That'smejustdeal-Thanx for such positive reviews! You really, really made my day when I read your reviews! I'm glad you like so many things in my story!

Umm....okay....first of all, I just want everyone to know, I'm not ditching this story. I'm just taking a little break from it to come up with ideas, because even though I have them, their a little fuzzy around the edges.

Plus,I'm having major troubling writing Zoey's character all of a sudden, and I'm thinking about ditching her POV all together. But then I started to think that I really wanted to have her point of view around when moments with Cameron came around.

So I'm just still wondering, but I'm not stoping. I promise the moment I have a break through, I'll post.

I'm planning on posting alot of other stories, so look out for those.

Leah R S