This is a love story. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Six Weeks Earlier

"Mommy, tell me about my daddy" Lily asked.

Her mother sat down beside her on the bed "what do you want to know, sweetie?"

"Why did you two break up?" Lily asked "and why doesn't he ever come see me? He loves me doesn't he?"

Lily's mom sighed, looking at her cute 8 year old daughter "we broke up because distance was catching up to us...I wanted him to come to my graduation and he couldn't make it, and then it just kept getting more and more complicated that, we decided to break up, mutually of course".

"So relationships are complicated?" Lily looked up at her with those brown eyes. Those beautiful dark orbs that reminded her so much of lily's father.

"Sometimes yes;" She kissed her daughters forehead "your father doesn't know about you...I never dared tell him, he always seemed like the type to have such a huge future, I didn't want to burden him"

Lily suddenly looked sad " regret having me?" she said quietly.

"Oh gosh no" Her mother hugged her "I love you, baby...if anything were to happen to you I would die, it's just that... in the years after that we drifted apart, so much we never speak now... I would never know what to say".

"I love you mommy" Lily said.

Her mother smiled "go to bed, my child" she said, running her fingers through Lily's curly brown hair, one of the only attributes the girl got from her. Lily acted like Blake French, not only by her personality, but by her love of adventure, and how silly she could be at times.

Lily fell asleep in her mother's arms that night, dreaming of fantasy. She was riding a dragon, side by side with her father who she hoped, loved her. Even if he didn't know she existed right now.


"Yes! Yes!" Shannon screamed arching her back. Blake groaned, his dick twitching inside her tight pussy. He was ready to cum but wanted to hold out until she reached her peak as well. He kissed down her slender neck and took one of her rosy pink nipples into his mouth, suckling softly on it.

"Oh fuck!" the teenager bit her lip "fuck, I love you Blake" she breathed, right before her orgasm hit her again. "Oh my god!!" she yelled out loudly, cumming all over his dick.

"Blake moaned, his lips still sucking on her nipple. This was it; he was going to cum inside of his love for the first time. "Shannon!!" he moaned out loudly, warm bursts of his potent seed flowing out of his hard cock and into her waiting pussy.

Fuck this was good.

Suddenly she was gone, faded from his vision. He slowly opened his eyes to see the shining light from his bathroom. He was breathing hard from the dream, oh but why did it have to be a dream. He closed his eyes and just laid there for a few minutes.


Blake French stretched as he rolled off of his bed and fell to the floor. Laughing, he stood up and ran his hand through his brown hair, the hair that fell in front of his equally brown eyes. He looked around his room and noticed that it was a mess as usual "I never did learn how to clean my room" he said and shrugged walking to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror. He had medium length hair, a lean body, and dark brown eyes. He was only wearing a pair of black pants. He looked at his chest; it was slightly hairy but not super hairy. He was well built but was neither well muscled or fat either. He just had a flat stomach. He smiled as he thought to himself 'My mom had been right, I did grow out of the belly I had.' He also had gotten taller. He was about six foot two now when he used to be five foot nine.

When he was done in the bathroom he walked into the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. He looked outside and saw that the sun hadn't even come up yet. It was early. He woke up early all the time lately. It was a side-effect of high school. When he had been in high school he had always had to get up really early and it had stuck.

It was annoying because he didn't have to go to work until eight. Shaking his head, he walked into the living room with his cereal and sat down on his large couch. Despite his slob like room, the rest of the house was very clean. He always made sure that his house was clean for guests and other people. Without any kids or anyone else living with him, it was fairly easy to keep the place clean.

Setting his bowl on the coffee table he flipped on the large widescreen TV that was against the wall to the cartoon channel. He was twenty-four and still watched cartoons. It was silly but that was who Blake French was, a silly person; as he had got older, he had also grown sillier, but mature at the same time. He could lay down the law when he wanted to, but when he wasn't being all adult like, he was goofing around. It was what made his place of work so popular.

He loved his job. He had wanted to do it when he was a teenager. He had created his own bookstore, a small one at first but as he got more money and became more popular his store grew larger. Now he lived above the store, and a very large store it was too. It took you about six minutes to reach the other side of the store.

Each section of the store was labeled by the age group, and within that group it was separated into the type of book it was. If you went into the store, you could head for the teen section, and once there, you could go into the nonfiction or fiction side of that section.

He also sold adult books too, but not anything too mature rated. Mostly it was just the types of books adults liked. The kind of books that most teens and children didn't like. It made sense in his mind and that was all that mattered.

Smiling, he finished his cereal and went to get dressed. He slipped on a black t-shirt and looked at the picture on his desk. It was a picture of the only girl Blake had ever loved. Though it was an old picture, one she had sent him a long time ago. When they had been dating, they had been so deeply in love that it would have been a perfect marriage, if they had ever gotten married.

She was a slender girl with long curly brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She had cute front teeth even though she had always said they were too big. He had liked them and always complimented them. Her shoulders were broad but a feminine touch to them.

Her breasts were large but just the right size to hold in his hands. Her body was in a soft and sweet shape that made her movements gentle and sensual. It was always a treat when she had sat in his lap and let him hold her close.

Her legs were long and very nice to hold when he tickled her cute feet. She had been the most beautiful creature in the world, and if Blake knew anything, she was still the most beautiful creature in the world.

He sighed softly, after they had broken up and moved apart, he had never really stopped loving her. He told her that a million times but she had never believed him.

He laughed a little "I told you I would love you forever, I am just sad that it didn't work out like we wanted it too" he kissed her picture softly before putting on his socks and shoes.

As he grew older, he had tried to date other girls, but it hadn't been the same. He soon just gave up and didn't even bother going after anyone else. He figured he would live by himself and run his store.

The brown haired man looked at the wall to wall bookshelf that was in his room. It had tons of different books, even a section of his own books that he had written and gotten published. He went under the alias Seraph Darkfire; a name he had used when he was a teen. Blake liked it so he kept it.

"Well, it is time to open up shop" he said smiling as he walked downstairs and flicked on the lights as he walked through the store "Darkfire Bookstore is open again" he said flipping the sign and walking to his big comfy chair.

I hope this story is liked.