Monster of a Lie

A white sedan pulls up into a near empty building lot. In progress was construction for a 10 story apartment block and shopping centre. The car comes to a complete stop not far from a group of people gathered around a table.

The people were all preoccupied with the plans of the building structure when they noticed the car.

"Not more friggin changes" groaned one of the workers

"How can they change their minds 3 times in a week?" says another

They all look at the construction site manager and got no response except "let's get back to work fellas and I'll see what's going on."

The guys all left and nodded to the person in the car. The car door opened and a leg appears followed by the complete body of a woman in a black skirt above the knees and white shirt. She grabs her hard hat and tucks her hair under the white hat walking towards the site manager.

The woman casually walks up, with a sheepish look on her face "hey Stacey, must be sick of me by now"

Stacey didn't respond to the slender brunette, except to raise her eyebrows.

"I know, I know, I'm supposed to wear pants out here. I wasn't planning to come out today, but they said this was urgent." She holds up tube containing latest drawings.

Stacey's face softens with a smile "I know Adel, and I never get sick of seeing you"

"Right then, got time for a bad cup of coffee and a chat?" asks Adel

"hmmmm" plays Stacey, looks at her watch "I guess, not like I can do much if you are going to change the plans on me, yet again."

They were disturbed by a loud woof whistle from the building under construction. Stacey turned around and focused up on the level where the sound was coming from.

Adel looked up too, but she couldn't see where it came from. "I gather he's new" giggles Adel

Stacey screwed up her face, eyes narrowed as she spotted the culprit way up high within the building still in mid construction.

The worker looked down at the two women when another workman stood next to him. "Hey, quit it. Don't mess about with Stace"

The young man looked over to his older college "and what is going to do about it? Wag her finger and tell me not do it again." He scoffs "if a woman comes onto a construction site, its only right we show our appreciation. Now having a woman run this site, well that's just ludicrous if you ask me."

Another guy spoke up "No one asked you, so keep your mouth shut and get on with your work."

The two women head into the portable cabin. Adel sits down at the small table. She looks around the small cabin which contains small kitchenette.

Stacey puts the kettle on and gets out two cups. As she waits for the water to boil she glances over to Adel. Adel was trying to peer through the semi closed bi-fold door to what she assumed was a small bedroom.

Stacey leaned over and completely shuts the door, then back to finish off the coffees. She puts a cup on the table near Adel, she remains standing, resting against the wall.

Adel turned her head to the side trying to figure out the masculine set figure of this woman. Her face shaded by her white hard hat. She was always well dressed in shirt and jeans, getting dirty when she had too. Her tall statue, confidence and knowledge of construction won her respect with her male employees.

"Why are you sleeping here? you got a perfectly good home"

Stacey blows on her coffee and takes a sip "It's not like I got anything to go home too anymore." Letting her comment linger.

Adel held her gaze then changed her attention to the tube. She pulled out the drawings and indicated the latest changes, although subtle, will cost the company more in delays.

Stacey looks at the plans and nods. "It doesn't make much of a difference Adel. We still will not get this finished on time until you remove those vagrants over there "she nods out the window to the side

Adel groans and looks. "I've tried everything Stacey. I don't know what more to do."

They both look over to area that was due for development, but couldn't start until the 10 or so squatters move on.

Adel ran her hand over her face in frustration "We have the rights to the land, we have council approval, but they won't do anything. These homeless people apparently have the right to stay, until they choose to leave, of their own free will. The police won't touch them because they are not causing in trouble"

"Except to you" murmurs Stacey

"The solution I have suggested is to relocate them to other dwellings, but the company won't hear of it. It's apparently not their responsibility" she groans loudly.

"If it helps, I could round up a few of the guys and chase them off. Make them see moving on is a lot better than staying here." Stacey offers, stands up to her full height of 6 feet, ready for the command.

Adel shook her head. "This is one problem you can't fix"

Stacey went to say more

"And I will not let you get involved, not in that way. You just work on what you can. I'll deal with this somehow, and hopefully a solution will leap into my head before the meeting on Monday which I haven't even begun prepare for" continues to her drink coffee. A moment of silence falls across them.

Stacey puts her cup down and fidgets. "Adel, why don't you come over for dinner Sunday night. We can work on the problem, we could come up with some plausible excuse. I'm pretty good at excuses"

Adel looks at her with a blank expression "don't I know that well" she huffs out quietly, Stacey heard it and drops her head

"It was just an offer" she says quietly.

Adel dropped her head back and laughs "Uh huh, oh and like the last time, it was only supposed to be dinner, and yet we ended up in your bed."

"Ours" corrected Stacey

"Not anymore, and it hasn't been for over 6 months" she concluded, and then looks away regretting what she dragged up.

Stacey shrugged and again silence fell over the couple.

Adel gave in "alright, just dinner"

Stacey face beamed "dinner with dessert" she winks

"Stacey it's just going to be dinner, no dessert, no nothing" she confirms.

Stacey laughs "fine, fine. 7pm at our...." Stacey caught her breath "my place" she finishes off.

Adel gets up and rolls up the plans putting them back in the tube, leaving them on the table. She looks at Stacey as if to say more but doesn't.

"see you sunday night Stacey"

Stacey opens the door and they both step out.

Adel walks past Stacey's ute and notices large, heavy links of chain. Shes only ever seen it used for ship anchors, not on a construction site.

"Is there something that needs to be chained down?" asked Adel with surprise.

Stacey pulls the cover on her ute, hiding her contents "it's for recreational use" she jokes

Adel bursts into laughter "recreational use, that's a good one sweetheart." She closes her eyes at the personal remark. "Just don't be lifting that out by yourself, don't want you to hurt your back. That must weight a tonne."

Stacey shrugs, knowing it was way more than a tonne.

The workman that whistled before watched the two girls step out from the cabin .

"Jeez they were in there for half an hour. Can you guys imagine what those shelias were up to." He says suggestively

None of the other guys entered into the discussion.

"Come on, what is with you guys, has this woman got all your balls in a fucking jar or something." He leans over the rail and hoots

Stacey opens the car door for Adel to get into when they hear a whistle again followed by "You should come out here more often lovey, give us a boys a good incentive to keep working" he laughs.

Stacey became vacant, her eyes darken. Adel looks at her "it's ok, I'll keep some slacks in the car for next time Stacey, I promise."

She closed the door as another whistle comes from the building, the car drives off the site. Stacey lets out a low growl and strides quickly to the building. She looks at the lift which was slowly coming down and takes the emergency stairs, 3 at a time to the 8th floor. Her anger surfacing, her face screwed up. She reached the landing of the workman.

The others watched on as Stacey walks up to the man.

"Hey look Stace, she's prittty lady. I was just showing her some appreciation" he shrugs at his advancing supervisor.

But what he got was Stacey's hand around his throat in a vice like grip, his feet no longer touching the ground as she lifts him. She continued to walk to the edge of the unfinished wall, his body dangling. He panics and grabbed at her arm, groaning from fear as it was only Stacey's hand stopping him from falling, as well as restricting his oxygen.

"Please, please don't" he cries out

Stacey shows no emotion, this time a snarl left her lips "I gave you one simple rule. You will not ever remark, hoot, holler whistle at Ms Wilson. I made that fucking well clear at the beginning of your employment with me.

Stacey's feet were over the edge, she showed no fear, and no intention of stopping what she was doing to her employee.

"Hey Stace, come on, I think he got the message" says a calm voice of her second in charge. "Bring him in now, come on" he says soothingly

Stacey swallowed and tossed him across the cement floor. He grabbed his throat, his face returning to normal colour as he was taking in as much air as he could fit into his lungs. He couldn't believe how strong she was, or that she had him dangling over the edge.

"Bloody hell, you are a crazy woman" he tries to stammer out

Stacey eyes narrowed "get this piece of shit off my site now Duncan" she barks at her second in charge.


It was the end of the day, Stacey had locked up the site with her inside. She looks over at the vagrants huddling around a fire. Tthey never gave her any trouble, and they stayed their distance so she had no cause to remove them, but she would if Adel asked it of her.

Stacey throws back the cover on her ute, then lowers the back down. She grabs up an armful of huge chain and lifts it with ease from the ute. She goes inside her cabin and drops it on the floor of her small bedroom, the cabin vibrating. She folds the bed up to the side, then lifts up the false wooden floor exposing two huge cement blocks with chain loop fastened deep into the cement. She returns back to her ute and grabs the next lot of chain and drops that to the floor. Each time the cabin shakes to the weight. She bends down and takes two huge wrist shackles from her bag. She looks them over, and then pulls down the mask of her wielding shield. She started up the oxy acetylene welder and commences welding the shackles to the chain links.


Adel finally finished up for the night, relieved it was Friday. She put her things in her draw and looks down at the photo hidden. She picks it up and smiles at the happy times she shared with Stacey. Then came the thoughts of the all too many complicated times she shared. Stacey would sometimes disappearance up to 5-6 days, no explanations. Strange behaviour, never explaining the suspicious bruising on her body, Stacey refused to share any of it with Adel. After two years she still had no idea about Stacey, or that she was ever going to let her in completely. Adel knew deep down that Stacey wasn't cheating on her, but she would never divulge where she went for nights on end. Adel could no longer cope with the invisible barrier, and broke off their relationship.