKIES!!! *ten mins later* cookies burnt, but ONE! *eas cookie* yummy ^^ ANYWAY, this poem or lyric makes me happy yet sad at the same time. ENJOY AND REVIEW

You use to say that it will be easier being grown-ups

No more worries, no more pain

Somehow, when time finally catch up

We lost ways, we lost our respect

Hold my hand and guide me through the darkness

Tell me that you would never hurt me

I will let you play on my strings, but you have to be serious

My monkey-zero

Won't you dance for me?

Sing me a song and promise that you would never leave me

And never let go, of my hand

My little monkey-zero

I will let you play for free

If you, don't forget about me

I'll keep, you in my memories

My little monkey-zero

We were meant to be

The other animals don't understand us

If maybe I was a squirrel……. they won't hurt us

You are my only love

Don't forget, who made you

I cried every night! (Night...)

Please, don't stop dancing...please

I need your song, to make me free

220 lies

Are the things, which we did?

I was beside you, when you went up to bliss

You are the one

That can save us from them!

My monkey-zero

Won't you dance for me?

I'll promise that I will never leave you

We were meant to be

I'll try, to make everything alright

My little monkey-zero

You can set us free

Just keep on singing, maybe they can see

That it is all about us

Where is your laugh?

(It went up into flames)

Where is our love?

(It ran out place)

I have run out of tokens...but will you still dance for me?

I'll sing with you

If you don't…for get me!

My little monkey-zero

Why can't you be a bunny?

Maybe if I was a squirrel, we could be lovers

How can I see…that you are make-believe?

My monkey-zero

Stop dancing please!

No more singing tonight, I need some time

I want you to go

Please, get away from me…

My little monkey-zero...

You were meant to be for me

I'm sorry that I didn't help or set you free...

You are…my only little bunny...