The next morning Adel arrives back at Stacey's doorstep. She fears the worse, not knowing what she was going to find, wondering if the animal was gone. What she did know was she didn't need to fear Morgan at this time.

What Adel had returned for was an explanation about last night, and hopefully Stacey could give it to her, if she was home yet. Every time she thought last night was a bad dream, the pain and wound on her shoulder and neck shook that from her.

She steps into the living room and puts hand to her mouth. She stares at the crumpled body on the floor. It was Stacey, her body bruised, cuts in her chest, like claws had been dug into her. Adel holds her breath. She was so sure Stacey wasn't in the house last night. She rushes and drops next to her, seeing the severe bruising on her neck, she touched it.

"It can't be" she whispers out

Adel picks up Stacey's head and cradles her.

"Ohh baby, I saw what she did to you, I understand now." Sobs into her neck

Adel hears a slight groan from Stacey, followed by movement. Adel looks down at Stacey, wipes her face from the tears.

"Stacey, sweetheart, please look at me, come on"

Stacey eyes slowly open, she tries to focus but unable to move just yet.

Stacey couldn't make out the face of the person with her. She didn't know where she was. Her head was still pounding as if she was suffering a massive hangover.

"Stacey, it's alright, I've got you, and everything is going to be alright....." Adel kisses her head and lips.

Adel's voice snapped her out and she moves quickly away.

"Adel, ummm" she looks at her nakedness and tries unsuccessfully to cover herself. "I... was, must have... sleepwalked" came her excuse.

Adel didn't believe her. She showed Stacey the wound on her shoulder, arm and then her neck. Stacey broke down and sobbed. Adel crawls over and took her back into her arms consoling her. "It's ok Stacey"

Stacey continues to sob, she knew deep down what she had done, and couldn't face it. Adel stood up and pulls Stacey up with her.

"You should put some clothes on. We need to talk about last night"

Stacey looks at her not saying anything, unable to move just tears running down her cheeks.

"Stacey, just get dress" she touches the side of her face lightly and smiles.

Stacey closes her eyes, feeling the warmth and calmness radiating from Adel. She wanted to ask of it, but didn't deserve to receive it.

"Stacey.......I forgive you"

Stacey eyes open quickly and she leaves for her bedroom.

Adel heads into the kitchen and puts the kettle on. She didn't know why she said it, but knew Stacey needed to hear that from her. She pulls down 2 mugs.

"Better make that three" came a voice from behind her.

Adel looks to the corner horrified "You, how did you get in, its" she looks outside at the bright light.

Morgan looks her over and softly purrs "I decided to stay the night. Have you not figured it out yet?"


Stacey puts her jeans on slowly, along with a t-shirt. She grimaces with pain, but mainly stalled because she didn't know how to face Adel.


Adel swallows and nods.

"hmmm, and here I thought I had taken care of her" she mocks "but in her human form it will be easier"

Adel eyes widen "noooo" she whimpered


Stacey looks at herself in the mirror sadly, her head quickly turns to the door. She had a strong sense that Adel was scared, it engulfs her like a fireball. She ran out towards the kitchen.


"Don't you dare, don't you dare go near her"

"Too late" says Morgan with a wry smile

And as Stacey runs into the kitchen Adel screams at her to get out. Morgan grabs Stacey and throws her across the room, over the table and lands with a loud thud on the ground.

"Stacey" cries Adel, she tries to move towards her.

Morgan quickly grabs Adel by the throat and sniffs her "hmmm, you sure do smell delicious. You will make a perfect mate for me, someone to share the coming centuries as an immortal."

Adel helpless struggles "nooooo, I will not do that with you"

Morgan in a mocking snarl. "It's not about you Adel"

Stacey looks at the scene unfolding across the other side of the room. She feels ever muscle fibre snap into place and launches at Morgan. Morgan aware of what Stacey's actions, turns and catches her, twisting her around to face Adel. Morgan's hands around Stacey's throat and head, ready to snap her neck right in front of Adel.

"Don't... don't do it, please" screams Adel. She looks at Stacey, but her lover had gone blank at the situation she was in.

"Do you want to say anything to your lover, before I snap your neck" she slightly twists Stacey's neck further. Stacey grabs at the hands, struggling.

Adel sobs, pleading with Morgan not to do it.

"Adel" says Stacey calmly.

Adel looks at her, her smile comforting, reassuring as if despite what was happening, everything was going to be alright. Stacey's eyes divert to the draw Adel was standing in front of.

Adel calmly reaches behind her, into the draw.

"Time to put the bitch down" gloats Morgan.

"I've told you not to call her that" spits Adel.

Morgan eyes focus back on Adel, then the revolver pointing at her. She pulls Stacey a little more in front of her, to cover from the gun. Morgan bursts into laughter.

"A gun.... she really has no idea does she Stacey?"

Stacey shrugs to her response

"Sweetie, do you even know what I am"

"Yes, a vampire" says with distaste

"Well then, you should know a gun is not going to kill me" she mocks "oh my god, you have led a shelter life" she shakes Stacey "well, you can no longer protect her from that life Stacey" she hisses

Adel interrupted Morgan's gloating rant.

"I know it's not going to kill you, but........." she looks at Stacey "it's sure going to hurt like hell"

Adel fires the gun 4 times, the bullets passing through Stacey's chest and then into Morgan.

It was enough to distract Morgan, and although in pain Stacey turns around picks up Morgan and slams her hard onto the table.

Her hands were around Morgan's throat.

"You were never welcomed in my house, so it's time for you to leave" growls Stacey, dragging Morgan up and pushing her hard.

Morgan grabs at Stacey, but couldn't slow the momentum of Stacey down and both crashed through the back door, down the steps. Stacey threw Morgan into the middle of the yard.

Morgan starts to scream, looking at her hands, her face burning, her body alight.

Adel follows them out and saw the sight and sounds of Morgan's chilling scream. Adel shrieks at the sight.

Stacey picks herself up, takes Adel into her arms, turning her away and just holds her tightly "you don't need to see this"

Stacey watches on as Morgan's body burns to white before exploding and disintegrating into dust.

Adel was still shaking in Stacey's arms. Stacey kisses the top of her head and sooths her "it's over.... it's all over sweetie."


Stacey sits down with her shirt off looking at the bullet wounds. Adel sitting opposite starts to clean up the wounds. She noticed most of the bruising was gone from her neck.

"You heal really quickly"

Stacey smiles slightly and shakes her head in confirmation.

" did hurt like hell" she laughs softly.

Stacey strokes Adel's face "I am sorry I never told you. I didn't want you to know that I'm umm..." she looks away.

"A werewolf" Adel finishes off.

Stacey nods "and for that reason on your arm and shoulder. I can't stop what I become and I don't recognize anyone. I'm a monster, a killer" she hushes out the words.

"Did you kill those vagrants the other night, for me" Adel afraid to ask.

Stacey shook her head "noooo, it wasn't me... I made sure I was restrained by the chains you saw in my ute. Please believe it wasn't me... "


Stacey nods.

"ohhh god I'm so ashamed Stacey. I had no idea what she was, but every time she was near me, my feelings were out of control"

"It was a spell Adel, she made you feel good, and after she was gone you felt loss, empty." Stacey touches Adel's neck.

"Well it was some spell. I've never ever wanted sex so badly and as much as I did, with her" Adel confessed openly.

Stacey twitches her nose and huffs "and I don't wish to know what the outcomes of her spell was either"

Adel touches her chest, rubs her soothingly "jealous"

Stacey snatches at her lips "with a passion I've not begun to show you... yet!"

"So what sort of spell have you been inflicting on me all these years"

Stacey frowned "I don't have that kind of aura. I'll admit I do sometimes notice things a little quicker, but it's not"

"Sweetheart I didn't even know you had a gun, so how did I know it was in that draw if you hadn't suggested it to me"

Stacey's particular aura of suggestion had been discovered. "Because you were going to try and save me, and running at her with a kitchen knife wasn't going to help our situation."

"How did you know?.... oh god you stay out of my head" she laughs "that is not fair."

"I don't know what you are thinking exactly, I just get a sense of what you are going to do. I don't do it.... all the time." She smirks

Adel slaps Stacey on the thigh hard.

"Oh my god, so you mean that every time we had sex, it was your suggestiveness in my mind." A little angry at the deception.

Stacey scoffs "yeh right. Let me give you a little insight Adel. When you get worked up over something, I can't get into your mind because you are just too preoccupied. So the next best thing is your pants" winks at her coyly

Adel narrows her eyes at her, then excepting the excuse, relaxes.

"Stacey, how are we going to make this work? I don't want to worry every at full moon you are going to kill me"

Stacey scratches her head and nods "I know"


A month had pass, Adel looks at the circle on the calendar and takes a breath. She stands at the top looking down into the basement. She could hear, smell and see the flickering of welding that Stacey was doing. When it stops Stacey calls for her.

Adel walks down the stairs and stands next to Stacey. She looks at the cage of thick steel, the solid metal door that Stacey had attached and the heavy bolts that would keep her at bay. The cage was lined with padding on walls and floor to lessen the impact and bruises on her body.

Stacey shook her shoulders and cracked her neck. She looked at her watch indicating nearing 6pm. She looks over at Adel sadly, then walks into the cage and starts undressing.

"Make sure all the bolts are in place, the steel rod secure. Make sure the door is also locked securely behind you. If that fails, then you must to use the backup plan. If I get out, you will not get a second chance."

Stacey sighs and finishes undressing. She turns around and Adel is also naked

"Adelaide, are you insane, you need to get out of here, right now" she growled

Adel grabs her face and kisses her "there is still time." Tugs at her hips "so you will just have to supress that animal urge a little longer"

Adel collapses to the soft surface and Stacey didn't resist "this is one of those Adel spells" remarks Adel

Stacey says nothing, just kisses her passionately, wrapping Adel's legs around her and stroking her intimately.

"ohhh that's it baby" she could feel the heat in Stacey's body emanate into hers.

Stacey looks deep into Adel's eyes knowing what she was feeling. She kisses her and feels Adel's orgasm vibrate through her body that would soon change.

Adel dresses and put arms around struggling lover, but Stacey turns away.

"You really need to go, I'm not kidding."

Adel kisses her cheek "I know, I didn't want to leave without saying I love you. I'll see you in the morning sweetheart."

Adel closes the heavy metal door and pushes across the 3 bolts. She drops down the metal rod and locks it down. She leans against the door, listening in.

Stacey drops to her knees grimacing at the pain, feeling the fury. "Adel" she groans "I don't want you to see me like this, please go"

Adel touches the door to the cage and leaves. She closes the bottom steel door and locks it down. She could make out the sounds of Stacey transforming, her blood curling screams. It made Adel feel sick that Stacey had this curse, but at least she no longer had to go through it alone.

She walks up the stairs and closes the door to the basement. She heads into the study room opening up the cupboard and pulling out a shotgun. She takes out two shell casing and looks at them, knowing they contained silver. She opens the barrel and puts the two bullets and flicks the shotgun to close.

She walks pass the basement door, clearly hearing the animal pounding against its new enclosure, growling. Adel sits at the dining room table in full view of the hallway to the basement door. She puts the shotgun on the table and clicks off the safety, her eyes glance at the clock 7.10pm. It was going to be a long 11-12 hours. She looks at the shotgun and prays she won't need to use the backup plan.

the end