" You ready? " was the words he whisper to me. The full moon hovering over the sky, the fog blocking any visual modality. The yellowish lights glowing threw out the streets, which were empty just like a abandon house . I pulled my blacken hoodie around my body to demolish the wind that was breezing tonight. I looked at you , therefore your anxious smile glaze at me. Your eyes hold some much emotion.....that frightened me.

Not that I didn't un-passion you or anything, seeing you zealous for my innocence just make me so paranoid. Maybe I'm not ready to commit to you physical - although I already committed to you emotionally- I am still a kid inside me. I have the rest of my life to live, and this isn't something that I thought that would come, until I become responsible.

It seems things aren't going my way.

I nodded at your facial aspect, in return you bent down and placed a cold, yet soothing kiss on my warm lips. Deep inside I knew that I didn't want to go threw this, but you are making this problem arduous. What would my parents think? Their ardent, innocence, and giving son doing these iniquitous things. Would that make me, I meant us, an sin?!! So, I should just rotten away in the shadow , waiting till' I demolish?!! How dare both of you?!! Maybe I must runaway with him, and live our life together? Heck, you may have send us a thousand dollars and send us on our way! My own family would do that to me?! I thought they loved me, I thou- Rai.'

I looked up to see your concern eyes glazing at me. You slide your hand threw my sliver and black hair, trying to calm me. " Rai," you repeated, ' Are you okay?," you asked . I open my onyx sliver eyes, and saw your purple ones. I felt a single tear falling from my face, and quickly brush it away. It most had fallen when I was thinking of my parents, I assume. Being distracted I rapidly respond to your question, " I'm fine", I smile to prove him my point, which I hardly doubt he would believe," I was just thinking about something," I said.

You looked taken back by my response, but you just shrugged ; walk up towards the apartments. I rolled my eyes and followed you as well.

Your placed hasn't changed much. Just the same old brown door, with the scratch in the corner , shining windows ,which were hard to see at this time of night, the "I'll be back when hell freezes over" sign still hangs in the one of the widows, and also the tint number 108 fasten on an plate. You were to occupy with finding the keys , that I was trembling in and out of my body. How about when he opens the door, I'll jump off this rail. And run all the way to Tot-to's house? No, that won't work. I look over only to see you found the keys and begins to lean in to the keyhole . Dang! He found it! Okay, breath keyio, breath. Just pretend...your sick! That's it! Cough! Cough, keyio, cough!!!


" Come in," you said and let me enter the dark apartment. I slowly walked in and notice a flowery substance coming from the back room. You must had notice my concerns, so you came up with a explanation," I thought it would make our night more romantic," you explain.

Romantic!?! This is my first time, idiot. I nodded, and trolled my way into the hall.

" You know, that I feel concern about you, right? So, if you have any doubts about this, you would tell me, won't you?,"

I stopped for a second, and turn my glaze to the black carpet. I shift when you suddenly came up, and wrap your arms around my waist. You lean your head towards my fluffy ears, and whisper," Won't you?"

" Of course I would tell you, Raven"

" You don't sound to sure, Angel. Look, I don't want you to regret doing this, and make me feel like a bad guy. "

"Well, the way you keep asking me if I want this or not, is making me think that you don't want it."

Your eyes flash blacken, and you tighten your grip. I gasp, and was force to look at your glowing eternal eyes. Your hole facial appearance change, and for once I was scare. I lean my hand- slowly- towards his cheek, and stroke it softly. " It's okay. I didn't mean it," I repeated to him, still rubbing his cheek, and now I'm starting to stroke his hair.

" I know."

Some strands of your hair was slipping threw your ponytail, which was messy anyway. Your eyes were back to there empurple ones, and your grip loosen to a compassionate one. At first, I didn't understand any of this! The growling, and the overly- protective phase! I thought you were some guy who hit puberty, but I came to realized that was the way a mate would act towards it other mate. I was so naive back than, I reckoned.

I Finally came back to reality and blink my eyes a couple of times ; Your head was tilt to the side like your were getting impatience, and your eyes were dangling from the corner of your purple, ones. You tilt towards me, and kiss me softly on my trembling lips. Immediately, I kiss him back, and open my mouth for him to enter mine own lust. However, you didn't agree with me. You pulled back and took my hand, and commence to your room. I knew that once I get you started, there's not a chance you'll cease.


I'm sitting on the edge of your fluffy bed. , which has black covers on the surface, and silk red velvet sheets . Also, white pillows resting in the top- middle of the circular bedpost. You was in the bathroom doing gods-no-what and, only to leave me in my regretful, yet nervous thoughts. Okay, you can do this. You watch and read about the things. The faucet was turn on, and water started poring down into the dry sink. It was like my life was falling from grace and into a new place. The door was closed, because raven like privacy in his own home.

You can do this. Just breath...

The handle on the bathroom door was turning clockwise, and the dark shadow underneath was moving.


The wooden door is open and the figure appeared from the dark bathroom. His wet hair was dripping onto to the soft carpet, making me more nervous and slightly arouse.