A story of an odd friendship. First...

The anti-social girl and the gay boy. And no they will not fall in love.

I own everything in this story! Just so you know.

Chapter 1 - Zoey's point of view

I left the house without waking my parents. My first major accomplishment for the day. And I use the term day very loosely. Because one am is in the day but there is no sun to actually signify this.

I crept down the apartment complex stairs, afraid that even the slightest sound would wake Carl, my parents stupid gaurd cat. And yes I did say cat. Back when my mom was four she was bit by a dog right in the face, so even now thirty-two years later she had a extreme dislike of dogs.

Which was a shame really because I love dogs. Dogs don't judge you. They just accept you as who you are and move on.

No sound from Carl. So I stepped into the soft grass and sat down, looking out into the dark. My parents would be up in four hours so I knew I wouldn't be able to stay out for as long as I would've liked. So eventually I had no choice but to go back in and leave my beautiful night to gradually fade to day.

The next day was uneventful until third period. I was sitting in my desk in the very back of the room, the spot next to me empty because no one wanted to sit with me. I had my head bent over my work. Everyone else was barely focusing on it, too bust chatting with each other. I did not join in their conversations.

Too many past events had left me terrified of both guys and girls, and I feared it would be that way until I died.

All I wanted out of life was to graduate middle school, then highschool, then college, then live a nice solitary life as some one who makes her money by selling stuff off of e-bay.

The classroom door opened and people looked up. And I must admit, even I was intrested.

"Is this classroom seven-two-fifteen?" the boy asked, meaning seventh grade, floor two, room fifteen. The moment he spoke I saw Carly and Dana's heads snap in his direction. They have this obsessive infatuation with gay guys and boy was this boy passion fruit, out of the closet, and over the freakin rainbow.

He didn't have that complete full on girlish voice where every sentence ended with a question mark with the upward inflection of every word voice going on but his voice was definetely high for a boys', even at his age.

Mostly is was his clothes that gave him away. He was wearing skinny jeans and a white T-shirt with a pineapple on it, which I didn't understand at all, and was carrying a pink cloth bag that had a multi-colored heart on it. The heart had the peace symbols lines combined with it and was bejewled. The cloth handles were multi-colored too and he had the bag slung over and behind his shoulder.

He had browish/blond hair that was short but styled as if it had been blown around by the wind. His eyes were green, a sea green. He was atleast five foot eight, so I couldn't believe he'd actually be a seventh grader.

And I had taken this all in in less than two seconds. I'm a quick girl.

"Yes." said our teacher but you could tell even he was bewildered by the sight before him. Joey made all of us look dull, especially a plain girl like me. Casual clothing, no makeup, straight brown hair, brown eyes.

The boy gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry it took me so long, I got lost."

"Yes, yes of course." replied. "Class this is our new student, um-" a pause to look at the sheet the boy had handed him. "Joey Banks."

Joey offered a smile and wave and some kids waved back.

I heard boys laughing in the back of the class so I looked back. It was Tommy and his gang. Tommy was the meanest kid in the whole middle school and would have been the meanest kid in all of highschool if this wasn't his third time repeating the third grade. His closest friends were repeating with him, probaby only because they didn't want to move on and risk getting the tar kicked out of them for making Tommy look stupid.

I hated Tommy. Hated him with a fire so bright and angry that even the sun didn't come near it.

Anyway, Tommy and his friends were laughing and pointing at Joey, so I felt bad for him. Two seconds into class and already he was a marked man.

But there was something about him that intrested me. I'm terrified of guys and the same with girls. But he's not a girl and in some manner, he's not a guy. So I didn't know what to make of him.

"The only seat open is the one next to Zoey Gardens." said , pointing in my direction even though he had pointed out there were no other open seats so I'm pretty sure Joey could have found it on his own.

Joey said, "Thank you." in a kind voice then began to make his way over to me. Well to his seat really but that was in the same direction as me.

He put his bag on the desk, then slipped in. He looked at me.

"Zoey Gardens?" he said.

He was talking to me. I didn't know what to do!

"Yes." I answered calmly.

"Our first names rhyme!" he squealed, and I mean squealed. I had noticed the same thing but I was as excited about it as he seemed to be.

"This is no coincidence my dear girl! Its fate that has brought us together!"

"Fate?" I repeated doubtfully."

"Yes, fate!''

Then I began to notice that the class was begining to notice that I, the most anti-social girl in the world, was having a conversation with some one. Especially a certain someone. Tommy.

"Hey look, the bitch is talking to the queer!" he said and his friends laughed. And so did most of the class. The only ones that didn't were me, Carly, Dana, and Joey himself.

Joey's head snapped around to look at Tommy.

"Don't speak about a girl that way!" he said. I was too embarrased to do anything but look at the desk quietly. I was used to this. Joey looked at me in confusion, then sighed and looked away from him.

"Don't listen to him. Your not a...a...what he said."

But how would he know? He had only just met me."

"Callin me a liar?" Tommy asked and Joey answered without turning to look to look at him, "Yes."

I could feel Tommy's anger building up but the teacher was here so he couldn't do anything.

Poor guy. He was marked for life now. He would be an outcast like me.

And something about that sentence made me happy. Like me. Like I wouldn't be alone anymore.

"You wanna fight fruity boy?" Tommy snarled but Joey was ignoring him completely now.

"Hey Zoey, I wanna come over to your house. Is that okay?" he asked and I could feel my face growing red at the attention he was drawing to me.

"Um...um...I-I guess." I answered quietly and he smiled.

"Great! I don't know anything about anything about this school so I'm just gonna hang around you all day, okay?"


"Great!" he repeated then started searching through his bag for something.

This was gonna be a long year.

End of chapter one! Excuse Tommy's language.

*Whacks Tommy* "Bad boy Tommy!

Tommy-"Ow! You made me!"

"Oh....thats right...

Joey-"Thats okay Tommy. I forgive you."

Tommy-*mumbling* "She made me do it."

"Aww! Maybe I should write an alternate story where you two get together!"

Tommy-"What? No!"

*Ignoring Tommy*

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Tommy-"Hey! Don't ignore me!"

"Shut up Tommy. Joey, would you please shut Tommy up?"


Tommy-"Noooo!!!" *Runs off*