Here is part two and final chapter for this story! This one is longer than the first chapter, which is a good thing...or Note: I got the idea for the story from listening 30 minutes by t.A.T.u. The song is pretty good, since there is a piano ^^ I think there is a little "action", but I don't remember..hmmm..I think there is! RAI ,HEBIKI, AND "YOU"( he has a name, but I don't feel like spelling it) R MINE!!! :) Hope you enjoy da story and read & Review!!! :) mucho gracias o Spasiba! :) IF U SEE ANY GRAMMER MISTAKES OR ETC TELL ME!


I look over at you and you look back. Sliver eyes met purple. Purple and sliver. Sliver and purple.

You rolled your eyes underneath your wet bangs, and wink at me. I tingle a little and quickly turn away from you, trying to hide the blush that was starting to appeared. What the hell is wrong with me? You strolled over without me knowing, and sat on the end of the bed. I'm acting like some school girl. I ran my hand threw my hair, and puff out some air that I didn't know that I was even holding.

I slowly turn at look at you. Oh, how I wish I hadn't...

Dripping wet, and hot. Your black hair was up, and was soak. Your tone abscess were so tight and wet. Gosh! I'm getting turn on, and he's not even naked yet!, I thought in my perverted mind. I look down and gasp, that you was only wearing a white towel, which was a little see-through.


I quickly look up, to see you smirking at me. I smiled and you reach your hand out, and ran you hands through my hair. It's okay, Rai. You can do this. I snuck a peek at you, and you were throwing some of the pillows on the floor. Okay. You can't do it. You lean over and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek, than your kisses trail down to my collarbone. It felt good, but at the same time it felt....wrong. Maybe I should of said no, and runaway from you, or I can stay here and hope for the best. I really do love Raven, but what will happen after tonight? Will we go our separate ways, or will we still be together.


Thirty more minutes, before I have to decide.....but I don't want to! I can't do this to Raven. You began to run your wet hands down my sides, and back up again. I shudder a little, but you whisper," It's okay. Just relax." I followed your advise therefore, I wrap my arms around you, and I grasp your necklace.

I remember the day when we was in 8th grade, and we had just got into a "fight". I think it was about me talking to Hibeki, and you got jealous in some unspecified way.

" What's your problem?! I was just talking to my friend, you idiot!"

"I don't like him! He is....always touching you!"

I glare at him, and I shove my small hands into my black jacket, that I got for my 12th Birthday.

A group of kids were staring at us, being Hibeki who was laughing his ass off, and some older kids who was whistling

" He. Is. My. Friend!! And I can do anything with MY FRIEND! Stop acting like a jealous boyfriend, and act like my friend," I proclaim as I pulled on his ears.

You stared at me, than you look down at the ground. He look up sharply, than he walk towards me. His eyes were glittering with guilt and someway..he look...lost. I growled at his approach, " what! Why are you staring at me like that for?," I enquire him.

The bell rung and all the other kids left the scene in a hurry, but him and I still stay...looking at each other. The outside doors were locked, due protection of the kids, so basically we're stuck out here. I look at the red old playground, and I walk over to the meadow field not to fall out form school's property. The pathway was surrounded by trees and multiples of flowers outline the path. I sigh, than I grab a old trig and through it out in the open. The trig landed with a small snap, and a few small birds flew from the impact.

I pushed a few trees out of the way, than the meadow appeared in my sight.

There was blends of different flowers al circling in the middle of the field. A bird flew cross the field , than went back to it's nest which was located not that far from the meadow. I look a sniff in the air, and I turned around and I saw you.

"Okay, explain now," I demanded.

You gave me a childish smile and you took at seat on the meadow. You urge me to come and seat with you and I rolled my sliver eyes, but I gave in. I took a seat next to you, than I stared at you for the answer. You mustn't heard me ask the question, so I slap you on the head.

"Ow!! What was that for Rai?!"

I let out a laugh ," For being a idiot," I stick out my pink tongue,"as always." You laugh and punch me in the arm.

"For real. Why were you acting like that before?", I ask. I tilt my head to the side in confusion, and I look into your violet eyes. You look out into the open and you smile.

I sigh in frustration, than I rolled my eyes yet again.

" ..I known you for a long time,, you didn't. More like a year," I interrupted.

You gave me a blank stare, " whatever. And....", You began to turn pink. I let out a yelp, and I put my soft hand on your forehead. You turn even pinker, so I put both of my hands on your forehead.

"Are you okay? You look like my sister when she was talking to some guy on the phone the other day. Are you sure you aren't sick?"

You shook you head rapidly and you pulled my hands away from your face. " No. I'm fine", you said with a small smile. I gave you a innocent smile, than I began to untie my necklace.

Your face changed from pink to red in a matter of seconds.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

I pulled off my necklace, " Here. It's for you."

I urge you to turn around, and I lift the necklace over your gigantic head. You pulled your black hair out of the way, than I tie the string into a tight knot. You turn around and the transparent jewel was sparkling in the sunlight.

"I thought your mom gave you this necklace?"

I ran my hands through my black/sliver, and I touch the jewel.

" I know, but...I want you to have it. I always see you gazing at it like it's the most precious thing on earth, so I'm giving it to."

" b-but you told met that your mom died shortly after you was born! Why would you give me the last thing he gave you? It doesn't make any sense, Rai."

I thought for a moment, but I quickly changed my mind. I lean forward and poke you in the forehead. " I know! But I have other things he gave me sphere of him and father, the picture of us on my first birthday, and the..," I began to tear up. I realize there wasn't nothing left they gave me that I can use. I can never feel their touch through the sphere or the picture. I can't fell them! At least with the jewel they had touch it and hold it in their hands.

In a quick seconds I felt two arms holding me tightly. I was in shock at first, but I wipe the last tear off my face.

" Thank you," I mumbled into your hair.

You look me in the eyes, and you lean forward and gave mea a small kiss on my wet lips.

I felt numb than my instincts kick in, and I kiss you back. The kiss was over, just as fast in began

Your face was red, and I think mine was too. I gave a little laugh and I stood up.

You followed suit, than you grab my hand. I blush, but I quickly turn away from you. I continue walking thinking that nothing happen at all, but for some odd reason...I kept holding your hand all the way back to the schoolyard.

I smile at the old memory, and I push you off of me. "What's wrong, Rai?", you ask with a heartfelt face. I look at our discard clothes on the floor, than at the clock: 11:58.

"Nothing is wrong. I just needed a break, but I'm fine now," I gave you a generous smile and I urge you to come back towards me. You smirk and crawl yourself on top of me, and you bean to give me feather kisses down my neck. I ran my hands through your wet hair, and nibble on your ear. Your kisses travel down to my stomach, than you stop at my pants. I took a deep breath and I look at the clock: 11:59.

"Are you ready, Rai?"

I look at you, than at the necklace that was dangling from your neck. I lean up on my elbows and gave you a kiss on your lusty lips.

"Yeah. I'm ready."

You gave me a smirk than you began to slowly unbutton my jeans. I look up at the ceiling and thought Am I really going to do this? I laugh, than you grab my chin and kiss me. I moan when your wet tongue enter my mouth, and I wrap my arms around your shoulders. To the far left corner in the dim light a red clock sits on the table. In a flash of a second, the white digits slowly turn to 12:00. The thirty minutes of our lives ...are up.